Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 50

Even if I could step on the little ones, I couldn’t handle it to Leonard, who led the bullying. So I didn’t say any more things about the solution.
I was also walking on thin ice day by day in the midst of their leading abuse and contempt.
“…you and I, we’ve had a nasty life.”
Suddenly, a laugh burst out. How could I choose ML, who is at the bottom of the line even if he was all out?
Come to think of it, I’m the one choose this situation. I knew that it was easier to win favor of the one who had nothing than the one who had a lot of things.
“Come on. Take this.”
It was impossible for me to give a surprise gift with a lovely face like a woman in normal mode.
I relaxed my grip on the necklace, and held it out to him.
“This is…”
“It’s like a toy, but it’s a sword. Hold on to the handle and give it a try.”
Eckliss looked down at the necklace that came out of nowhere at me with a puzzled look. I couldn’t believe it was a sword.
At my urging, he reluctantly lifted the sword with his thumb and index finger. It was that moment.
A bright light came out of his hand, and at one point Eckliss had a long-sword in his hand.
Eckliss looked at the sword protruding out of nowhere with his big eyes.
Unlike other swords, it looked rugged without a single jewel or ornament, but the light flowing through the blade was unusual.
‘I thought I could get a 10 times refund if I got cheated, but it was real?’
Whether it’s because he is an ML, Eckliss, wearing a new training suit and standing with a grand iron sword in one hand, is quite stylish. No one can imagine him being a slave.
I could feel the occasional crowd around him glancing at him.
“This is, why… ”
Eckliss asked, looking down at the sword in his hand. The voice from him sounded somehow clogged.
I opened my mouth with a hint of his majestic iron sword.
“In the Inca Empire, it was unreasonable for a defeated slave to wear a sword.”
“But if you don’t change your mind to take me as your master, the article I’m going to keep next to….. “
“You’re the only one.”
Eckliss’s pupils expanded even larger than when he found the necklace turned sword.
“What will you do?”
Originally, I was not planning giving him sword and threatened him like this. Like the FL of Normal Mode, I intended to recite a touching line, saying, ‘No matter who you are, you are a knight to me forever.’
‘Haha. I’m so touched by my subject that I’m frozen to death.’
From the time I brought up the subject of bullying, I swallowed my tears in a tumultuous atmosphere, culminating in threats.
“Choose whether you’ll get the sword I give you or keep being enslaved.”
Eckliss only glanced at me, and there was no answer. I had given up halfway. If he didn’t take it, I was going to take it back and give it to him as a Duke or Derek as a gift.
It was then. Suddenly, the sword with Eckliss’s was lifted high. And…
The sword was thrust into the wooden board floor.
“What, what are you…..”
The moment I stuttered at his sudden action, he slowly boiled his knees in front of me. And he rudely grabbed my hand, which had been lying at random, and clasped it tightly in his grasp.
“As your only sword, I pledge eternal obedience and loyalty.”
Eckliss bowed slowly, muttering the words. The dry lips touched the back of my hand. The first touch with ML was a slight temperature that was neither cold nor hot.
But I didn’t even feel him right.
-I swear eternal obedience and love as your only sword.
Wasn’t it too early for the two for a loyalty confession? In normal mode, Eckliss’s vows to the FL were distinctly different. Anxiety swept over. But-
[Favorite 40%]
The soaring popularity weighed down on the unknown anxiety at once.
‘The situation is just different.’
So comforted, looked down at Eckliss, kissing on the back of my hand. I could see the neat top of the grayish hair
“… …don’t betray me, Eckliss.”
I mumbled my heartfelt words for the first time to my naked man.
Only mean death.
Everything bought from the arms dealer was delivered to the Dukedom the next day. When the workers saw the boxes piled up like mountains in front of the gate, the employees opened their mouths and signed.
“Lady Penelope! Well, what’s all that?”
It was only after I just got up and washed my face when the frightened butler hurried to the room.
“You said you’d been out for a long time, but….”
The butler was unable to speak at my question.
“What weapons did you buy so many? In particular, there are more than 60 boxes full of wooden swords.”
“Well, it doesn’t seem enough.”
I shrugged, recalling what happened yesterday.
The butler was silent for a moment. He looked at me with a look as if he were looking at an immature child and sighed, and then he opened his mouth again.
“…you have such a beautiful mind for worrying about the knights, Miss.”
“The Duke don’t spare money on the knights. And so are the wooden swords. There’s still a lot left, so you don’t need to buy a new one.”
‘Who cares about who?’
Listening to him, I tilted my head. Meanwhile, the butler added with a look of regret.
“It’s been a long time since you’ve been out and you should have bought more jewelry than that. Or a dress or something…”
“Butler, something must be wrong.”
I corrected his idea with a frown.
“They weren’t bought for the knights of the family.”
“What? Then…”
“It’s a gift to my escort.”
He stammered back to see if my big actions were unbelievable.
“Well, then, all that stuff……”
“The butler must have heard about yesterday’s commotion.”
The butler’s face, which had been stained with embarrassment by my words, suddenly darkened.
‘Well, then people who swear at me will say I somewhat pretty and asked to buy weapons?’
I snorted inwardly at his reaction. And I drove a wedge so that there would be no one in vain.
“I bought it for Eckliss because he didn’t seem to have enough training items to use. Why? There’s no room to store it?”
“No, no.”
The butler shook his head in a hurry It was ridiculous that there was no place to store them in the Dukedom where there was space left.
Of course, the butler would not be at all embarrassed by it, but I answered deliberately by distorting his question as something else. I meant not to ask further questions.
“I’m sure lady got an idea.”
Soon the butler nodded slowly and agreed with me.
‘Unexpectedly, I thought you were going to complain one or two more words.’
I reminded myself of my position a few times, but the attitude of treating Penelope as an ignorant had not changed.
I opened my mouth with a curious look at him, who had clearly turned into an apology two days ago.
“I’m good enough to care about him, so I don’t have busy butler. to pay attention to him ”
“Just watch as you have been. Sometimes when something like yesterday happens, you inform it to me.”
“Okay, I’ll arrange the gifts you bought in a warehouse where only your escort can.”
“Thank you.”
I smiled briefly at him, who responded politely. It felt good to communicate with each other in this house for the first time in a while.
Some time after the butler left, Emily came to visit with breakfast.
“Miss, I heard the morning stuff was your escort’s gift.”
She chatter wildly, setting the tableware on the table.
“Rumor spread quickly…..”
“You should take me with you….. “
Emily made a pretty sad appearance.
A maid in charge of the nobility is an inseparable. Since the trust of her owner leads to the power of her servant, I understood her grumbling that she decided not long ago to become my hand.
“Take this.”
I handed her what I had taken out beforehand.
“This, it’s…”
It was an amulet of the same color bought from the arms dealer. Emily didn’t take it easy, but she just looked down at my hand with her big eyes.
“What are you doing, not take it quickly.”
“What is this… what is it, miss?”
“It’s your gift.”
“It protects you from unknown dangers.”
Amulet’s gift to Emily was not so valuable because the spell of vision was so comprehensive and vague. But it’s a universal gift for dear people.
“I have a lot of enemies. You’re now my person, and you never know when or where bad things will happen, so keep them in your body all the time.”
As a way of venting my anger the other day, I had a word of apology for Emily.
Moreover, she had once refused the expensive jewelry I gave her, so I honestly didn’t want to test it. If she refuse even this, I thought she might have another plan.
But Emily, who raised her head, cried and called me.
“Well, I’ve never received a gift like this while I was working for The Duke.”
“It’s so pretty. I’ll treasure it.”
“That’s a relief.”
“I will serve you harder in the future! Really!”
She swore her allegiance several times with a determined look. When I saw it, I felt a long way off when I first came here and was stabbed by a needle.
It was then.
has gained a reputation for +5 due to improved relationships with his neighbors of the Duke.
A white square window popped up in front of my eyes, and my reputation, which had fallen not long ago, was restored.
“Thank you, miss! Thank you so much!”
I thought about it every time, using Emily’s back-stretching voice as the background sound.
If it’s going like this, how good it is.