Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 176

Chapter 176: I can’t lose Olive

Aaron’s POV:

The cab raced away, and all I could spot in the window was Olive’s stone-cold face, determined to
leave me behind.

I ran to catch up with her, but her cold eyes cast a spell that pinned me in place.

Dismay, loss, regret, and despair overwhelmed my entire being.

The storm of emotions raged in my heart, and even though I opened my mouth to call out to Olive, I felt
like I was being strangled and couldn’t force a word out.

I could only watch the cab disappear in the distance. When I couldn’t see it anymore, I closed my eyes
and held my face in my hands.

Over the past two days, I knew that Olive wasn’t herself. She was so defensive toward me, and she
was a poor actor. She kept pretending like nothing was wrong.

I saw the pain in her eyes and tried to talk her through it, but I couldn’t even talk myself through it. I
didn’t know if she didn’t want to get married to me right now or if she didn’t want to get married at all.

This confusion kept clouding my mind at all times, and Olive’s behavior just made me feel even more
insecure. I tried everything I could to s*atch her from Vincent: I used every despicable method I could
think of to secure this future with her.

I finally got my wish, and she seemed to love me. But now I wasn’t sure if her love was just the
excitement of something new, or if she really did love me.

These thoughts frustrated me and made me feel insecure as hell. I

knew in my heart how much I loved Olive and how much I wanted to start a family with her. I wanted
her to be the first thing I saw every single morning, and I wanted her to be waiting to give me a kiss
when I got home from work.

I wouldn’t even dare to imagine my future without Olive.

I spent so much time with her that I was used to her love at this point; I took it for granted. I knew that I
couldn’t afford to let Olive slip away, and I couldn’t accept the possibility that the next few days of my
life wouldn’t be spent by her side. Whenever I thought of Olive’s eyes, I panicked.

I swallowed hard and turned to walk towards my car. I hopped in and began racing after the cab.

Luckily, the driver wasn’t going too fast, and I soon saw the cab pull in front of a bar.

It seemed like G*d was on my side. The tension in my heart relaxed a little. I pulled over on the side of
the road and watched a disheveled Olive head into the bar.

Maybe she wasn’t as indifferent as I thought. She was also upset by our argument, right?

The thought amused me, but I also felt like a pitiful dog that could be kicked to the street at any time.

Olive, how important am I to you? I desperately wanted an answer from her.

I waited a moment, then followed Oive into the bar.

She didn’t look great. She walked into the bar in a daze and asked the bartender for a whiskey.

I wanted to stop her, but I knew that I was probably the last person she wanted to see right now. I
suppressed my emotions and watched her drink her sorrows away from a distance.

I thought it would be best to look after her from afar.

A bartender walked over and politely asked, “Sir, would you like anything to drink?”

“In a bit, please.” After answering, I turned my attention back to Olive. She was staring at the ring on
her hand.

The look of determination and relief in her eyes made my heart shutter. My entire body tensed up.
What was she about to do?

That was the engagement ring I proposed to her with. Could it be that she doesn’t want the ring
anymore? Or… maybe she doesn’t want me anymore?

In that instant, my blood ran cold and my mind was buzzing. My whole body stood there frozen as I
watched Olive take the ring off her finger.

I don’t know how I got to Olive so quickly, but I got to her just in time. The ring was almost entirely off
her finger.

I felt like Olive was ripping my heart from my body. I reached out and grasped her hand as well as the

“Olive, you can’t do this!” I heard myself yell, with a slight tremor in my voice.

Olive froze for a few seconds before she slowly raised her gaze to meet mine.

I took a deep breath and firmly repeated, “Olive, you can’t do this!”

I crouched down so that I was at eye level with her. She stared at me in surprise, as if she didn’t expect
me to follow her to the bar.

Then, as Olive watched on in wonder, I firmly pushed the ring back onto Olive’s finger.

I gently held her hand, put it to my lips, and kissed it. I apologized in complete panic. “I’m so sorry
Olive, I was way too impulsive today. I shouldn’t have lost my temper with you. Could you please
forgive me?”

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