Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 164

Read Cheat with my boyfriend best friend by Jane E.L. Chapter 164: Is this a marriage proposal?

Olive’s POV: “Aaron… What are you doing?” There was a gloomy atmosphere permeating our
bedroom, the floor was covered in a mess of broken glass and other random objects, and the man I
loved was standing stock-still in the middle of the debris. His tall body was slightly hunched as he stood
by the dresser with his back facing me.

His knuckles were white against the corners of the dresser, the veins in his arms bulging out like an
angry bull about to charge. When he heard my voice, he visibly stiffened, and I felt a chill run through
me. I scanned the room quickly, my instincts screaming that something was wrong.

I was so unsettled, I almost turned on the spot and ran away. But logic kept me from leaving. This was
Aaron, after all. He was the person I loved most in the world. I pushed the door wider open and
approached him slowly.

“Aaron, what’s wrong?” Enter title… Aaron turned around suddenly. He stumbled toward me as if
attracted by magnetism, grabbing me into his arms and holding me tightly. “Olive, don’t ever leave me

His muscles were tense, and as I leaned into him, I could feel him trembling slightly. This version of
Aaron was unfamiliar, and it scared me. What happened to him? I hesitated before lifting my arms to
gently stroke Aaron’s back, giving him a few comforting pats. “Honey, I won’t leave you.

But… What’s wrong with you? You’re worrying me.” “Low blood sugar.” His voice was m*ffled in my ear,
and his hands were getting tighter and tighter around my waist, almost so tight Dividing into pages now
that I couldn’t breathe.

Did Aaron have diabetes? I was a little confused, but before I could ask any questions, Aaron said,
“Olive, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

His voice was measured and tense, like it was taking him a lot of effort to stay calm. I pulled back from
his arms and looked up at that handsome face. Some of his hair was falling across his forehead, damp
with sweat.

His entire face was pale, his eyes were bloodshot, and his lips were drained of color. There was an
unsettling sense of brokenness in his demeanor, striking a sharp contrast to the brighteyed, tireless
Aaron of last night.

I stood on tiptoe and kissed him softly on the lips. “I wanted to surprise you.” I backed away and lifted
my skirt to show him a tattoo on my ankle. It was a delicately traced series of numbers.

The string of numbers seemed random, but it was actually his name, encrypted with the date when
Aaron and I met. I’d had the idea for this tattoo back on the day when I saw the tattoo store while
shopping with Aaron.

When Aaron told me about his insecurity last night, I made up my mind to get this tattoo. After he made
himself vulnerable by telling me how he felt, I really wanted to do something to reassure him.

I wanted him to know that our relationship wasn’t just a temporary fling, and that I truly loved and
cherished him more than anyone else. Aaron looked down at the numerical tattoo, unblinking, as if time
had frozen around us.

Gradually, the light returned to his eyes. His fingers trembled slightly, and his breathing caught as his
eyes slowly crept back up to my face. Seeing Aaron’s reaction, I only felt more confident that I’d made
the right decision.

After a long time, he crouched beside me, lifting my ankle and placing my foot on his knee to inspect.
He looked at the tattoo for a long time, like it was a piece of rare art or gold jewelry.

He was looking at my ankle so intently that I was a little embarrassed, and I started to pull my foot
away. But Aaron held my calf lightly in place, and when he spoke, his voice was even more h*arse and
ragged than before. “Baby, I still want to look.”

He stretched out his hand and carefully pressed his cool fingertips to the red, swollen line of numbers.
“Does it hurt?” It was still a little sore, but the love in Aaron’s voice was more than worth the temporary
pain. I shook my head.

“No, it doesn’t hurt.” What Aaron said to me last night made me realize that he might be more insecure
in our relationship than I was. I didn’t want him to have any doubts, I just wanted him to be happy.

His hand tightened around my calf, and he raised his head, his eyes glistening with emotion as he
looked up at me. “Olive, you really are a gift from heaven.” I was a little overwhelmed by the heat in his
gaze, and I had to look away.

But I wanted him to know how I felt, so I wet my lips and said softly, “Aaron, this is my first tattoo. I
hope you know how much it means to me.” At that, Aaron’s breathing hitched.

His lips crept up into a smile, and then he knelt on one knee in front of me, cupped my ankle with his
right hand, and lowered his head to kiss the tattoo on my ankle.

His lips were as cold as ice, and I twitched subconsciously at the sensation on the stilltender patch of
skin. “Don’t move.” He gently clasped my foot in both hands. “You don’t know how much this tattoo
means to me, Olive.”

I blushed, feeling a little shy at his tenderness. “Aaron…” Just then, I heard Cinder’s exaggerated gasp
from behind me. “Oh my g*d, is this a proposal?”

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