Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 58

He rubbed his face against his ringed hand and begged.
“I’ll never be reckless again, Master. I’m sorry. Please forgive me just this once.”
A big, hard ruby clattered over his fluffy skin.
‘I wish I had the ring and had the nerve to stick it up with the iron plate.’
Then, I will be free from anxiety about the restraint that I might choke on.
But on my cold face, Eckliss simply fluttered his tail.
‘Is he naive or sly?’
Looking at him, who was filling his neck with his own leash, I put the ring down on the table after he struggled to tear off my rubbed hand.
And whimpering and covering his face with empty hands before.
Inorganic eyes and eye contact, I asked calmly.
“From the moment I gave you the sword, you’re my knight. I’m your only lady,”
“Don’t forget that fact all the time.”
He was quick on the wits So I fold my eyelids gently and smiled, so he couldn’t tell if I was being empty or serious.
The gray eyes toward me, at once, became hazy.
“…yes, master.”
[Favorite 54%]
The favorability has risen sharply.
It’s finally over half. I smiled contentedly, and straight down the hand that was holding Eckliss’s cheeks.
“Okay, well, now we’ll have to do your part as a knight.”
Then I put the ruby ring I had left on the table back on my index finger, then stuck it out to him.
“Please escort me to the first floor.”
Eckliss held my hand as always.
It was when I came down to the first floor with Eckliss’s escort. I ran into a grown Duke and a butler who were just walking out.
On their way to the front door, they found me walking down the stairs and stopped walking.
“Good afternoon.”
I smiled and said hello first. But the Duke just stared at me, and he did not answer after quite a long time.
When I called the Duke again with a puzzled look, he then coughed and opened his mouth.
“What’s that about your dress?”
I was offended by the way he pointed out, not the answer to greetings.
‘What’s wrong with my clothes?’
It’s because I dressed as quiet as I could to avoid splashing after I was possessed, but this was originally Penelope’s favorite style.
The Duke added a sound, kicking his tongue to what was so unpleasant.
“How can a noblewoman who hasn’t even had an adult yet…”
“Good afternoon, miss! You’re so beautiful today. Especially, the color of the dress you’re wearing goes well with pearl earrings.”
At that time, the butler abruptly cut off the Duke’s words and recited them As expected, he was a brilliant man.
“Really? I picked it out of consideration, but I’m glad the butler said that. Do I look okay?”
I smiled like a blooming flower. The butler responded perfectly.
“Of course. I’m blinded.”
“Thanks, butler, because of butler I’ll be able to spend the rest of the day in a good mood.’
“Ehm Ehm!”
The Duke showed discomfort in the pleasant conversation.
‘Huh! Now you’ll greet me gently again.’
I snorted inwardly, glancing at the Duke secretly. Perhaps he noticed my pledge, the Duke turned away.
“Why are you coming down with him?”
This time, the target of the blow has changed. The eyes of Eckliss were not good. I shrugged my shoulders.
“He’s my escort. I asked for an escort to the palace.”
“What Escort. It’s been a long time since you’ve been with your family only, so stop passing it on. Your brothers has decided to escort you in person.”
“With…family only?”
At the answer of the Duke, who confirmed the murder, my smiling face hardened.
“Ha… I’m going to be doomed from the start.”
It was already suffocating to think of the four of us riding a carriage to the palace.
“It’s been a long time.”
Not knowing how I felt, the butler clapped his hands and added.
“But you’re wearing high heels today, so it’s going to be uncomfortable. Why don’t Duke escort you to the carriage?”
“Hmm, it’s a hassle.”
“I’m all right…”
I tried to refuse with a moderate smile. But the Duke popped out.
“What are you doing, don’t catch me. I don’t have time.”
Then, in less than a second, he is waving his hands and pushing back.
‘No, you said it was a hassle!’
I don’t know which rhythm to follow. I was dumbfounded, but I couldn’t help it.
I felt a little sorry to have called him in a long time, so I looked back at him and whispered quietly.
“Stay well until I come back.”
“Listen to me and I’ll make you a prize money.”
He looked at me with an equivocal face without a particular answer. Then, after a while, he let go of my hand, which he was holding, with a slight nod.
[Favorability 55%]
It was strange to see the favorability that rose only 1 percent and the eyes that were nailed to me until the end.
‘Somehow, I seem to be laughed at…..’’
While I was touching the Duke with my hand, I suddenly thought of it.
It was when I had just climbed onto the carriage under the Duke’s escort. It had already been after Nam Joo took one seat inside.
‘Why are you two sitting together, why are you sitting like that?’
I was frustrated to see them sitting face to face.
The Duke’s carriage was spacious enough to leave seats for all four of us. But I had to sit next to one of them inevitably for coming out late.
I looked at the two alternately and agonized for a moment.
[Favorability 22%]
[Favorability 25%]
Strangely enough, Derek’s favorability, which was 20 percent until recently, rose 5 percent.
‘Is it because of the aftermath of the crossbow practice?’
It seems that running away without taking Eckliss’s side was a boost.
In addition, Leonard unexpectedly caught up in favor. a three-percent difference
“Just sit up quickly.”
My troubles were not long at the duke’s urging. I quickly sat next to Derek. Apart from feeling sorry for Leonard, favorability was also a top priority for me.
Two pairs of blue eyes were directed at me. In a minute, the faces of the two were subtly different. It was that moment.
‘Favorability-1%’ [Favorite 21%]
‘Favorability +2%’ [Favorite 27%]
Their favorability has changed at the same time. One percent off was Leonard, and two percent up was Derek.
“Hey, what’s with your clothes?”
Sure enough by the time I were staring at each other’s heads, Leonard started a quarrel as soon as I sat down. I asked back in a sour way.
“Why? A girl who’s not even dry in the head has learned bad things. Why don’t you just take it off?”
“At the last banquet, I thought you were a little old, and you’re still the same.”
Following the sarcastic Leonard, even Derek recited in a disapproving voice.
‘Why are you arguing about nothing?’
I lowered my head and checked to see if my dress was that serious.
But the V-neck only revealed some clavicle, and it wasn’t all right either.
“Stop it.”
As soon as I opened my mouth to refute the injustice, the Duke climbed onto the carriage.
“It looks good on her, but why are you so criticize her like that?”
“Ha. Are you serious, Father?”
Leonard laughed as if he was dumbfounded by his sudden rise to my head.
Of course, so was I, who was the first to hear a criticize from the Duke a while ago.
When he looked at the peacock with an amazing look, he turned his head, kicking his tongue.
“Let’s go.”
And casually knocked on the carriage wall a couple of times.
It was not long before the magical carriage left without a sound. As I expected, stifling silence occupied the carriage.
‘So let’s go on our own. Why…’
I sighed, clinging myself close to the window so as not to touch Derek. It seemed to remind me of the nightmare of the past when I had to only look at the window without budging until I arrived at the palace.
It was unexpectedly the Duke who broke the silence that had lasted for a while.
“Hmm. Didn’t you guys get a milestone for the hunt?”
The sudden noise drew everyone’s attention to him. Leonard asked with a puzzled look.
“What milestone?”
“Well, don’t you have anything to offer in hopes of safety? this.”
The peacock Duke with his collar. The eyes of the sons have blossomed over there. I also look at it without much thought and stare at it
“…why Amulet?”
Derek, who had not said a word so far, opened his mouth. I was confused with embarrassment. This is because the silver amulet I gave as a gift a few days ago was stuck proudly on the Duke’s chest like a medal.
‘No, why would you……!’
No matter how easy it is to detach and attach, who puts the talisman on top of his clothes?
The arms dealer said. It is more popular for milestone, which can be attached secretly to the body. The Duke, who seemed to boast, was so absurd that I puffed my lips.
In addition, that was for a purpose only to be secretly given to the Duke. Of course, there was nothing for Leonard and Derek.
But isn’t human psychology the case? If I don’t get it, of course I’m annoyed and sad…
‘If you’re going to brag about those in front of these fucking bastards…’
The Duke, who didn’t know how I felt inside, tried to explain with an excited face.
“That’s what I’m saying. A few days ago, Penel…”
“Oh, Father!”
I stopped him in a hurry. The eyes on the Duke glanced toward me. I laughed awkwardly and squeezed out the reason why I called him.
“Who gave it to you? It really goes well with you.”
“Really? Hmm.”
The Duke twitched the corners of his mouth as if he were pleased with my words. I sighed and circumscribed and exhorted.
“But for safety reasons, you didn’t attach it to the inside of your clothes. What if someone sees it as bad thing and talks about it?”
For example, Eckart’s head is a coward who attaches a magic talisman for fear of anyone hurting him in a hunting competition.
Leonard spoke spitefully, as if he understood what I had said.
“I know. It would be honorable to hear rumors that you were too old to joined government.”
“If they want to gossiping so much about them, just let them be!”
At the moment, the Duke roared.
“”I’ll have to see what wicked man is talking about the lover gift from his only daughter, and I’ll have to see them at my day off!”