Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 147

Chapter 147. Favorite Position

“You’re being so good to me,” Aaron praised as he reached out and grabbed a handful of my breasts.
He began to fondle them and teased them with his mouth when I lost my balance and leaned forward.

“Ah!” I grew even wetter at his sucking, thoroughly soaking his c*ck.

“Babe, if you keep it up you’re gonna drown me!” Aaron teased. Then, he suddenly thrust up into me.

Because of his sudden movement, his c*ck slipped even deeper inside of me. My body involuntarily
tensed up, and even my p*ssy clenched him tightly.

The feeling made me moan loudly, and Aaron was certainly enjoying the sensation as well. He didn’t
hold back, letting out a loud moan that could have been a cry of pain or pleasure.

“Babe, when you tighten up like that it feels so good,” Aaron said while reaching forward. He pressed
down on my shoulders, and my legs couldn’t support me for a moment. I collapsed onto him, taking all
of his d*ck into me in the


I sharply inhaled and raised myself up again to get some relief.

Aaron bit down hard on my breast, then lay back down and glared at me with narrowed eyes. “Don’t
you like this position? Come on, then.”

I rubbed the spot of my breast that still stung from his bite and blinked innocently at him. “When did I

Before I could finish my sentence, Aaron grabbed my waist and shoved me down onto him. His hard
c*ck penetrated into the deepest part inside of me, and I let out a groan.

I didn’t even have time to take a breath before he lifted me up and ruthlessly shoved me back down
again until his d*ck was fully sheathed inside of me.

I wasn’t sure when Aaron gained back control. I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself. My
entire body was trembling, and my mind was entirely blank.

Even though this position was embarrassing, the pleasure it brought me was unbelievable. I could feel
myself getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

“How about it babe, do you like it? Do you want me to f*ck you a little harder?” With his hands on my
a*s, Aaron lifted my entire body, raising me up quickly then dropping me back down again.

“No!” The thrusts were deep and hard in this position, and my chest bounced violently with every
movement. The lewd sounds of sex were all that filled my ears.

“Oh my g*d.” I felt like I was about to go crazy. Aaron didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath as he
began to f*ck into me even faster.

I kept screaming that I was about to die, because I really felt like I was going to literally drop dead.
Every time his d*ck thrust into me, it felt like it was bashing my soul, and that I was going to pass away
right then and there.

“Olive, I love you so much. I wish we could stay like this

forever,” Aaron gasped before kissing me passionately.

He whispered more loving words into my ears, and his hands kept grabbing my a*s, sp*nking it every
now and then. I felt so weak that I could only cling to his shoulders and lie helplessly on top of him,

completely at his mercy.

I knew I was about to c*m. I craned my neck up and let out a long moan as my p*ssy contracted in
pleasure. My entire body shook, something spurted out of me, and my body went entirely limp on top of

“Aaron, no more, please…” Saliva dripped from my mouth as I spoke, dripping across his chest. Aaron
ignored me and continued to thrust with great vigor.

After I felt his c*m spill into me, he immediately got hard again. I was exhausted and didn’t want any

“Aaron, let me go! I really can’t go any longer…” I pleaded with him again, but Aaron rolled us over and
pinned me down, his d*ck still hard as iron. He clearly hadn’t had enough.

He hiked my left leg over his shoulder and looked down at me with an evil smile.

“Babe, I have to eat more than one meal to be full. Let’s just do it a few more times, then I’ll let you
rest.” Aaron finished his sentence with another thrust, causing my eyes to widen in surprise.

“Aaron, no, we have to go skiing tomorrow, I…” I wanted to keep begging him, but Aaron had
completely transformed into a beast. His fierce eyes stared directly into mine as his c*ck continued to
pound into me.

Cinder was right; I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed tonight.

My body felt entirely weak and filled to the brim with Aaron’s


As my consciousness faded, my legs h*oked around his waist and he thrust even deeper, burying his
entire d*ck between my legs. The flesh of his strong body slapped against mine over and over again.

Aaron dipped down to give me a steamy kiss and nibble on my tongue, covering both our chins with

While I was still drowning in desire, I faintly heard Aaron’s rich voice ring in my ears. “Your body seems
to disagree with you; your tight p*ssy is still sucking me in!”

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