Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 197

Meeting Him One Last Time

“Why should I call him? Aaron, you know how I love you. I want to explain what happened that day to
you. Vincent and I are not married for real. Why don’t you listen? Do you know how I have gotten
through these days? I miss you every day! I miss you when I eat and do experiments, and I dream of
you every night. Aaron, please! Give me one last chance! I don’t want to break up with you. I’m living in
hell. And I feel heartbroken at the thought of you…”

When I suddenly felt a sting in my heart, I pressed my chest, weakly leaned against the cold bar
counter, and let my tears fall on it, saying, “Please, don’t ignore me. I felt dying now…”

Suddenly, someone gently touched my cheek and wiped the tears off my face. I froze for a moment
and unconsciously tightened my grip on the phone. When I slowly opened my eyes, I gradually saw the
person’s face. It was a woman instead of Aaron that was standing in front of me.

Cinder gently wiped my tears with a tissue and asked, “Olive, how much beer have you drunk?”

She helplessly asked the waiter to take away all the beer on my table and snatched the mobile phone
stuck to my ear.

I was startled and subconsciously try to grab it, saying, “I’m still talking with Aaron on the phone!”

She slightly frowned, unlocked my phone, and held it in front of my eyes, saying, “Look! The talk time is
a minute and a half! He has long hung up on you!”

Hearing her words, I could not deceive myself any longer. So, I sat still in a daze, feeling like the little
match girl. After I struggled to light the last match, I watched it being blown out by a chilly wind.

Overwhelmed by despair, I opened my mouth but found it difficult to breathe. I did not understand it. He
had loved me so much before. Why didn’t he want to listen to my explanation? Why had he suddenly

become so ruthless? Did he no longer love me now? If so, what should I do?

Seeing me burst into tears, Cinder sighed, stepped forward, and gently held my trembling shoulders,
saying, “You shouldn’t have fallen in love with Aaron.”

Yes! I shouldn’t have fallen in love with him. But people could not control their feelings. After all, there
was no such thing as a faucet. At the thought of Aaron, I felt heartbroken.

I let out a heavy breath, wiped the tears off my face, and indiscriminately reached out to get the beer on
the table. But after fumbling for a while, I found the table empty.

Cinder grabbed my wrist and asked, “What do you want?”

I replied in a hoarse voice, “Drink.”

Cinder seriously looked at me and shook her head, “No, you must not drink anymore. You’ve drunk a
lot. If you continue, I’m afraid you will have stomach problems.”

Now, my heart was aching like hell, so I did not care about stomach problems but just wanted to drink
to reduce the heart–wrenching pain.

So, I took her hand, put it on my chest, and seriously said, “But my heart is broken. Cinder, I feel so
tight in my chest that I can’t breathe. Only alcohol can temporarily kill the pain. Please let me get

It was too cruel for me to soberly face the fact that I was dumped.

Cinder nodded with a sigh and asked the waiter to give me a cold beer. Then, she comforted me,
saying, “Fine! You can drink! But I hope you can pull yourself together as soon as possible. There are
so many fishes in the sea!”

Yes, there were plenty of men, but there was only one Aaron. After dating him, I could not fall in love
with other men anymore. But he did not want me now.

I did not know how much I had drunk. When I woke up, I was in Cinder’s guest bedroom. The sunlight
outside the window was dazzling, so I squinted my eyes and picked up the phone to check the time.

It was half past ten, so Cinder had already gone to work.

She had sent me a message, saying there was breakfast in the kitchen. I shook my aching head,
washed up, and went to the kitchen to look for the milk and bread she had prepared.

While having breakfast, Aaron’s figure flashed across my mind from time to time. Would I break up with
him like this? I mechanically took a bite of the bread and found I still couldn’t accept such a result.
Anyway, I must give it another try.

After breakfast, I went to the bathroom to wash my face again.

Looking into the mirror, I saw my eyes bloodshot and my face haggard. So, I stood still, staring at
myself in the mirror. Then, I slightly bit my teeth and took a deep breath.

One last time! Even if what I would get was humiliation, I must go to meet again. I set the bottom line
for myself and decided to meet him one last time!

In order not to embarrass myself, I put on makeup and bought a sexy black tight dress near Cinder’s

If I went to his home, he would not open the door. So, I decided to go to his company on Wall Street.

In the taxi drove on the way, I was nervous. I imagined thousands of scenarios when we met. Maybe
he would humiliate me like the previous two times. Maybe he would just ignore me. But there was still a

glimmer of hope that he would stop his steps, hear my explanation, and get back together with me.

I was a little restless. Sometimes, I felt the taxi was running too fast, and sometimes, I thought it was
too slow. It was only less than an hour, but I felt as if one year had passed.

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