Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 22

My eyes met with his when I called his name. His eyes sparked dangerously.
I could tell that he was going to try and kill me immediately after the pain disappears.
I couldn’t bring him to the mansion if he was going to keep acting like that.
I bit on my lower lip, deep in thought, then took the mask off of my face with my free hand.
“Look at me, Eclise.”
I couldn’t think of another way to calm Eclise down other than this. I could only hope for him to face the facts.
“Look at the face of your owner who bought you with 100 million golds.”
My face which was covered with a mask all along was revealed. His grey eyes widened instantly.
Probably because of Penelope’s breathtakingly beautiful and alluring face which didn’t go well with a place like this.
I didn’t waver at all when I continued to stare straight at his eyes.
“It’s not that I had money to burn that I bought you with that price. Not a single noble, no matter how insane they are, would spend 100 million golds on a mere slave who came from a defeated country, you know?”
It was true, judging how no one bought a slave spending over even 10 million golds during the auction.
You could build a castle in a suburb at the capital of the country with 100 million golds.
“Say that you escaped by being rebellious and by acting out. But what can you after that? You don’t even have a country now to go back to.”
Eclise clenched his teeth as if I touched a nerve in him.
He struggled to get out from my grip, but that only made me apply more strength into my arms and raise it up again.
I stared down at him.
“I really hate those stupid people who don’t know their place. I saw a possibility in you and willingly paid that price. That’s all there is between me and you.”
I didn’t only spend an extreme amount of gold on him. He doesn’t know what I’ve been through just to get him.
“Therefore, you’ll have to prove to me what you’re worth so that those 100 million golds that I spent on you does not go to waste.”
“…… .”
“If not, I’ll just ruthlessly send you back here. You got that?”
I asked, my eyes shining dangerously.
Honestly, even I didn’t expect for me to go this far.
I didn’t know I was this desperate to survive through this insane game.
If I wanted him to calm down, there was no other way than to coldly make him accept the reality. That he was no longer a noble in his country, but a mere slave to be sold.
Eclise’s eyes wavered.
He seemed to have realized that I didn’t buy him just to toy him around for pleasure.
“Nod your head if you understand. I need to hurry back home.”
We stayed like this for a while until he nodded his head just barely enough for me to notice it. Thankfully, there were no changes to his interest gauge bar. That was more than enough for me.
“M, miss! Are you hurt anywhere?!”
The auctioneer hesitantly walked up to me when I rose back up with the mask on my face again.
It seemed terrified as he held a whip in his hand.
“Y, yes! D, do you have something you’d like to say…… .”
I motioned my head towards Eclise who tottered to stand up.
“Undo the cuffs.”
“Wh, what?”
“Take off the cuffs.”
“B, but miss! This slave is……!”
“Get rid of everything restricting him except for the choker on his neck and the handcuffs. I’m going to take him home myself.”
Having no other choice, the slaver gave one of the workers, signal with his eyes.
Eclise soon became free except for the hands.
The workers and the slaver backed off immediately, but Eclise didn’t do anything but just stood there.
“And you.”
I pointed at one worker who whipped Eclise most willingly.
“M, me?”
“H, huhhh?!”
“Take off everything you’re wearing now, except for your underwear, and hand them all over to him.”
I threw a moneybag with some gold coins in it at them.
“Do it quick.”
The once half-naked slave was soon in a shape where he could wander around outside.
It was almost the end of midnight when I came out of the shabby building.
I was very tired from spending the whole night with my guards up.
“Hahh…… .”
A deep sigh escaped my lips as I looked up at the sky.
I went through a lot to get here but I had no idea how I was going to go back.
“Just, follow me for now.”
I said, glimpsing at Eclise who was standing behind me.
He didn’t say anything back. It was an impertinent thing for a slave to do, but I didn’t have the energy to correct his actions so I just let it be.
I lead Eclise and entered the closest alleyway by that shabby building.
I was going to head for the largest streets. That way, I can ask for directions from a passerby.
It was when I just turned the corner of the tortuous alleyway.
“Over there! Look, they came out!”
A group of people who were standing in a distance from us, all came rushing up to us. They blocked the small path of the alleyway.
“Well, hello.”
A man who I didn’t know walked up to me through the crowd. He was short but fat.
I set my guards up high and questioned. When I did, the man smirked in disbelief and let out a feigned laugh.
“You don’t know who I am? Ha.”
“How am I supposed to know who you are.”
“I’m that person who all people call their hope, Clurie……!”
“M, master!”
The servant came rushing out and blocked the fat man who was about to spit out his identity.