Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 166

Chapter 166. I’ll help you take it off

I was bewitched by the enchanting atmosphere, and I said some super cheesy stuff that I would
normally never say.

Aaron liked it when I said stuff like that. He immediately got on top of me and said, “Let me see how
hard your heart is beating.”

His slender fingers crept under my shirt and up my flat belly all the way to my chest. He held my
breasts in his palms and squeezed gently. Before I could get a word in, his fingers were already teasing
my nipples.

In less than two seconds, I already felt my nipples get as hard as a rock under his fingertips. He always
knew just what to do to turn me on. I put my hands on his waist as I moaned from his teasing.

Aaron licked my ear and chuckled. His other hands trav- eled up my thigh and under my skirt. His
fingers dipped under my panties to tease my p*ssy. When his fingers penetrated me, it felt so good that
my legs almost went limp.

He held my a*s with one hand and balanced me on his knee. Because of this position, his fingers
glided smoothly into me and traveled super deep!

“Ah!” I clenched around his fingers and inhaled sharply.


His warm tongue ran down my ear slowly. All I could hear were the wet noises of his mouth. His thumb
teasingly stroked my cl*t, and I opened my legs to grant his fingers better ac-cess.

Even though my reaction was natural, I still blushed from the shame.

“Baby, don’t be shy. I love the way you act for me.” He withdrew his fingers and turned me around to
straddle him. We were now face to face.

With a smile on his face, he took off my shirt and un- h*oked my bra. He immediately began to attack
my chest with his mouth. Earlier he was gently caressing me, but now he was aggressively dominating
me. Before long I was com- pletely limp, wrapping my arms around his neck with my fin- gers tangled in
his hair and panting heavily.

Aaron laughed and put his hand up my skirt again, gently stroking me through my thin panties.

I was already so aroused that his current actions barely satisfied me. I lifted myself up to give him
better access, wanting him to thrust into me already and f*ck me hard.

“Do you want it?” He watched me lose control beneath him without batting an eye. He miraculously
held back his own desire while teasing me with just one hand.

I wanted to resist his temptations, so I opened my mouth to say no, but before I could say anything his
finger pushed my panties to the side and thrust into me.

In a moment, the emptiness inside me was filled. It felt like something released and I couldn’t help but
cry out. My head rested against Aaron’s chest as I gasped for air.

“Baby, you already came! Your panties are soaking wet.” Aaron’s teasing voice rang out from just
above my head.

“Do you want me to take your panties off? I bet they’re so wet that they’re uncomfortable.”

That ba*tard! I was so ticked off that I wanted to laugh.

We both knew what he really wanted, but he still made excus- es to cover it up.

I stared up at him and he already moved to take the rest of my clothes off. Before long, I was lying
naked in front of him as he watched me with desire burning in his eyes.

Within a second, Aaron pushed my thighs apart and squeezed his head between my legs. His tongue
licked gently up my p*ssy.

“Ah…” It was so sudden that I let out a gasp and tried to push his head away.

In response, he clasped my hands tightly and raised his head to smile at me. “Babe, don’t resist me. I
know it feels good.”

After that, he lowered his head again and used one hand to spread me open. Then, his tongue once
again began to tease me.

A tingling sensation kept traveling up my back. I tried to clench my legs, but his head just pushed closer
to me in re- sponse. His tongue was like a snake; I thought that his tongue could burrow all the way into
my p*ssy up to my uterus.

The feeling of being stuck in the first second of an or- gasm was torturous. It felt like tempting flames
were tickling all over my body.

“Does it feel good?” Aaron lifted his head to kiss me and nipped at my tongue.

I couldn’t even breathe properly anymore. I could only wrap my legs around his waist and stare at him
with a gaze of utter desire.

He rubbed his c*otch against my thigh, then slid between my legs again as I looked down at him. His
tongue teased my cl*t so skillfully, and it traveled lower to thrust into me. Every time his tongue pushed
inside me to the base, it felt like I would die.

Suddenly, he gently blew air on my cl*t. The cold touch. made my entire body shiver. I grabbed his hair
and was so lost in the pleasure that I could only chant his name. “Aaron, Aaron!”

He hummed and finally lifted his head from between my legs to kiss me on the lips. Just when I thought
I would get a break, he pressed his knee in between my legs. I was going crazy at his touch, and I
grinded my p*ssy against him in search of more stimulation.

He kissed me for a little while more before he lowered his voice and asked me, “Do you want more?”

I couldn’t find the energy to speak, so I nodded fiercely. He didn’t need to say anything more; I instantly
began to take off his clothes.

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