Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 152

152. Dreams

After half an hour full of my blushing and Aaron’s moans, Aaron gave a final sigh of relief as he came.
My hands were cold and sore from all that action.

“Babe, why don’t we head back?” Aaron suggested while panting heavily.

“Don’t say that, I know what you’re really thinking.” I put on an expression of disgust as I pushed his
head away and ran further into the snow.

I heard Aaron chuckle behind me. I didn’t make it far be- fore he pounced on me again, rolling around
and kissing me in the snow.

I was lying on my back, gazing past Aaron at the pale blue sky. I thought it would be nice if time just…
stood still for a while, so I could fully appreciate this moment.

Aaron and I spent a lot of time at the ski resort. I lost track of time while surrounded by the landscape of
pure white

By the time we returned to the villa, Cinder and Eliott had already set up a candlelit dinner for the four
of us in the glass conservatory on the roof. They even opened up two bottles of fine red wine.

Cinder sat unashamed on Eliott’s lap while wearing a s*xy red halter dress. She pretended not to notice
I was back. “If Olive doesn’t get back here soon, you’ll have to call the search and rescue team! She
could’ve been taken away by wild wolves!”

I rolled my eyes at Cinder. “Yeah, yeah. I met a feral wolf

on the ski slope and was nearly devoured.” I gave Aaron a pointed glance.

After that, I strolled up to the table and sat in an empty


Aaron hurried forward and sat down opposite me.

“We’re finally all here, so let’s eat! Since it’s such a beauti- ful snowy night; we should celebrate.”
Cinder deliberately rubbed her a*s against Elliot briefly before standing up with her glass of wine and
sitting beside me.

We all raised our wine, gave toasts, and clinked our glass- es together to start off the evening.

I took a sip of the bittersweet red wine and closed my eyes to relish in the flavor.

“Does it taste good? My family invested in the vineyard where it was made, and this wine is one-of-a-
kind. It’s a spe- cial variant that isn’t for sale, so it gets rarer the more we drink it…”

After Cinder’s introduction, Aaron couldn’t help but cor- rectly describe the process by which it was
made and the age of the wine. He also said that this wine was bottled to com- memorate a special day.
The date on the bottle did seem a bit familiar…

After a second, I suddenly remembered and blurted out, “Hey, this wine was bottled on your birthday!”

Cinder and Eliott cast suspicious glances at Aaron, won- dering if this was just a coincidence.

“Wow, you surprised me! I didn’t expect you to remember my birthday.” Aaron smiled in glee and gave
me an excited kiss on my left cheek.

Cinder figured that this wasn’t just by chance. She squint- ed her eyes and said, “Aaron, this wine has
nothing to do with you!”

“Well, would you believe me if I said this wine was bottled to celebrate my birth?” Aaron sat up a bit and
proudly smiled at Cinder.

“No way, I can’t believe I had no idea!” Cinder was aston- ished, and grabbed my hand with her eyes
still fixed on Aaron. “Then you have a private collection at home, right? Can you give me a few?

Aaron shrugged. “Sure, I’ve got plenty at home!”

“Hey, why haven’t I seen it?” I looked at Aaron in amaze-


Aaron pinched my cheeks and tilted his head, giving me a doting smile. “Next time you’re over, I’ll show
you the wine cel- lar!”

I pouted and said I wasn’t going. Who knew what he was going to do to me down there? Some sort of
sexual “wine- play”?

Cinder didn’t care about drinking the entire bottle once she knew Aaron would give her more. It didn’t
take long for her to collapse in Eliott’s arms with a flushed face.

Eliott looked at Cinder with concern, and I couldn’t help but laugh. With Cinder’s alcohol tolerance,
there’s no way she’

d get drunk off of this amount of wine!

But when Eliott is with her, everything changes. She’ll get drunk off of just a sip.

My laughter made me choke on my drink. I covered my lips and gave a couple of coughs.

Aaron put down his glass and patted me on the back. “Easy there, drink slowly.”

Once I calmed down, I fixed my hair and looked up to see Cinder and Eliott making out like they were
alone in a motel. Both of her hands grabbed at his shirt as they swapped spit.

Since I was so close to them, I could hear them swallowing and sucking on each other’s tongues.
I’knew that if Aaron wasn’t with us, they would’ve done it right on the spot.

I hadn’t seen other people do stuff like this much, so I stared at them, dumbfounded.

Eliott seemed to have loosened up a lot under Cinder’s tutelage, or maybe it was just the alcohol

They kissed for what seemed like hours before Cinder withdrew from Eliott’s arms. She gently touched
his swolle lips and turned toward me with a teasing smile. “Here’s your live demonstration, so hurry up
and learn from the experts!”

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