Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 173

Cheat with my boyfriend best friend by Jane E.L. Chapter 173

propped my chin up on my hand and smiled at Cinder. “But, Cinder, I’m so sad.”

Cinder looked at me with an expression full of compassion and sympathy, and I

realized I might be crying.

Cinder cupped my face in her hand, sighed slightly, and pulled me into a hug.

She rubbed my back gently.

She smelled so good, and I buried my face in her shoulder. I closed my eyes,

struggling to explain why I was feeling so uncertain. “You know… I’ve never had

a healthy family, and… Aaron’s family history is really complicated, too. I don’t

know how to deal with such a serious relationship.”

Cinder patted me on the back. “Olive, if you’re too worried about the future, just

don’t think about it. Just enjoy the moment, at least you’re in love right now.

Were we in love?

Enter title…

I was confused for a moment. After the tension and awkwardness between me

and Aaron this evening, I’d started to feel like we wouldn’t make it, and that

feeling terrified me.

I took a deep breath and sat up, pulling away from Cinder’s embrace. “Forget it,

I don’t want to think about any of this. I’d much rather drink my feelings away.”

I picked up the wine bottle from the table, refilled my glass, and started drinking

again without restraint. The alcohol made my brain feel warm and fuzzy, which

was exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to be drunk enough to numb myself

and pretend to be knocked out.

At least there was a benefit to me spilling my guts to Cinder. Now she felt bad

for me, so she wouldn’t stop me from drinking.

didn’t know how long I sat there, refilling my glass again and again, but

eventually Cinder reached out and s*atched the glass from my hand again.

“Olive, you really have to stop drinking, you’re going to make yourself sick if you

keep this up.”

I tried to s*atch the glass back from her, but Cinder looked like she was split into


I blinked, confused, as I tried to grab at Cinder’s clothes with my outstretched

hand. “Hey, where’d you go?”

“You’re drunk.” Cinder set the wine glass down on the table and grabbed my

flailing arm. “I’m taking you back to your room to rest.”

Back to my room? Oh, no.

I yanked my arm out of Cinder’s grip. “I’m not going, I don’t want to see…”

Before I could finish my sentence, I suddenly heard a deep voice from behind

me. “How much has she had to drink?”

“Oh, good, you’re here, Aaron.” Cinder looked relieved as she pushed my

unsteady frame into Aaron’s arms. She pointed toward the empty bottles of wine

on the table. “Those are all Olive’s work.”

I dragged my heavy eyelids open with difficulty and, to my surprise, saw that

Cinder was still smiling. She waved her hand at Aaron. “I’ll leave this drunk to

you. Make sure you take good care of her.”

I was wrapped up in a pair of strong, powerful arms. Feeling Aaron’ s breath on

my neck, my instincts told me to run away.

In the next second, my whole body was lifted off the ground. Aaron picked me

up in a princess carry, gave Cinder a slight nod, and turned to head upstairs.

My head was spinning, and my mind told my arm to push Aaron away, but my

hands subconsciously clutched at his sleeve.

His heart was racing, and he held me so tightly like he never wanted to separate

from me. I felt a little sad, and I turned my head away uncomfortably, trying to

hide my distress from Aaron.

Aaron didn’t speak, but he pursed his lips and carried me back to our room in


When we got back to our room, I didn’t even feel like taking a shower. I lay

down on the bed and closed my eyes. But I’d had too much wine, and I couldn’t

fall asleep at all. My mouth was dry, and my head was pounding so hard, I felt

like it was about to explode.

Suddenly I felt my body gently lifted into a sitting position. Before I could open

my eyes, a firm hand brought a cool glass to my lips. “Here, have some milk.”

I wanted to say no, but I instinctively swallowed the milk as Aaron carefully tilted

it into my mouth.

After I’d finished the water, Aaron held my shoulders and pulled me into his

arms. “Olive, let’s talk, okay?”

I looked down at Aaron’s hands clasped around me and frowned, reluctant to

answer. Just the thought of Aaron’s wavering smile when I turned down his

proposal made my heart twist like a knife.

“Why are you upset? And why’d you drink so much?” Aaron didn’t let me off the

h*ok after I tried to avoid his question. He gently held my face and looked into

my eyes, his voice h*a*se. “Is it because of what happened today?”

I could feel the burning heat of his gaze on my face. I squeezed my eyes shut

and decided to play dead until he left me alone.

“Olive, everything that happened today was my fault. If you aren’t ready, I’ll give

you some time and propose again later, when you’re ready to think about a

future with me, okay?” There was a hint of desperation in his voice now, but I

still couldn’t bring myself to respond.

Because I didn’t know how to answer his question. The problem was that Aaron

wanted to take our relationship further, and I just wanted to stay where we were.

These kinds of differences would make it impossible for us to last.

My eyelashes trembled slightly, but I still held tight to my resolve and kept my

mouth shut. I didn’t know how to answer Aaron.

The time dragged past slowly until we’d been sitting there for what felt like


Aaron smiled dejectedly. “Okay, I won’t pressure you anymore. Let’ s go to


He kissed my forehead, wiped my face and hands with a towel, and finally put

his arms around me and fell asleep.

I lay quietly in Aaron’s embrace, almost overwhelmed by guilt and the messy,

tangled knot of emotions in my chest.

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