Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 207


There was always a price to be paid for indulgent late-night carnivals.

When I woke up from the hangover, Nick’s thigh was pressed against my stomach, and next to my
head were Cinder’s feet with red nail polish.

The coffee table in front of the sofa was full of empty beer bottles, and some even rolled to the ground.

Fortunately, the carpet here was thick enough. No bottles were broken, which saved me some
unnecessary cleanup.

The air still smelt like alcohol.

We didn’t even draw the curtains last night, and the sunlight streaming through the window reminded
me of one thing. It was getting late.

“Wake up.” I quickly sat up from the sofa. But as soon as I moved, the pain in my head made me regret
last night’s indulgence.

I frowned and shook my two friends beside me. Thankfully, Cinder woke up soon.

“What time is it?”

I took my phone and checked the time, “8:45.”

“8:45!” Cinder’s expression suddenly changed from sleepy to very energetic, “OMG, I told Eliott to pick
me up at 9:30!”

She jumped off the sofa almost immediately and headed for the bathroom.

“Olive, please prepare a suit for me. You know, I will never allow myself to appear in front of anyone
except you and Nick in this image.” Cinder quickly closed the door, and soon there came the sound of
running water and a muffled scream from inside, “Damn! Why is there no hot water?!”

I froze for a while and then suddenly laughed.

Ten minutes later, I delivered a Prada slip dress and underwear with the tags still intact, and soon there
came the sound of a hair dryer working.

I opened the windows to get rid of the smell of alcohol in the house and cleaned up all the garbage.I
was trying to wake Nick up when the bathroom door opened.

Cinder noticed the noise here. While putting on makeup in front of the mirror, she said to me, “Let him
sleep more. He drank as much as you did last night.”

“What time is his flight today?” I asked Cinder.

“I’m not sure. Does it seem to be in the afternoon? It’s a minor problem. Even if he can’t make it in time,
he can go back if he reschedules it.”

At this moment, the sleeping man on the sofa finally moved.

“Jesus! I swear I’ll never have a hangover like this again.” Nick was 10:40 struggling on the sofa with
his head in his arms. I smiled and handed him a glass of honey water.

“Don’t make such meaningless vows to Jesus. Do you remember what time your fight is?”

“12:30.” Nick took a sip of water, “What time is it?”

“9:15. Oh dear, you may have to hurry up. It’s a two-hour drive to the airport.”

Nick almost spit out a mouthful of water.

Very good! I saw him jumping off the sofa.

The doorbell rang. I thought Eliott had arrived early. But when I opened the door, I saw Charlotte.

“Good morning, Dr. Woods. I thought you might not know the way around, so…”

“You came just in time.” I quickly grabbed her hand, “I might have to ask you a favor.”

I pointed to Nick and said, “This is my good friend Nick, who came over from Harvard yesterday to
celebrate me. We accidentally got drunk. The problem is, now he needs to catch the 12:30 flight at
Munich Airport. Can you take him to the airport for me?”

“No problem. Leave it to me.” Charlotte readily agreed. Nick hugged me and Cinder respectively before
he left in a hurry.

After a short while, the doorbell rang again.

I gave this handsome young man a friendly hug, “Hey, Eliott, long time no see.”

He greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, “Congratulations on your new job.”

“Thanks.” I invited him in, and blinked at the bathroom, “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for your girlfriend
for a while. We got dunked last night. She just took a cold shower and is putting on makeup now.”

Cinder’s voice immediately came from the bathroom, “Don’t expose me, baby!”

Eliott smiled.

Five minutes later, Cinder appeared in front of us with a radiant face. She hugged her boyfriend
passionately and French kissed him in front of me for a minute. They didn’t stop it until I couldn’t stop

“Well, we’re leaving.” Eliott walked out with his arm around Cinder.

Cinder stopped suddenly, “Wait, honey, can you go outside and wait for a while?”

Eliott raised his eyebrows and walked out the door obediently.

I watched Cinder walking towards me and asked, “What is it?”

Cinder pointed to the handbag next to the sofa with a strange expression on her face, which seemed to
be some kind of teasing.

“I left you a small gift…Don’t treat yourself badly.” She said and left in high heels.

After I saw everyone off, the house fell into silence again. Today was Saturday, so I went back to catch
up on sleep without any psychological burden.

I woke up again from hunger.

There was a missed call and a message from Charlotte on the phone, saying that Nick had boarded
the plane smoothly. She didn’t call me because she guessed that I was probably catching up on sleep.
So she went back and asked me to contact her whenever necessary.

What a great assistant!

But I didn’t intend to contact her.

As an able-bodied adult, I could go grocery shopping on my own. I knew how to use a navigation app!

But unfortunately, I was proven wrong.

I did manage to find a nearby supermarket, but I forgot that this was in Germany! Except for the
imported food section, all the tags were printed in German.

It was so terrible!

Standing in front of a shelf displaying snacks, I awkwardly opened the translation software on my
phone, and then identified the food ingredients on the packages of these products one by one.

Suddenly, I heard a deep male voice beside me, “May I help you?”

I looked up and saw a blond man in a gray T-shirt and white pants looking at me with his blue eyes and

Of course, what caught my attention more was that he just spoke English!

“Thank God, yes! I need help badly.” I hand him the snack in my hand, “Could you please check for
high fructose corn syrup on it for me?”

The man took it and replied, “The ingredients that cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and
liver disease, I know that.”

I raised my eyebrows, “Yes.”

It seemed that he noticed my surprise. He put the snack back on the shelf and looked at me with a
smile, “I also have the habit of checking the ingredients of food. Come with me, the healthy and organic
snacks you want are not here.”

I quickly followed behind him. Out of courtesy, I introduced myself to him.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Woods, Olive Woods. I just came here recently to work for a pharmaceutical company.”

The blond man looked at me with a smile, “Oh, what a coincidence. I’m also a doctor.”

He held out his hand to me, “I’m Colston Adenauer. Nice to meet you.”

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