Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 55

Leonard was right. When I arrived at the training field, the atmosphere was chaotic as if the swordsmanship training had just ended.
Fortunately, there was no archery training, but the target site, which was far from the training field, was empty.
I trudged around the field to avoid the crowds of knights. It would be faster to cross, but it was only a short time ago that I had a face-to-face encounter with the Duke. For the time being, it was better to stay calm without causing more trouble.
Finally standing in front of the target, I mounted an arrow on the crossbow and pulled the protest to hang it on the hook. Then I turned the crank and posed.
I believed in the owner of this body who used the crossbow for a year.
“……what’s wrong with it?”
But I also felt that the end of the bow toward the target was unstable. When I was just standing there, I felt light, but when I aimed at something, my arms tremble because it was heavier than I thought.
“Didn’t she actually shoot?”
I couldn’t stand it and dropped my arm again to vent my complaint. I can barely load it, but I have no idea how to hold it and shoot it.
After shaking my wrists, I raised the crossbow again. This time, I was going to shoot you quickly before my arms shake.
“If you hold it like that, you can’t aim.”
Suddenly, I felt warmth behind my back. At the same time, a gently hand stretched out to supported the stone arm, which was trembling in the air.
I tried to turn around in a fit of surprise.
However, it was thwarted by a solid body that touched my back.
It was only then that I realized that I was completely trapped in another person’s arms.
“What is this–“
“Shh. You have to look ahead, master.”
Embarrassed, I wriggled in my arms, and Eckliss whispered in my ear.
“The prey is going to run away.”
I stopped moving at his voice. My back was completely on Eckliss’s chest. For some reason, my mouth dried up and I swallowed a dry saliva.
“Let go of your left hand, hold the trigger with your right hand, and hold it close to your chest.”
He gently moved his right hand, which had been supported the crossbow, and held it on top of mine.
The back of my hand was covered with hot heat in an instant. But more so than that, the neck of his breath was on my neck.
“Put your left hand under Tillerson. Now look at the target.”
This time, his left hand first wrapped around my hand and moved smoothly. With his help, I take my position again, and the pose is much more stable.
“Breathe, master.”
I heard a shallow laugh in my ear. By the time I felt that the red spot on the target seen beyond Tillerson was suddenly ascribed, the trigger was pulled.
When I came to my senses, I found an arrow in the center of the target.
“Good job.”
The overlapping warmth swept down the back of my hand. The hard arm that had been locked up in a tight way went down.
At the next moment, Eckliss, who was close behind my back, fell neatly and stepped aside. But still, the back of my hand was as hot and stuffy as it was covered in something.
I took a slow breath and lowered the crossbow I was holding.
“Is the training over?”
And when he heard face toward me, the unknown tickling had all disappeared. Eckliss looked at me with strange eyes and asked.
“Since when have you been here?”
“not long ago.”
“You’re not looking for me.”
It was a tone that seemed to complain why I didn’t.
“Were you upset?”
I smiled briefly because it was funny to hear such a sound with a face as expressionless as well.
“You’re not supposed to call me during the training because you seemed to hate me.”
“Were you worried?”
“Sure. I’m always worried about you.”
At that moment, the tip of his lips flinched a little. And…
[Favorability 44%]
The soaring favorability made me feel alright. I could feel my smile hanging around my mouth getting stronger than before.
“Now it’s quite obvious. Do you like the new training suits you bought?”
Clearly, Eckliss’s old grubby looks disappeared, and he was very cute. At my question he gave a slight nod.
“That’s a relief.”
I turned away from him with a slight murmur. Even if he didn’t like it, I didn’t care. I’ve done enough for you.
I picked up the crossbow again. This time, I posed as he held me. It was much more stable than when I got my own way, but it still wasn’t easy to get an accurate aim.
Perhaps because of the poor arm muscles, my arm quickly fell asleep again.
You can help me again after seeing me whimpering. The slave master, who had no clue, suddenly asked while watching me.
“…………..Is it because of the hunting contest?”
I couldn’t stand it in the end and nodded, lowering the crossbow again.
Then he breathed shallowly and muttered.
“I’ll win first place and make you happy with the prize money.”
Of course, I didn’t really have anything to do with first place. It was a whole practice for my life.
But the sound of the wind blowing quietly came back. I glanced back at him. Eckliss was still a expressionless face, but a faint smile shone on his pupils.
I was a little puzzled, perhaps because I had never seen him smile properly
“Are you laughing?”
He shook his head with excitement when I asked.
“It’s hard for the master to shoot the crossbow well.”
“It’s too…”
He lowered his eyes and mumbled something in a small voice. I can’t hear you.
“Huh? Small, what do you do?” he asked back, but the other answer came back.
“If you don’t get the right posture, it’s going to be hard to stand up for a rebound. If you do this, your wrist may be strained and your bone may crack.”
It’s a catchy word.
“If it’s like that, it’s good…”
Then I wouldn’t be able to participate in a fucking hunting competition.
Without realizing it, my heart flowed out. Then, when I saw Eckliss’s eyes were round, I hurriedly turned back.
“But how do you know so well about the crossbow?”
At this time of the year, Eckliss certainly didn’t learn martial arts formally. However, it was strange that Hwallman was quite skilled at handling it.
“In Delman.”
He paused while answering my question. Then he corrected his words again.
“… …in my hometown, I learn my bow as a basic skill.”
‘Eckliss’s native name was Delman.’
It’s information that didn’t even come out of the game, so I put it in my head. What’s interesting is that he, who will later become the Sword Master, learned the bow before the sword.
“Not a sword?”
“I see…”
I added with a nod.
“That’s great. Then you can get me in position so I can win first place.”
He shut his mouth for a moment. And a long time later, I asked back in a slightly murky voice.
“…just like before?”
As if he didn’t know anything, his head blinked when he answered back. And…
[Favorability 49%]
Yeah, that’s it!’
I grinned at the rising favorability. I’m glad a hundred times I’ve come to the field.
Eckliss, who had been hesitating for a while, immediately came up behind me and stood close.
An arm wrapped around me on both sides. It was about the time when the hand that stretched out from behind overlapped over the back of my hand and raised the crossbow to aim.
“Now, what are you doing?”
Suddenly, a frosty voice fell from the left. At that moment, the body swished violently. It wasn’t my will, but it was his other intention. Because it was Ekcliss’s moves.
Feeling the spirit of others, he turned almost reflexively and aimed the crossbow at the uninvited guest. In my arms.
In an instant, I could see a stiff black-haired man in a reversed view.
“… …The Little Duke?”