Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 145

Chapter 145. Try Something New

The stud opened the gate and led us through the grand

entrance into the villa.

The feeling of river rocks under my feet and the sound of the burbling creek made me feel completely
at peace.

Eliott noticed that I was admiring the scenery, and politely waited nearby for me to move on.

The entire villa was perfectly designed; in fact, it felt like it formed right along with the mountains that
surrounded it. Although there was plenty of wilderness, it also had its own unique style. Lush trees
encircled me as the creek trickled beneath my feet, traversing along the concrete.

Cinder ran up to join me and stared at the vast, starry sky. “So, what do you think?”

I nodded aggressively and didn’t spare any praise. “It’s absolutely breathtaking!”

The villa was the only house around for miles and miles, so there was zero light pollution. Every single
star in the sky hovered crystal clear in the space above. I hadn’t seen such a clear sky in a long time,
so I spent a while just admiring the


Eliott was a very polite man; he stood nearby with a smile on his face and didn’t rush us. There wasn’t
a hint of impatience in his expression. When I was satisfied, Eliott guided us forward.

It was a three-story mansion with six bedrooms. Each bedroom had a huge balcony or porch with a
beautiful view. Too bad that it was late at night; if it was daytime, I would’ve

loved to spend time with Aaron on the balcony with a fine bottle of wine.

Cinder’s landscaping was unlike anything I had ever seen; she certainly had her unique style. No
wonder she excelled at winning over picky clients.

After touring the entire villa, Cinder held Eliott’s hand and gave us a smile. “The bedroom on the top
floor is yours.”

“Why?” Her generous offer surprised me; the third-floor bedroom had a fantastic view, but Cinder didn’t
want it for herself.

Eliott didn’t say a word, but the tips of his ears turned a bright red.

Cinder gave me a wink and explained. “Because I’m afraid that our nighttime activities would disturb

I blushed a little at the suggestion and blushed even more when I remembered when she patted my
head earlier and told me that tonight Aaron would f*ck me until I couldn’t even get out of bed.

“Don’t worry about it!” Aaron wrapped an arm around my shoulders and gave me a little squeeze. “I’m
also afraid of making too much noise.”

The nerve of this man! I wanted to throw him right out the door!

Cinder’s eyes flickered over us as she smiled knowingly. “There’s also an open-air bathtub on the
rooftop, so you can enjoy that as well!”

“Thanks.” Aaron accepted Cinder’s offer with a smile. “We’ll be sure to give it a try!”

Cinder gave us a final wave and left with Eliott, a mysterious smirk on her face. I was now alone, left
alone with a starving wolf. I looked down and ran my hands over the back of my neck, feeling a little

uneasy as a chill ran down my spine.

“You know, one thing we haven’t tried is sex in an outdoor bath while staring up at the stars.” Aaron
was as p*rverted as ever. His two-faced personality annoyed me a bit when we were alone.

I gave a sigh of frustration and headed up to our room. “You wish.”

But Aaron yanked me backward by my hand, and I fell right into his arms. “You should be sunbathing
on the beach in a bikini this year, so we’ll have to do something else to make up for it. We can use this
time to try out some… new


He rested his chin on my head as he held me in place. I could feel the desire dripping from his voice.

“Hey pretty thing, do you want to go up to the roof and take a look?” He clasped my waist and turned
me around to face him.

If I said yes, wouldn’t I just be a rabbit leaping straight into the wolf’s mouth? But the idea of riding
Aaron’s cock in an outdoor bath while I was forced to look up toward the stars was pretty appealing…

I realized that Aaron was tempting me once again, so I

plugged my ears and shook my head. “Nope, we are not doing that.”

“Do you really not want to?” Aaron dipped his head low so his lips gently teased mine, trying to bewitch
me into following his ways.

Every now and then his tongue slipped past my lips, but retreated quickly. He continued to tease me,
building up my arousal.

I knew he was pulling back on purpose.

But I was determined to stand my ground.

When I didn’t react, Aaron raised his eyebrows in curiosity. With newfound resolve, he cupped my chin
and shoved me against the wall, lowering his head to kiss me even more deeply.

Aaron was getting tired of teasing me. His d*ck was

completely hard as it rubbed against my thigh, and it was growing impatient.

Aaron’s hands began to creep up my waist under my sweater. His cool fingers sent a shiver up my
spine as they inched up my side. When his fingers squeezed my breasts, I couldn’t help but let out a
soft moan. “Don’t…”

“Are you still going to be stubborn?” Aaron’s fingers teased my nipples, alternating between soft and
heavy pinches. My nipples grew hard at Aaron’s ministrations.

Aaron knew my sensitive spots better than I did.

While his left hand continued to play with my chest, his other

hand unzipped my pants and dipped his fingers into my

panties. “Let’s see if you’re telling the truth.”

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