Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 29

Eclise had the highest interest out of all the others.
However, something blocked me from getting excited over it.
Derrick’s and Rennald’s rose only around 2-3% each time, and 5% at most.
But as of Eclise, who I’ve met not too long ago, his interest was rapidly rising.
‘The faster something rises, the faster it drops.’
Looking back to the time I played the game, the interests in the hard mode often dropped at unexpected scenes.
That’s why I can’t fully depend on Eclise for my escape.
“…… I should go for another in case things go wrong.”
I felt the cold rain, drop onto my arms which helped to cool my head.
“Yeah, that’ll do. That now wasn’t completely unexpected so no need to panic.”
I calmed myself down. My rushed breathing gradually turned stable again.
Nausea I felt washed out with it.
“Emily will freak out.”
I looked down, feeling something cold, and saw my shoulders wet.
Tsk, I clicked my tongue and started walking.
I started to feel cold and tired now that I’ve calmed down.
If I didn’t hurry back in the mansion, I was sure that this weak Penelope’s body would fall ill tomorrow.
All the informants that Emily went to find, finished what I’ve requested them in less than 2 days.
“Lady. Here, these are about what lady has requested them.”
Emily set down the black tea and a piece of cake that I asked for on the table, then set down envelopes on the same tray the cake and the tea was set.
Each envelope had some beeswax to seal it, and it was stamped with their group symbol.
I closed the book I was reading and opened all the envelopes.
In each of the envelope was a single piece of paper with many names and the noble family names written on it.
A single or two names were the only differences between each paper.
“Is this all?”
I asked, scanning the paper lists.
Emily straightened her posture. She seemed to have thought that I didn’t like the results she brought with her because she panicked and started explaining.
“They said it would be helpful if lady explained a little more about that person. That way they can be more…… .”
Emily glimpsed at the lists as her voice grew quieter by seconds.
Of course she would be freaking out. She left, so confident that she’ll find the person in no time, but a list with so many names came in return.
This wasn’t Emily’s fault though.
[A nobleman who attended the 2nd prince’s birthday banquet with a white handkerchief.]
The information I’ve written on the paper I gave to Emily wasn’t enough to be able to detect a person.
It was a basic of the basics to always have a handkerchief with them at a party.
“I, I’ll go find some other informants, lady.”
“No, it’s fine. This is enough of lists.”
I shook my head at Emily’s words. It wasn’t like my real intention was finding a person.
“It’s the numbers of the informants you went to. You said that you’ve visited many places.”
“Ah…… .”
Emily finally softened her once tensed expression.
“Now I see, there’s one missing.”
She tilted her head, finding it strange.
I checked the envelopes again. None of the symbols were representing the ‘White Rabbit’.
‘I thought their’s would come immediately.’
I was left in vain at Buinter not taking action.
There was only one way left as long as he didn’t show himself.
I had to attend every party that he might attend and find him myself just like the heroine from the normal mode did.
‘How annoying.’
I sighed.
“…… Should I go to them again?”
Emily asked me cautiously, noticing my disappointment.
“No need. Anyways, how did the paying go?”
“Right. I gave all of them the right amount of gem.”
“Good job.”
I said, thinking about the upcoming parties that opened in the normal mode.
“You’ve worked hard for a past few days, so you have the remainder of the gems.”
“Th, that’s……!”
Emily’s jaw dropped as if she thought the reward was too great.
“No, I’m fine, lady! I’ll bring the box back after the cleanup.”
“Why? Don’t you like gems? Then I’ll give you some gold coi…… .”
“No, no!”
Emily shook her head in big motions as she refused.
“I……! I don’t want any of those, lady.”
Those words made me stop thinking about other things and turn around to face her. She didn’t look so well.
‘Don’t people usually get excited and accept the rewards?’
Emily didn’t seem excited at all but rather looked as if she was victimized.
“I don’t need those rewards, lady. Instead…… .”
Then I remembered something I promised with Emily.
“No need to worry. I’ll get rid of the needle just as I promised.”
“Y, you don’t have to! Lady can just keep it.”
I raised an eyebrow in confusion.
‘A person who freaked out about the needle, now wants me to keep it?’
I slightly frowned at her unknown intentions.
“Out with it, what do you want.”
Emily hesitated at my cold gaze as she started speaking what she wanted.
“I…… I, want to be lady’s real personal maid.”
“…… .”
I gazed at Emily to try and detect if this was what she really wanted, then spoke uncaringly.
“You already are my personal maid. I can’t do anything more about it.”
Emily kneeled to the floor.
“I, I’m sorry!”
“…… .”
“I’ve done so many bad things to the lady up until now. How dare I…… Not knowing my place…… It’s obvious for lady to not trust me.”
“B, but if you give me just one more chance, then I’ll prove it to you! I’ll prove how useful of a maid I can be!”
I was lost for words at her reaction.
“So what you’re saying is, you want to be my right hand?”
I couldn’t understand. Up until now, Emily was always out for abusing Penelope.
That was how much Penelope was looked down on in this mansion.
An existence worse than the workers here. That was the ‘fake gong-nyuh’ here.
‘Is she thinking maybe she’ll get rewarded bigger than this if she sticks with me from now on?’
If that’s it, then shame on her because Penelope wasn’t given an allowance on money since she liked to waste them on unnecessary things.
She could only buy the jewels by calling over a jeweler and purchase through the butler or the duke depending on the situation.
Emily would know about this the best since she has been working as Penelope’s personal maid for years.
‘What is she planning?’
Emily spoke confidently when I stared at her, suspicious.
“You can keep the needle with you and show it to the duke when you find me doing something suspicious.”
“…… Do you mean that?”
Emily powerfully nodded her head at my question.
I didn’t examine her face too hard but it clearly wasn’t the face of a person lying.
I thought about it for a moment with Emily kneeling before me.
This was an unexpected situation. To think an extra, who I thought would take action if I gave her a reward worth it, would voluntarily say that she’d side with me.
‘Is this one of the game episodes?’
To be honest, this was something that wouldn’t make sense if it were to happen in real life. However, it wasn’t something that would negatively affect me.
‘Whatever it is, having one loyal maid would be useful.’
My thinking didn’t last for long.
“Then take the jewelry box with the remaining gems back to where it was before.”
Emily rapidly rose from the spot with a touched face.
“Thank you! Thank you, lady! I’ll do my best to serve you from now on, too!”
“Take your leave now.”
Emily didn’t stop thanking me even when I hand-motioned her away annoyedly.
Click-. Just when Emily left my room, a white box appeared in front of my eyes.
Your fame has been +10 due to the reformation of your relationship with the people working in this mansion. (total : 15)
I casually read the sentence in the white box.
My fame that I’ve already given up from the very beginning was surprisingly rising.
Brilliant sunlight was shining into my room through the big window in my room.
The table that was once set by the window was pushed off to the side and I was sitting on the floor as dozing off.
I thought of going out for a walk, but I was restraining myself from it since I didn’t know where, when, and how I would meet the two ‘X’s.
But sitting like this with the sunlight bathing me made my mood in place for going out for a walk.
‘How peaceful…… .’
Actually it wasn’t the time for me to be like this.
I’ve waited for around two more days since I got the reply mails from the informants that were delivered to me through Emily, but still, no reply came from Buinter.
That’s why I had no choice but to request something to the butler.
– Gather all the party invitations that high-ranked young noble men would attend to.
Just like that.
The butler seemed uneasy at the news that I was going to start participating in the social circle again.
(NOTE: Social circle, for example, will be things like parties/tea parties and other social meetings.)
Just how much of a fuss did Penelope make before that he would reflexively make a face like that immediately?
‘Phew, my happy timeout life. Now the peace have come to an end…… .’
I pitied myself who was now about to attend all the possible parties to find Buinter.
Just then. Creak-.
The window I opened a little, suddenly opened wider, until it was open all the way.
Soon after that, a strong wind came through the opened window, into my room.
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