Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 41

The woman who was putting down my dessert laughed at my clean dishes without any sign of eating. It was such a small sound that only my ears could hear.
The eyes met. Her eyes were full of ridicule as if she were dying of joy.
“Ohora…Let’s try it shall we?”
I quickly dropped the smallest spoon on the floor before she left.
Ddalang— Marbles and iron bumps into each other and makes quite a lot of noise. Naturally, everyone in the dining room looked at me.
“Oh, sorry. My hand slipped.”
“Will you pick it up and take it?”
I gave the floor a big wink of apology. Mrs. Donna was also nonchalant about my unexpected behavior. She looked very familiar, as if she could do anything about it.
“Sure. Don’t worry about it, lady.”
If it were Penelope, would he have thrown a spoon over Mrs. Donna’s head and already got up?
I asserted myself.
The old woman, whom I learned from the butler’s words, has been a regular participant in the meal of The Duke for an uninvited seat. In other words, no one else has dealt with her except on a time like this.
It’s a family dinner where she only left out while a pleasant conversations are exchanged. It is a position where she forced herself to sit in while enduring alienation and misery.
However, if the duke did not like the dishware, he would never have tried to share it with her again.
Penelope knew this well. Therefore, she would have endured hunger and anger desperately. If she couldn’t even participate in this event, she’d never run into this family.
‘But not me.’
I looked down at Mrs. Donna, whose face was so expressionless that I was embarrassed by her fuss.
And. Ddalang-!
“Oh, my God! Sorry. I slipped again.”
The second smallest spoon fell in front of Mrs. Donna, who was just getting up with the spoon I had dropped.
The attention of the humans, who were drawing attention, was drawn back to me. The Duke kicked his tongue disapprovingly.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m sorry. The pudding is so soft that the spoon keeps going off.”
I replied with a shrug. Derek’s cool blue eyes fixed on me. Leonard was no different.
“It’s all right, lady.”
Mrs. Donna also picked up the second spoon that fell beside her without complaint.
“Well, have a good time…”
It was the moment when she was raising herself and greeting.
Ddalang, lang, lang–
I threw the last spoon right on the floor.
“Penelope Eckart.”
The Duke’s face and voice froze in an instant.
“Ha? What are you doing?”
Leonard laughed as if he was dumbfounded, and Derek glared at me with a frown on his face. The white letters on their heads began to flicker.
I got up from my seat, dragging my chair noisily.
“I’m afraid I can’t eat dessert because I don’t have any more spoons.”
“Sit down.”
“If you’re finished with what you want to say, I’m thinking of going up to my room.”
The Duke’s face was gradually filled with anger.
“What’s the point of doing this at a luncheon after a long time?”
“I’m so hungry, Father.”
I overpowered my stomach. My unexpected words wriggled the eyes of the Duke and the Sons.
“I’m not as good at using tableware as I am three years old, so I can’t eat a bite of these foods.”
As if I were a real child, I looked at my face with a gloomy look. The untouched food had not cooled yet.
If I go up to the room as it is, it will be all up to the employees. Stupid Penelope would starve his people to death every time.
“Right, ma’am?”
I smiled innocently and asked Mrs. Donna for her consent.
“Oh, lady.”
Her face went black and white in a moment. It was funny that the previous confidence and ridicule disappeared from nowhere.
A cool silence fell on the dining room. Main dish with no small toy utensils and no signs of touching. The white plate without a single sauce was so clean that it was hard to do so without complaining about the seat.
I now knew well without having to see where everyone’s eyes were.
“I’m going to go up and ask Emily to get me a sandwich. So I can eat it with my hands.”
“Have a good time, Father, brothers.”
No one held me this time. As I opened the closed door and left the dining room on my own, I suddenly burst out laughing.
“I threatened everyone I’d shoot them with crossbow. Yes, I’d say yes…..’
Isn’t it really funny? Such a wicked woman was being held captive because she couldn’t do such a thing.
But nevertheless, I was not the only one who could laugh at such Penelope.
I feel so sorry for her who sat there till the end enduring hunger.
For pity’s sake
Coming straight up to the room, I took out the book I was reading from the bookshelf and sat down at my desk. I confidently left the dining room saying I was hungry, but I wasn’t that hungry.
Rather, I was honestly worried that it would affect ML’s favorability after I came out of the mess.
‘At the end, there was no change.’
I was worried that I couldn’t check their faces properly because I was paying attention to the Duke and Mrs. Donna.
“You’re not going to lose your favor if you throw your spoon in a rude way.”
I thought so, but soon I decided to take it easy.
“Well, if you’re a little far away, that’s not much.”
It may be a relief, but it didn’t matter how much change was made because they were X-rated anyway.
‘As long as it’s not a deathly plunge.’
I tried so hard to focus on the contents of the book. It was that moment.
Knock knock. I heard someone identify herself.
“Lady, it’s me.”
“Come in.”
Emily gladly allowed herself in. Opening the door, she carefully stepped inside, holding a lidded tray.
“Are you reading?”
“What’s that?”
As I asked with a glare, she put down the tray she had brought on the desk and opened the lid. Steamed soups, steaks and sandwiches were neatly laid out.
I immediately frowned. This is because the Steaks plate was the same plating as the one at the dinner.
“It’s a new one because the Duke ordered it, lady.”
Maybe she heard the whole story, but Emily slowly took a look at me and added.
“And this is what the butler told me to bring you…..”
A small brown bottle, a digestive medicine.
“No thanks. I don’t want to eat much, so take it out.”
Fortunately or unfortunately, I had nothing to eat, so I had nothing to upset my stomach. Emily cried when I told her to take it back.
“I heard you wanted to have Sandwiches. You’re hungry. Hurry up and eat. Lady”
“It’s okay. And I ate earlier.”
“You haven’t had a proper meal all day. So, just a little bit… “
“Not just today, it’s always been.”
I threw down the book and grazed my brain irritably.
“Was there any food you brought that could be called a proper aristocratic meal?”
“Oh, lady…….”
Emily was at a loss what to do with my cold look.
I knew it was a useless vent. Emily has been good enough to me as long as I can. It is not that I was very dissatisfied with the meal, which had only one or two dishes and desserts. I never starving.
But still in my situation. No, this situation and background facing Penelope was irritating and driving me crazy.
“Stop carrying that and go out. I don’t really want to see your face right now.”
Emily eventually took the tray back with a somber face. I thought I was too much for someone who took care of me because I was worried, but I didn’t feel very sorry.
From the moment I left the dining room, I opened the book again, pressing down on my rising emotions. But soon after, I threw it back down as if I had thrown it back.
“I’m annoyed.”
Standing up in front of my desk, I went to bed and lay down.
A luxurious, antique room ceiling was visible. The owner of the room couldn’t even get a proper meal, but it was funny because it seemed to be wrapped up in a plausible way.
“……….why should I come all this way and go through this shit?”
I couldn’t understand it at all, so I muttered to myself
If someone other than me was possessed by this game, I might be happy to see such a spacious and lavishly decorated room.
But I wasn’t particularly impressed with these things.It is because the place where I stayed at my parents’ house was also luxurious and spacious enough to live in.
But ironically, living in such a fancy room, I was worried about eating the next day.
After the second son of a bitch graduated, bullying at school reached its peak. It was basic to keep getting cut in line and eat the last meal of the day, and it was usual to deliberately hit the shoulders and make them spill the plate.
Even if I starved all day and went home, I couldn’t eat right away. Except for me, They did attend a nice family meal.
‘Where is his pride…?’
Now that we have succeeded in escaping, it was truly foolish. I should have had enough food to last.
Unlike Penelope, who has a maid, I didn’t have anyone to feed me. She used to leave work right after finishing the dishes.
I held my stomach tightly and went to the kitchen only when the men of the house finished their meal and went into their respective rooms.
Then I put rice in a cold soup or poured the leftover side dishes into a large spoon and rubbed them to eat them. However, I often spits it out without a bite, more than when I can eat it whole.
The rest of the soup or side dishes tasted terrible, mixing vinegar, sugar, salt, salted fish, and sometimes unknown things.
It was the second son of a bitch.
-A beggar. So why are you sneaking around like a rat?
He sometimes hid and watched me like that, and then giggled out and sarcastically. So I had to suffer from malnutrition and chronic gastritis until I escaped from that damn place.