Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 141

Chapter 141. Suspect And Trust

Emily and I talked for almost ten minutes before we separated.

Back at the beach, I couldn’t spot Aaron anywhere.

Had he left? I craned my neck, looking out at the sea, but suddenly I felt a big, strong hand wrap
around my waist.

The warm scent of amber enveloped me, and I suppressed the shriek I had been about to let out.

“What are you looking at? You look like a seagull, peering around like that.” Aaron bent down and
picked me up, bridal- style. He walked over to a beach chair and sat down,

gesturing for a waiter to bring me a drink.

I slapped his hand away from me angrily. “You scared me!”

“This is your punishment,” he said, leaning over me with a smirk. He rested his chin against my
shoulder and curled his arms protectively around my waist. “When did I tell you you could leave with
Emily without telling me?”

His voice was so bitter, I almost couldn’t believe it. How could he be jealous of a woman?

He deliberately stuck out his chest, making his pecs rub against my back. “I know you’re into big t*ts,
and mine are plenty big. I can touch you and f*ck you however you want, Olive. Don’t you want me?”

We were in public surrounded by strangers, and Aaron was pestering me with these filthy words. It was
enough to make

me forget all about the conversation I had just had with Emily.

It wasn’t until the waiter brought over a fancy-looking c*cktail that Aaron finally released me from his

I sat on the beach chair beside him and drank half of the c*cktail. Aaron leaned over again. “How is it? I
want a taste, too.”

I handed over the glass, but a second later Aaron’s lips crashed into mine. “Who cares about that st*pid
drink? I want to drink the c*cktail on your tongue, Olive,” he murmured into my ear.

His tongue skillfully dipped between my lips and swept around the inside of my mouth. Almost without
meaning to, | craned my neck backward and opened my mouth to him, hungry for Aaron’s sweet taste.

His eyes were so beautiful. At that moment, those beautiful, soulful sapphire eyes were drilling into
mine without blinking, and I felt like I was falling into an endless blue ocean.

I was so captivated, I set my c*cktail aside and slowly rose up to a standing position. My hands found
their way around his strong torso, steadying myself against his body.

Aaron’s kissing skills had always been mind-blowing, and this time was no exception. I was so dizzy
and overwhelmed with pleasure, I forgot where we were and almost started to take off his clothes.

“You little p*rvert!” He slapped my hand away from his swim trunks, lowering his voice with a smile
tugging at the corners of his lips. “I don’t mind f*cking you right here, right now, but

are you sure you want to do this in front of everyone?”

After he said that, I realized how st*pid I was being. I hurriedly pushed him away and coughed
awkwardly in embarrassment. “I…”

Suddenly I choked on my fake cough, and all the air rushed

out of my lungs. My face flushed as I tried to hold it back, but then I lost control, doubled over, and
launched into a genuine coughing fit.

Aaron’s face scrunched up with a concern, and he patted my back gently. When my coughing finally
slowed down a little, he went to a nearby store to buy a bottle of mineral water. He unscrewed the cap
and tilted the bottle over my lips carefully.

I drank a few sips of water, which was enough to soothe the irritation in my throat.

With a sympathetic expression on his face, Aaron kissed away the tears at the corners of my eyes.
“Poor little thing. Since you’re so desperate, next time I’ll make sure to f*ck you in public the way you

His tone was teasing, but I hadn’t missed the real worry in his eyes when I started coughing. Aaron
always treated me with such gentle care and affection. Was it really possible that his heart belonged to
someone else?

When my mind went back to Emily saying that I was just a stand-in for Aaron’s former crush, I started
to feel upset again, and my emotions must have shown on my face.

Aaron cupped my chin in his hand. “What are you thinking, baby? Why the long face?”

I forced a smile. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“Even your smile looks so fake!” He poked my cheek and added with feigned indifference, “What were
you and Emily talking about?”

We were very close, so close I could see the tiny flecks of sand on his cheeks and the gaps between
his long eyelashes. I pouted and said, “We were talking about you!”

Aaron looked surprised; he had probably been expecting me and Emily to talk about Vincent. “What
about me?”

“Oh, you know…” I averted my eyes. “For example, we were talking about whether you’ve ever loved
someone else in the past.”

Aaron grazed my cheek lightly with the back of his hand, his expression solemn. “If you want to know
anything like that, you can always ask me directly. I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

“Really?” Ever since Emily told me that Aaron once loved someone else, I felt like there was a dark
cloud hanging over my head. I wanted to know the truth directly from Aaron himself. “Then who did you

Aaron’s expression became even more serious. His back straightened, and he held my face in both
hands, his blue eyes staring deep into mine. When he spoke, his voice was low and husky, like he was
swearing an oath. “I’ve only ever loved you.”

My heart raced with that familiar feeling I always got around Aaron. I felt it as a physical, tangible
sensation, almost like a

hammer drumming against the inside of my ribcage, and I could hear the sound of my own heartbeat
ringing in my ears.

“You’re quite the smooth talker.” I put a finger over those s*xy, soft lips of his, feeling a little conflicted.

Aaron was rumored to have had so many girlfriends in the past. In fact, I’d heard from Vincent that
more than one of his exes almost committed suicide over Aaron. How would all of those girls react if
they heard Aaron say that?

I hadn’t gotten the answer I was looking for from Aaron, and I felt a little disappointed, but also a little
relieved. I knew I probably would have been heartbroken if I had to listen to Aaron recite a list of other
girls’ names.

I couldn’t tell if Aaron was always this committed to every relationship he was in. Maybe he was the
type of guy who told every girl she was the love of his life.

I thought maybe in the end, he would be able to pull away and abandon me at any time, and I would be
left tangled up in the knots of the memories he left me. His words always painted a beautiful picture,
but the reality was much crueler.

Aaron suddenly kissed me hard on the lips. “Really, Olive, I’ve always loved you. I love every inch of
you, and I want you to be with me forever.”

Every time he said the word “love,” it was like a dagger stabbing straight through my heart. Emily had
managed to unearth my true feelings for Aaron during our conversation earlier, and now he was only
making it worse with his sweet promises and warm embrace.

I decided not to dwell on the painful uncertainty of doubting Aaron’s feelings. I might as well live in the
moment; at least for now, Aaron was completely mine.

As if consumed by the fire inside me, I wrapped my arms around Aaron’s waist and kissed him back as
hard as I could. “Aaron, I love you too. I love you so much.”

After we kissed for a long time, I suddenly remembered something and pulled away slightly. “By the
way, I have a surprise for you.”

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