Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 30

“Wh, what the!”
I opened my eyes in surprise.
But I couldn’t help but close them again at the strong wind that hurt my eyes.
Whoosh-! My hair swayed and made a mess on my face.
That only lasted for a moment though.
The strong wind that blew so suddenly has stopped just as suddenly.
The area was calm again to the point that no one would believe what just happened. I slowly raised my head.
“Just what is…… .”
That moment, a weird crying was heard. Dumbfounded, I turned my gaze to where the sound came from.
On my dress that I was wearing. A white fluffball…… .
No, a rabbit.
“This, what’s…… .”
I couldn’t continue with my words at this unbelievable situation. A strong wind blew, and then a rabbit appeared in my room.
I rubbed my eyes to see if I was seeing things, but still, I could see the white baby rabbit in front of me.
“Kyu kyu!”
The rabbit tilted its head while staring at a human before it.
Then it would hop its way to me.
In a flash, the white fluffball was on my legs.
“Ha. Where did you come from? This is the second floor…… .”
“There’s no way you have been taken from the wind.”
The rabbit blinked its red eyes and tilted its head again as if it didn’t understand a word I said.
“Well. If you actually understood my words, then it would be more of a horror than this.”
Just then. The rabbit that stared at me for a while, opened its mouth.
Two cute front teeth were visible from that. But at the same time.
“Mission is completed.”
A male adult’s voice came out from the cute rabbit’s mouth.
I was frozen for one second before screaming and backing away.
Because of that, the rabbit that was on my leg was thrown off to the floor.
For a moment, I thought I made the wrong move, but fortunately, the rabbit landed perfectly on the carpet.
Then it looked up at me as if nothing had happened.
“Wh, what was that? Just now…… .”
Didn’t a man’s voice come from that rabbit?”
It was a mere animal that was of the size of my fist, but I still put my guard up, scared.
I waited for a while but the rabbit still didn’t speak.
I muttered, unable to think of anything.
“What the. Was I just hearing thi…… .”
“Mission is completed. If you want to hear the requested, please come find our base yourself.”
“Oh my gosh!”
Just as I thought I was hearing things, the rabbit’s mouth opened once more with a man’s sound coming out of it.
I freaked out again as I backed away from the rabbit.
I backed away so fast that my back was touching the pole of the bed.
The rabbit didn’t intend to scare me further as it didn’t come any closer to me.
“This is the White Rabbit informant group. Farewell.”
With that said, the strong wind started to blow into my room again.
The wind stopped and I raised my head, combing my messed up hair.
The rabbit with a great presence was gone from my sight.
“Just what is…… .”
I stared blankly at the carpet where the rabbit was a moment ago.
Then I remembered the way Vinter contacted the normal mode heroine.
(NOTE: I decided to go with Vinter rather than Buinter since the author told me that’s how she spells it. I’ll edit the previous chapters, too soon.)
It was very rare for him to make a move himself in order to hide his identity.
He usually used birds, mouses, puppies, and other small animals to deliver messages, but I remembered the most used animal was the white rabbit which represented his informant group.
I also remembered the time I thought this was quite romantic.
But the reason why I was this surprised was.
“It wasn’t said that the animals delivered messages by talking…… .”
The game wasn’t voiced.
I only read the messages he sent to the normal mode heroine through letters, so I didn’t expect that the animals would speak out loud the message.
A low man’s voice that came out of a small and cute rabbit.
I let out a sound at the dramatic thing that just happened to me.
Why does he do that when there’s mails you can send and the co-workers you can deliver them through?
‘He’s not crazy like the others, too, is he……?’
I shook my head side to side at the thought.
I was already stabbed in the back once by Eclise who I thought I was going to go all-in on.
I was doing this to raise his interests in case Eclise’s interests drop suddenly, but if he’s not trusted either, then…… .
“No. There’s no way all five of them are crazy.”
I shook off the thought as I thought back to the normal mode story and the time at the party where I met Vinter.
He was a well-mannered man who would lend his handkerchief even to a villain.
His interest might be easier to raise.
“First, I’ll go find him.”
I rose from the floor after I calmed down.
When I did, I realized how far away I was from the spot I was dozing off a while ago.
I felt a little embarrassed that I ran away all the way here, scared by a fist-sized animal.
‘He wasn’t watching all that, was he?’
Anyways, it was great news that he contacted me. I didn’t have to go to parties to find him now.
A white box appeared again in front of me when I was thinking that.
The episode [A strange sorcerer, Vinter Verdandi] has begun. Would you like to go to the ‘White Rabbit’s base’?
[Yes. / No.]
It wasn’t like the system could actually hear me, but I still ordered as I turned around.
I rushed to get ready. I needed a little preparation if I wanted to sneak out and in again without anyone knowing.
First, I wore the robe I wore when I was off to get Eclise.
Emily tried to throw it away multiple times, but I secretly got it back and hid it in the closet.
Then I took out a sapphire necklace from one jewelry box. That was what I was going to pay him with.
I also packed the gift I ordered to give him later, just in case, along with his white handkerchief.
“Should I bring this with me, too?”
I held the mask that Rennald bought me and thought.
He sent the rabbit into my room already. If he has done that much, there was no use in hiding my identity.
But I was going with the ‘high ranked noble lady secretly finding a man’ concept right now.
‘I’ll stick with the concept for a while.’
I put on the mask, then took a look in the mirror before dashing to where the system chart was.
“All done. Let’s go!”
With the white light flashing and disappearing, I found myself in an alleyway with only a few people passing by.
“Is this it?”
In front of me was a shabby building. On the old door to the building was carved a white rabbit, not too noticeably.
I’ve already seen this place through the game so I knew that this place was Vinter’s base.
I walked up the stairs and was about to knock with no hesitation.
But when I raised a hand to the door, the door opened automatically before coming into contact with me.
“What the…… .”
I felt the chills down my spine as I thought of someone might be watching me.
I stared at the dark space behind the door through its opening, then opened the door wider and went in.
Inside was the same as what I saw through the game.
A desk and a bookshelf, and a sofa for greeting the customers. It was one normal looking office.
However, no matter how much I looked around, one person I was seeking for wasn’t seen anywhere.
“…… Did he go somewhere?”
I came here almost immediately after the rabbit came by.
I thought if I should go back to the mansion or not, but I decided to wait a little since I was already here.
I was going to go back to the mansion by a carriage that the White Rabbit group used since I didn’t know a way back. The carriage here was the same as the taxi in the other world.
But there were no workers working here where they sell more valuable information than the others did.
‘What kind of an informant does not use a co-worker?’
I thought but soon guessed the reason.
‘Well, its probably because of it that he sends a manly talking rabbit that brings up the goosebumps…… .’
I closed the door and sat on the sofa. I was going to rest here while waiting for him since I was a guest invited to this place.
I once again took a look around the place.
A noise came from somewhere, and I could feel the vibration from it.
“Wh, what’s happening!”
I jumped up from the sofa. The shaking of the building calmed down immediately.
“……Was it just me?”
I tilted my head, and was about to sit back down again.
Crrrrr-. Once again, I could feel the strong vibration enough to make me lose my balance.
I stumbled but was able to hold onto the sofa as I screamed.
‘I only came here to see Vinter but what’s this!’
The vibration stopped immediately like the last one did.
“E, earthquake?”
I held tightly onto the sofa and prepared myself for the next shake.
I waited like that for a while, but nothing happened after that.
I took that chance to go and check the outside from the window.
I didn’t know about the natural disasters in this world. I looked out the window to see how the people here covered for themselves.
But the outside was surprisingly peaceful as if nothing had happened.
No one came out from wherever even though the floor shook twice.
“Even though there aren’t many people, there’s more than this building in this alleyway…… .”
The festival was still ongoing so it should create a fuss if a natural disaster was to occur.
I frowned and leaned my ear against the window.
No sound could be heard so I thought maybe this place was soundproof. But.
Bam-! The sound came from somewhere else.
In this building, behind my back.
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COMMENTS (On the raw):
– System: Choose one between (the no-answer crown prince) (mad sorcerer) (slave out of his mind) and the (realistic older brother 1 or 2).
Penny: Log out!
System: There is no logout. Welcome to the Einkras castle.
– Pikachu with a Deadpool’s voice??
– I thought it was Vinter who transformed into a rabbit for a second.
– Nope. No one’s normal. That maid was suspicious, too.
– A prince with an anti-social personality disorder who is currently progressing due to post-traumatic stress disorder.
The 3 family members with no answer who has been a domestic violence activist.
An a.k.a bodyguard who’s ready to slice your neck with a possibility of 10000%.
A mad sorcerer who seems to have lost his awareness as a civilized sapiens who has sent rabbits that speaks in a loud voice of an adult man and turned the genre of this novel into thriller/horror.
Get lost y’all.