Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Did I not try hard enough last night?

When I woke up again, my legs were so sore that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stand. I was
completely wiped out by Aaron, and I was starting to regret throwing myself into the lion’s den by
teasing him last night. It was no surprise that he hadn’t shown me any mercy as he f*cked me until my
voice was h**rse from screaming, and now I was the one who had to pay the price in the morning.

I sat up in bed and looked over at the culprit who was to blame for my sore, exhausted body. His face
looked smooth and peaceful as he slept, and I felt a wave of affection for him.

No matter how many times I looked at that face, I was still always surprised by how handsome he was.

As I tried to get up, I could tell immediately that something was wrong. My p*ssy felt full and swollen,
and the lower part of my stomach was slightly distended.

My cheeks reddened as I realized what had happened. I couldn’t believe the nerve of that a*shole
Aaron. He’d actually left his d*ck in my p*ssy all night!

I shifted my body experimentally, wanting to pull away from him and get out of bed, but I regretted it
almost instantly. When I moved, I could feel his c*ck starting to harden inside me. I finally reached out
and shook Aaron’s shoulder angrily.

“Aaron, pull out of me,” I hissed in a low, embarrassed voice.

“Hmm?” Aaron opened his eyes. When he saw what was going on, a wicked smile flashed across his
face. He deliberately thrust into me two more times before he reluctantly pulled out. As his d*ck
separated from my body, the semen that had been blocked inside me all night instantly came flooding


like a dam bursting.

Aaron slowly sat up, and his eyes flicked down to survey the vulgar scene of my lower body, his face
lighting up with evil intent. He rolled over and kissed me. “Good morning, baby.”

“Oh, f*ck off!” I clenched my p*ssy and ran into the bathroom, where I spent a long time thoroughly
cleaning myself up.

When I got out of the bathroom, I expected to find Aaron still in bed waiting for me. But he was gone,
along with the soiled sheets, which he must have taken with him.

I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Today was the day I had planned to go skiing with Cinder,
and I didn’t want to be late.

When I entered the living room of the villa, I saw Cinder

straddling Eliott’s lap on the richly upholstered sofa. They were making out passionately, and if I wasn’t
mistaken, Cinder had a hand down Eliott’s pants already…

These two certainly had a lot of energy; apparently, last night. wasn’t enough for them.

I awkwardly turned to leave, but Cinder happened to glance up and see me standing by the stairs. She
looked me up and down with a wry smile. “Looks like somebody’s had a long night.”

The tips of Eliott’s ears flushed a bright pink, and he tried to smooth down his rumpled shirt before
staring plaintively at Cinder. “Honey, did I do enough to keep you satisfied last night?”

Cinder looked pleased with her boyfriend’s innocent

expression, and she cupped his face and gave him a hard kiss. “Of course you did, sweetie, I didn’t
forget about you. Here, you can have this as a reward.”

With that, she lowered her head and kissed him again. This time the kiss lingered for much longer.

Watching the two of them flirting in their own little world, I blushed and decided to change the topic.
“Excuse me, can either of you spare a minute to tell me where I can find some coffee?”

But the two of them completely ignored me. They kept on making out shamelessly, feeling each other
up like they were in an R-rated movie, and I could hear the wet slurping sounds of their kissing from all
the way across the room.

Oh my g*d, was I really watching a show like this for free?

I pursed my lips and scratched my head, mystified. “Uh… Hello, are you just gonna keep pretending
I’m not here? Where’s the coffee? Where’s Aaron?”

“There’s coffee in… Uhh…” Cinder started to say something breathily, but the next moment Eliott
attacked her face again, and they were back to making out.

I shrugged helplessly. Fine, apparently I was invisible now.

I still hadn’t seen Aaron since that morning, and I had no idea where he could have wandered off to. I
wanted to ask Cinder about it, but since she was too busy, I’d just have to find out for myself.

As I was about to turn around and leave the two lovebirds to their own devices, Cinder managed to
take some precious time out of her packed schedule to tell me, “In the kitchen… There’s coffee in the
kitchen, and I think Aaron’s in there too.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, her lips crashed into Eliott’s once again.

“Thanks…” I shook my head in resignation, turned around, and walked toward the kitchen. “Aaron, are
you in there?”

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