Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 185

. The wedding is about to begin

When I regained consciousness, I was surprised to find myself

lying on a simple, narrow bed. I looked down to discover that I was wearing a wedding dress!

Vincent was standing on the other side of the room, holding a bouquet of roses. When he saw me
tugging at my dress in

disbelief, he strode over to me, squatted down, and pressed the delicate flowers into my hands. He
said, “Olive, we’re supposed to be at the altar soon. You need to get ready.”

I thought I must be dreaming. There was no other possible explanation for what Vincent was saying.
Why was he talking about an altar?

My eyes widened in shock. “Vincent, are you out of your mind?”

What the hell had he done? What was wrong with that can of milk… Had Vincent drugged me?

He smiled as he pushed the bouquet of roses into my hands, gently cradling my cheek in his cool palm.
“I’ll explain everything later. For now, can you just trust me?”

I struggled to sit up on the bed, still feeling dizzy. I looked around slowly and realized that I was in a

Vincent looked at me with a calm expression. “That’s right, Olive. We’re in a church, and in ten minutes,
you and I are going to have our wedding ceremony.”

He tried to touch my face again, but this time I didn’t give him the chance. As he reached out to me, I
picked up the bouquet of roses and smashed them into Vincent’s head as hard as I could.

I shoved him away from me and staggered up from the bed. “This isn’t funny, Vincent! I really
misjudged you. I didn’t realize you were such a shameless, despicable person!”

I thought Vincent’s formal outfit this morning was strange, but I hadn’t questioned it in the moment. This
was completely ridiculous, and I’d never expected Vincent to take his little joke so far.

But now it seemed like Vincent was actually crazy, and there was no telling what he might do! I was
starting to wonder if Vincent had lied to me about his mother’s illness, and it was all just a ruse to drag
me into this wedding scheme!

I couldn’t let Vincent get away with this; I had to get out of this d*mn church immediately. I didn’t even
have the energy to yell at Vincent anymore, I just wanted to escape as fast as I could.

But after opening the door, I froze in my tracks.

Vincent’s mother, Kaitlyn Jones, was sitting in a wheelchair in the front row of the church sanctuary.
She was wearing a plain white dress with a corsage pinned to her chest, and she had a joyful, relieved
smile on her face.

She looked like she’d lost a lot of weight since I had last seen her, and her face was transformed by a
haggard exhaustion that couldn’t be hidden by makeup. Apparently, she really was sick.

While I was still processing Mrs. Jones’s weakened state, Vincent came striding over to me. He took
my elbow, lowered his head, and whispered in a pleading tone, “Olive, I’m sorry, but this is all out of
necessity. I never meant to lie to you, but my mother would be so disappointed if we didn’t have a real

From the pew, Kaitlyn smiled and waved at me. She was so thin, she was basically just skin and
bones, but the light in her eyes as she gazed at me and Vincent was impossible to miss.

Seeing Kaitlyn like this gave me pause, but I still couldn’t hold back my, anger at Vincent. “But you still
shouldn’t have lied to me!”

I’d passed out and woken up to find myself wearing a wedding dress. Vincent had no idea how much
this scene had affected me.

Vincent clutched my hand tightly, as if he thought I might try to run away. He whispered again in my ear,
“I swear, Olive, I really am sorry. I was afraid you wouldn’t cooperate with me. Please, forgive my
selfishness. All I want is to make my mother happy, so I had no choice but to deceive you.”

He took a deep breath and continued, “We just have to get through this ceremony. As long as we don’t
file it on record, our marriage license won’t be valid. Like I told you, this is all just an act for my mother’s
benefit. If you’re worried about Aaron getting the wrong idea, I can explain it to him personally.”

Despite the sincerity in Vincent’s voice, I couldn’t let go of my anger. “I don’t want you to do that,

If it wasn’t for Kaitlyn’s obvious poor health, I would have shaken off Vincent’s hand and run out of the
church. But when I met Kaitlyn’s loving gaze, my feet felt like they were made of lead.

I stood there stiffly, trying to decide if I should continue to cooperate with Vincent’s performance.

Vincent gave me a pitiful look. “Olive, do you really want to see my mother disappointed when she’s
like this? Have you forgotten how kind she was to you? We’re already in the church, it’ll just take
another thirty minutes. Please, make my mother happy.”

His tone was filled with concern, like he was afraid I would change my mind.

Out in the pew, Kaitlyn frowned anxiously when she saw that we weren’t walking down the aisle. She
said something to the people sitting around her, craning her neck to look back at us,

I was still frozen in indecision. Did I really want to go this far to help Vincent? But before I could think of
a way to end all this drama, a young woman was pushing Kaitlyn toward us.

With a warm smile on her face, Kaitlyn took out a ring and handed it to me, looking at me with a
mother’s loving gaze. “Vincent, Olive, congratulations on becoming a couple. I wish you nothing but
happiness for the rest of your lives.”

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