Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 46

The sky was sunny. It was the perfect weather to go out, seducing ML.
Arriving at the military field gently waving the fan Emily had brought, I did not go straight in and checked it far away.
Eckart, the Sword of the Empire, could not interfere with the knights’ time because he considered it very important, as the title.
‘I don’t even want to get stabbed like last time.’
Fortunately, this idea was right. Training was done under the Maritime Affairs Department.
I hid among the trees and peeped at the military field. There were also groups of people training in pairs, and some of them dragged heavy metal blocks around the military field to death. He also held a wooden sword and practiced cutting a scarecrow.
Most wooden swords belong to apprentices. I looked around there for Eckliss. And when I finally found him, my expression immediately rotted.
Why is he alone in such a miserable mess?
Unlike other apprenticeships lined up in a row, he was training alone in a faraway place. I expected that he was being ostracized, but when I saw him with my own eyes, I felt mixed up.
Watching him train, however, made me think so.
Tak, taak! The men who had just become boilers practiced stabbing and hitting the vital points of the straw scarecrow.
But unlike them, Eckliss was not just stabbing and hitting, but almost mopping up the scarecrow.
Parthole, perch! Every time he swung a wooden sword, a scarecrow as big as a human was chopped up like a radish.
The straw powder splashed in all directions. He didn’t cut it with a sword, but it seemed to break off because he hit it with force.
‘Oh, is that the quality of the Sword Master?’
Of course, I just admired that I didn’t know much about swordsmanship. It wasn’t long after I realized it was a long way off.
The pole revealed by the completely dug straw and the blind sword wielded by Eckliss touched.
Pawak-! With a loud rupture, the wooden sword he was holding broke in half. Eckliss looked stunned at the two pieces of wood, standing still.
It was then.
“How many times do you break it, damn it! Are you going to pay for the wooden sword, you son of a bitch!”
Puck-! Someone came up quickly and kicked Eckliss’s belly mercilessly.
‘That bastard’s trying to shorten someone’s string!’
I managed to squeeze myself out of the way. This is because I decided that it would be better to watch the situation first than to go forward recklessly.
Indeed, like an ML, Eclipse did not fall backward. I just took a few steps back. But the guy who hit him seemed to be even more annoyed by the look.
“Hey, aren’t you going to get out of here right now?”
“…I’m sorry. I’m going to be more careful in the future…..”
“Did you break it once or twice? Every time I order a new wooden sword, I know how much you can see! Forget it, stretch out.”
“get out, you bastard!”
” …it’s training time now. I will take the punishment after the training is over.”
Eckliss replied, bowing his head down. It sounds to me that the quarrelsome man was an engineer in charge of managing public items for training.
Eckliss’s words were valid. It was common for training tools to be broken. Therefore, people usually buy and use cheap products in bulk.
Therefore, it was very unfair to embarrass everyone and discuss punishment in front of them for breaking that cheap wooden sword.
However, Eckliss’s response to punishment after training seemed very familiar. Looking at his expressionless face, I just thought, ‘Oh, it’s gone.’
“Ha, look at this son of a bitch. You’re a slave. You’re not training! Don’t you get out fast?”
“Wow, you’re a believer, aren’t you?”
Perhaps he is getting more and more angry because of Eckliss, who doesn’t listen to him, he now slapped Eckliss on the cheek with his hand that was hitting his shoulder.
“You got the wrong line, you piece of shit I thought you caught it, I thought you were a rotten bastard.”
“If our Lady Yvonne come back and kick that fake girl, do you think she will care a mere slave? I don’t think you can handle your future properly.”
“Don’t insult my master.”
It was that moment. Eckliss, who had been staring at the ground all the time, raised his head and said. The man, who was hitting him, burst into laughter.
“Why? I even swears at the country when he’s not around. Can’t you just put yourself in here and swear at your master who doesn’t show any sign in front of you? Huh?”
“If you’re an article, you shouldn’t insult the Lady.”
“Yes, yes. Thank you for the loyalty confession of a tearful slave. Forget it! Stretch out, quickly.”
“Fuck you, you’re still holding out! Hey! Get him!”
He shouted at the other knights who had already gathered around him. Those who watched with interesting eyes as if they were all in one group caught Eckliss.
He did not rebel. I’m just looking into the air with dead eyes. I noticed why Eckliss did that.
‘I told him to make everyone admit him to staying at the Dukedom.’
If he rebel here, he afraid I’ll hear that he caused trouble. That’s why he worried about going back to the slave market.
The men who caught Eckliss knocked him to the ground violently. Several others dragged the jackstones from somewhere.
“Hey! Step on him! Step on him…”
I moved at the point when the first one to pick a fight shouted with excitement.
The only weapon I had was a fan. Coming up silently, I folded the fan I was holding and hit him on the head.
“Oh, damn it! What kind of son of a……!”
My voice rang low on the noisy field.
“Huh, heok! Pri, Princess…”
The eyes of the man who had just giggled with a despicable look have become big enough to roll over.
As soon as he shouted for the terminal, all the drivers holding Eckliss stopped moving. Some people who found me late opened their mouths.
My gaze, which had been scrutinizing those funny things, touched Eckliss, who was lying on the dirt floor. I was surprised to see him myself, but his gray pupils slowly grew bigger.
[Favorite 27%]
I was relieved to see the rising favorability. It seemed to show up on time. Checking all the faces of the men, I opened my mouth with an indifferent look.
“You’re having fun with my escort!”
“Someone, explain what you’re doing.”
Naturally, no one was willing to answer.
The field, which had been noisy a while ago, quickly calmed down, as if it had poured cold water on it. I could feel even those in other areas looking at me with a pause in training.
I pointed to the guy I just hit in the back of my head with a fan.
“You, what’s your name?”
“Well, do you mean me?”
“Yes. What part of you do you belong to? 1st Division?”
“I’m Mark Albert, the 2nd Platoon of the 3rd Division.”
I burst out laughing at his answer.
I said, ‘How high because he’s catching a child like a rat?’
In the capital, where there was no chance of war, the 3rd and 4th divisions were like guards guarding the house. It means he’s a nobody.
“You explain this situation.”
“Yes, yes?”
“As I watched, you seem to be the first one to start.”
“Well, that’s…”
When he heard I was watching, he was in a daze. It was nowhere to be seen sarcastic, calling me a “fake.”
From the tense images of the knights, I noticed yesterday that news about Mrs. Donna had spread throughout the mansion.
“What are you doing? Why don’t you explain it quickly?”
“Yes, yes! The, the, the, the slave… …no, Eckliss had an accident during training.”
At my urging, he opened his mouth.
“What accident?”
“He… He broke a… a wooden sword……the price of a wooden sword has gone up a lot these days, and he had broken it once or twice…”
“Well, I was admonishing him. But then, he suddenly came up against me, a senior, and it was…….”
“Yes, yes!”
He broke his head and nodded hurriedly, as if he had gained hope that I had been convinced by his gentle voice.
“But, what if there is?”
“In the absence of it, I am insulting the country and also the masters, and if there is.”
His expression was dazed. I rolled up the corners of my mouth and smiled brightly.
“Is it okay if I kill you right here now for blasphemy?”
A chilling silence fell upon my words.
“Uh, uh…”
The guy in front of me just stammered with his mouth open.
“Pri, princess…”
In a chilly atmosphere, one of the less-than-expected articles stepped out. Compared to others covered in dirt, he seemed to be more of a superior than a small group.
“First of all, calm down. I’ll bring the captain right now, and then I’ll take care of him.”
I called Eckliss without even listening. His eyes, which still sat on the floor and looked up at me, changed.
“Kill this bastard.”
I pointed at Mark with a fan. At that moment, Eckliss sprang up from her seat.