Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 43

Someone with the pink hair just opened the door coming in and met my eyes.
“Why are you here?”
After finding out that it was me, Leonard stopped making a gesture and frowned.
‘First, do you think I’m happy to see you?’
I glanced over his head and answered back calmly.
“I’m here because the butler showed me around.”
“I’m not talking about that.”
Leonard glanced up and down at me, then laughed.
“You’re off the third floor, aren’t you?”
‘Oh, my God! Who’s the reason keeping me out?’
Out of nowhere, I snapped at him with a coy smile.
“The entry ban has been lifted from today. My father gave me permission.”
“Oh! That’s why he suddenly asked me about the attic I didn’t use…”
“So why are you here?”
“I’m not off-limits like some idiot.”
He walked in sarcastically. The figure was frowned upon. I didn’t want to be disturbed alone by an unwelcome uninvited guest. I was irritated to death.
“I came first.”
So I was telling you to stay away from my seat. But he was not a man who’ll listen to.
“Who said something?”
Leonard came into the attic without any distance and lay down on a fluffy couch. And stared at me with languid, downcast eyes.
“You’re sitting on the ground there. that’s a perfect seat for you.”
“Why do you want to stay here not in your room?”
“It’s because the second master of this house wanted to.”
‘Oh man, just.’
The fist trembled. I wanted to put flowers in the face of a mean fellow, but I held it back desperately.
‘10% favorability, 10% favorability…’
It’s just 10 percent earned. Only maintenance was the answer.
Trying to ignore Leonard, I concentrated again outside the window. But he wouldn’t leave me alone.
“What are you going to do sitting there like a rock?”
“I’ll just watch the fireworks and go right away, so don’t worry.”
“Sad, I can’t see the smoke field from here.”
He giggled and said nonsense.
“It’s the last day of the festival, so everyone else left early, and the slave boy you dragged will still be hit and run.”
“…. What?”
My mind went blank as if I had heard something I couldn’t hear. I slowly turned my head towards him.
“……what does that mean?”
“Surely, he’s stay alone, training himself and die.”
Leonard grinned and replied deftly. I was speechless for a long time.
I stammered and barely asked.
“……why on earth?”
“Because I had him do it.”
‘You crazy bastard!’
Ttuk, ttuk. I hear Ecklis’s favorability dropping vertically. What nonsense is going on while I didn’t care?
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no’
I jumped out of my seat to check his favorability right away. And I was about to leave the attic in a hurry.
“Are you going to see him?”
He caught my wrist roughly. Lovely pink hair fluttered before my eyes. Before I knew it, Leonard, who had risen like lightning, was holding me.
I frowned at my nervousness.
“Let go of me.”
“It’s late. He’s been watched by me the moment you brought him in.”
Leonard said playfully, winking his eyes. My eyes were stunned. With a deep sigh, I forced out his hand and recited nervously.
“Why are people so childish? Be kind.”
“It’s creepy to hear such a thing coming out of your mouth, man.”
He rubbed his arm too hard. I glanced sideways at [favorability 10%] above his head.
What did he eat wrong today?’
Today’s luncheon, which only I couldn’t eat, was excellent. In other words, there is no reason for him to act like a man who is so impatient after having a meal.
Of course, he did that every time I ran into him, but today he was unusually serious.
“If you don’t like me here, just say yes.”
“I’ll give you a space.”
I finally sighed and decided to step down. I was the only one to suffer more. It was best to avoid it.
‘So tell me to get out of here quickly. I’ll get myself out of here.’
I was quietly waiting for his answer.
“Don’t you have any conscience ?”
A man who stared at me suddenly uttered nonsense.
“…. What?”
“How dare you crawl in here?”
I couldn’t help but laugh.
‘You look like a grumpy daughter-in-law who doesn’t like it.’
I didn’t mean to laugh at Leonard. However, I could see a spark in his blue eyes that heard my laughter. I quickly lowered my eyes and answered back obediently.
“……what do you mean by that”
“You’ve been doing things you haven’t been doing lately, and you’ve been stuck in you room, so I was wondering if you’d finally come to your senses….I’m crazy.”
“I think this shameless little bitch has changed a little bit.”
I swallowed a sigh that leaked out into the temple. I don’t know why I’m here to get rid of my anger.
I, who used up all my anger during the conversation with the butler earlier, honestly felt tired and burdened by this situation. Along with the crown prince, Leonard was a time bomb that should not be touched as much as possible.
I sweetened him with a tired voice.
“Leonard, don’t spin around and say anything you want to say, do it right away. Why are you doing this all of a sudden…?”
“You were going to make a wish here again, seeing if it was fireworks or shit, right?”
But before my words were finished, he stole them.
“I hope Yvonne never comes back to this house again, no”
“I wish she could disappear or die forever.””
“The wish you had made here six years ago, knowing that you had lost Yvonne on the last day of the festival.”
Leonard’s face before his nose was reddened by the glow of the sunset that leaked through the window. He was laughing furiously. The eyes were livable.
‘Penelope did that?’
I had no choice but to stare at him in surprise. I didn’t know that I lost FL at the festival.
Come to think of it carefully, it seems to have come out as if it were in the game’s prologue, but it was not particularly memorable because it had nothing to do with the story’s progress.
‘… became a princess overnight in the common people, so you might wish that the real princess would not return.’
Anyway, I was convinced of her behavior because I was in the position of Penelope. In fact, it may have been easier to understand because she has already experienced the situation of becoming a daughter of a rich family overnight.
However, FL’s second brother,Leonard, seemed to hate the fact that she climbed up to the attic again and again, which she had done in the past.
“How do you feel? As you wish, You’ve been in Yvonne’s position for six years.”
Leonard’s momentum was terrifying enough to believe that the dead ending flag had blossomed. I looked at him staring at me as if he were going to kill me and picked out what to say.
‘What’s there to say without messing with that dirty temperament?’
On a miserable day when she lost her only brother, she even encountered a wicked woman who was taking her place.
‘If you behave like the original Penelope, you’ll be in big trouble.’
I started by rolling my eyes reflexively to see if there was anything around that would kill me. There was no sharp object in the attic.
But it was useless to find such a thing. If Leonard, excited, pushes me out of the window, or chokes me, I’ll die.
“… …I was very young back then.”
Once I fell from the window, I opened my mouth with difficulty.
“I’m sorry. I apologize now. I’ve been reflecting on myself a lot, so please forgive me.”
“Self-reflection? Ha.”
But Leonard didn’t let go of his anger at the apology that I had chosen for my pains.
“Okay. It’s all in the past, so let’s ask.”
“Why did you do that? Even if Yvonne came back, I wouldn’t have kicked you out right away.”
It was the most difficult situation I’ve ever faced him. Even a mild apology doesn’t work!
What should I say now?’
I was running out of words because I didn’t even do it. I was sweating profusely.
“Answer me.”
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come up here, but I wasn’t thinking straight.”
“Is it easy for you to say sorry?”
“My father didn’t tell me how he change toward you. Tell me how to seduce a Duke at that young age. I’ll learn, too.”
The situation was getting out of hand. His likability gauge began to glow dangerously.
Leonard’s eyes glared at me. It was not clear whether it was because of the sunset pouring out the window, or whether he was bloodshot with so much anger.
It was unfair and my mood gradually subsided, but I tried to judge coolly. This situation was dangerous enough, and should have been avoided quickly if it could not be defeated.
I slowly opened my mouth.
“I’m so sorry I did that when I was immature. I sincerely apologize. But losing your sister has nothing to do with me.”
“I came here today because the butler asked me to watch the fireworks show here. Just I heard my father gave me permission, so I’ve been here for a long time, and I’m going back soon.”
“You’re noisy.”