Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 195

Emily’s Taunt

The familiar notification ringtone made my heart racing.

I licked my lips when my mind was buzzing. Had Aaron replied to my messages? What would he say?
Had he decided to forgive me after hearing my explanation?

My fingers were trembling, so it took me a while to unlock the phone with shaking hands.

But the message was not from him.

When I saw Emily's name, I was not very disappointed because I had remained frustrated for a long
time. But my racing heart gradually returned to normal, and I became calm.

“Do you have time to meet me tonight?”

After reading her message word by word, I deleted it and turned off the phone. If it was in the past, I
would dress up and go to meet her aggressively. But now, I did not want to do such things at all or meet
anyone related to Vincent.

Putting the phone back in my pocket, I tried my best to concentrate on the experiment. Fortunately, I
was not as distraught as just now.

After finishing the experiment, I rubbed my stiff neck. When I looked up. I found it was dark outside.
Only then did I realize I was so hungry that I almost could not feel my stomach.

I let out a sigh, locked the door of the laboratory, turned around, and went downstairs.

I had lost my appetite for days, but I knew I must eat. So, I desperately stuffed food into my mouth at
every meal although the delicious food made me nauseous.

As walking downstairs, I was thinking about what to eat tonight. Suddenly, a ghostly figure floated over.

And I didn't realize it was Emily until she got closer. There was a strong smell of alcohol on her. Her
cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were unfocused. So, I knew she had drunk a lot of alcohol. I was
not interested in arguing with a drunk, so I bypassed her, intending to leave.

But she caught up with me, opened her arms to block my way, and said, “You are not allowed to go!”

When she spoke, the smell of alcohol from her mouth overwhelmed me. I frowned and walked past her,
saying, “I'm not in the mood to argue with you.”

But I failed to leave because she grabbed my T-shirt tightly. She was drunk, so she became stronger
than usual. When she tried her best to clasp my T-shirt, I couldn't get rid of her.

So, I helplessly retreated. Meeting her drunken eyes, I held back my anger and asked, “What do you

“What do I want?” Emily stared at me fiercely and said, “I want you to give Vincent back to me!”

D*mn it! I wanted to vomit upon hearing Vincent’s name. And I did not know whether it had anything to
do with the fact that I was too hungry

Before my stomach's acids surged to my throat, I pushed her away, covered my mouth, and ran to the
trash can. After vomiting for a while, I felt more comfortable in my stomach.

Emily walked over and glared at me as if she were about to eat me alive.

I took out a tissue to wipe my mouth, looked back at her, and said, “Take him if you want. I don’t have
the slightest affection for him. And I vomited as soon as hearing his name. He made me sick!”

“How dare you humiliate him!” Emily instantly became irritable, fiercely pointed at me, and snapped,
“Who do you think you are? I don’t allow you to humiliate Vincent!”

What a crazy woman! I rolled my eyes and stood up, intending to leave. But she grabbed my arm and
asked, “Olive, are you complacent now?”

Did I look complacent? I did not know how she had come to this conclusion.

I did not want to discuss that disgusting man with her here like a lunatic, and I did feel uncomfortable in
my stomach, so I asked, “Can you let go of me?”

She persistently held my arm and shouted, “You snatched Vincent from me! But you say he is
disgusting! After he fell in love with you, you dumped him and threw yourself on another man. Do you
think you are very charming?”

The more she spoke, the more excited she became. And her expression looked ferocious and
frightening under the dim light. I lost my patience, so I pushed her away and snapped, “Shut up!”

Emily staggered backward and fell on the floor. She propped herself up on her hands and looked up at
me with blatant hatred and endless ridicule in her eyes. Her gloomy look made me a little scared. I was
not afraid she would hit me but was afraid she would say something mean and harsh.

Sure enough, before I could leave, she gloomily said in a spell-like voice. “Olive, do you think you are
noble? Look at you! You are like a walking dead now. Is Aaron ignoring you? You deserve it! He saw
your dirty and despicable true color, so he decided to dump you. Do you still want to get reconciled with
him? Hah! You are too naive! I have never seen him get back together with his ex-girlfriends. He has
made up his mind up with you, so you will never have another chance. You should not have two-timed
him! It is karma!”

Her harsh words hit the hope I hid deep in my heart. So, I slowly clenched my fists, telling myself that
she was just trying to annoy me.

I wanted to convince myself that things were not as bad as what Emily had said. But when I looked
back, I saw her mocking smile. And her expression was saying, “I guessed it right! But he will never get
back together with you! You are having a pipe dream!”

The tense string in my heart suddenly broke, so I hurriedly turned around to escape. But I was running
too fast, so I stumbled and fell hard on the floor. And it hurt when my knees hit on the hard ground.

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