Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 59

A cool silence fell as if someone had poured cold water into the carriage.
‘Haha. I’m screwed, I’m screwed.’
I just laughed, out of my mind.
“… did Penelope give it to you?”
Derek asked with a lower voice. For some reason, I trembles hearing his angry voice.
The Duke, who not sensible enough, smiled and raised the drug to the ground.
“Ehm Ehm. Even you guys should be nice. You’re not popular with women because of your personalities, haha.”
Leonard laughed as if he was in a good mood.
That’s when Derek, who was silently looking at the Duke, turned to me.
An unknown feeling was palpitating in the blue pupil.
“You, to me…”
He tried to say something in a suppressed voice, but he closed his mouth again and turned his head. And.
‘Favorability -1%’ [Favorability 26%]
“Oh, come on! Why did I give him the amulet.”
I was so resentful of the favorability of Hard Mode which fell so easily.
The carriage slowed sharply as it approached the palace.
As I glanced out of the window, I could see the carriage of the entrance western site stretched out.
“Why is it taking so long?”
I was curious that at the last banquet, it was passed quickly without any strings.
It was the duke who gave me the answer to my own words.
“It is to check if there are any magic weapons, demons, or wizards.”
“Yes, it’s a hunting competition hosted by the Crown Prince himself, and if he thinks his life is precious, he’ll search it thoroughly.”
I, wondering, soon nodded and agreed.
The crown prince, a war hero, had many enemies not only inside the empire but also outside.
Until he ascend to the throne, he will probably face constant checks and threats of life.
‘I’m sure he’ll break his personality.’
I was convinced of his crazy personality.
However, I was never sympathetic. I felt the most sorry for myself here.
‘But if you’re also checking if it’s a wizard… Can’t even Vuinter get in?’
Not long after, the Duke’s carriage was at the checkpoint, so the idea didn’t last long.
Of course we passed easily.
Although my crossbow beads were caught in crystal balls that read mana, it was no problem because they were obviously for hunting.
The palace wizard checked and returned my crossbow case to Emily in another carriage.
“What else are you going to do this time? You’ve prepared a lot.”
Looking at it over the window, Leonard was sarcastic.
Derek also gave me a light sigh, shedding a piteous look as if he sympathized with me.
The Duke, who had prepared it with his own hand, let out a dry cough as if he were at ease, and I felt guilty again.
The eve of the festival was a spacious garden, just a short distance from the hunting ground forest.
Indeed, the royal palace was well decorated, even though it was outdoors. Fine fabrics and ribbons decorated to further enhance the beauty of the flowers and garden. The colorful lights on the wall of a tall bush that secretly surrounds the banquet hall so that you can’t peek inside.
As many people had already arrived, the servants were busy wandering between round tables prepared for each family.
Upon arrival, the Duke and the two Brothers went to inspect the cabanas and horses to use for the hunt.
Because of that, I had no choice but to enter the garden alone with Emily behind me.
‘Where is he? hasn’t he come yet?’
I wandered among numerous aristocrats and looked around frantically.
It was to find out the location of the Crown Prince first.
My heart fluttered for no reason because I didn’t know where he would pop out.
Maybe I should have followed the other family and come here together.’
He’s a madman, but he won’t try to kill me where all the operatives are.
I was disappointed with my belated regrets.
I began to hear mugwort, which suddenly irritated my ears.
“Shameless. No matter how much the participation ban has been lifted, She still don’t know where this place is and where the daylight is coming in.”
“That’s what I’m saying, how can Prince Eckart order his children to…”
“Oh, ma’am! Don’t say that. Where is the heavenly heavens going to be educated?”
Whoever heard it, It was a sound of swearing at me.
I frowned and looked for the source.
But I couldn’t find it. Because everyone in the garden was staring at me.
‘Well, it’s understandable since last year’s superstar appeared.’
I thought so, but I couldn’t help being annoyed by the insult.
I realized earlier that I was not in a position to understand or convinced how the Prince’s personality was destroyed in a calm manner.
Penelope also had enemies both inside and outside.
Therefore, there is a reason why she has come to the path of the wave.
“Whew! Look at that vulgar dress.”
“She didn’t even ashamed for being lady who hasn’t reach adult yet…..”
Emily’s face was sullen when she decided on a dress to show off Penelope’s beauty with the maids.
I was already being reprimanded for my clothes for the fourth time today.
‘I heard that if you put up with it three times, you’ll avoid murder.’
Now that it’s been over three times, can we make a fuss?
I sang the maid in a low voice that everyone could hear.
“Go get my crossbow.”
Emily’s eyes shook once.
“Yes, miss! I’ll get it right away!”
But soon she answered much more loudly than I did before turning around.
Please don’t make such a terrible sound out of your mouth anytime when you writhe.
When I saw her disappearing toward the side of the cabana, I laughed.
Unlike a little while ago, when the chatter was rampant, the hall quickly became quiet.
‘Just one more word.’
I raised my chin haughtily and glanced around.
It was funny to see them turn their head in a hurry after a noticeable flutter in every pupil I encountered.
Even the only maid disappeared and was left alone, but no one hastily tried to make fun of her mouth.
‘You don’t want to be hit by a crossbow shot by a crazy chimpanzee?’
I first put off the idea of identifying the location of the crown prince.
Fortunately, he didn’t appear yet.
If he were here, he wouldn’t be the one to stand by and see myself like this.
I moved to the table of the House of Eckart in front with a little relief
Then I flopped into a chair, crossed my legs and sang a passing bell.
“Yes, yes!”
“Bring me a drink, not a glass, but a bottle.”
Finally, when people peaked at the specimen of the rascal in their preconceptions, the sound of “Hyuk!” resounded everywhere.
Some time later Emily came with a crossbow case.
How hard she had been running, she gasped as soon as she delivered me the crossbow.
“Good work, Emily.”
Emily smiled with a wry face under my face. It was a nasty smile I saw when you woke me up with a needle before.
I put the case hard on the table and took out the crossbow.
Then I began to insert marbles into it as if they wanted.
Crack, click. Clang clack…
Only the sound of iron beads mounted on the crossbow echoed in the tranquil banquet hall.
“Oh, my God! Somebody try to stop her…”
“Don’t we have to bring in the guards?”
I heard whispering somewhere.
It was when he was turning the crank without caring.
“Ha. What are you doing?”
Suddenly, there was a wind blowing When I looked up, the Duke and his sons were there.
Their appearance gave them a noticeable sigh of relief around them
“You look like you’ve been waiting a long time. Listen to the chimpanzee, are you ready to shoot them?”
asked Leonard as if he was dumbfounded.
Finally loaded, I carried the crossbow around my back, and answered him without even looking back.
“Don’t mind.”
“Don’t you see they’re all staring at you? Knowing what else I’m going to be ashamed of because of you…!”
The Duke warned the growing voice.
Leonard looked around for a moment and then curled his brain.
“…do you want to sit in that funny face, you crazy little bitch?”
The voice of clenched teeth and whispering swear words was eerie.
I thought it was ridiculous to see myself surrounded by a magnificent crossbow on a colorful dress.
But I didn’t answer anything.
Because he wouldn’t believe it even if I said it was a measure to protect myself.
“Penelope Eckart.”
There was one more person who looked at me like a crazy bitch.
“It’s the ban that been lifted for a year. You’d better not be rash.”
“It’s what my father allowed me to do.”
I had no choice but to make an excuse that would work best. Leonard asked, glaringly.
“Really, Father?”
“Hmm! Hmm!”
The sight of the Duke blaring his eyes gave me a slight prick.
Fortunately, he would have kicked his tongue disapprovingly, but wouldn’t say no.
“…isn’t there any reason not to carry hunting weapons at the banquet hall? Don’t be so loud and sit down.”
“But Father! This girl already have a clear criminal record…!”
“Oh! You don’t trust your sister that much. She said he deeply regretted it, so watch over her.”
“And Penelope, you too.”
The Duke looked back at me and threatened me.
“If you make a fuss again this time, I’ll let you go, whether you’re in a palace prison or not.”
“Yes! Believe me, Father.”
I grinned.
Leonard had a face full of things to say, but in the end, He’ll shut up and sit on my left.
The eyes staring at me, smiling hatefully, were fierce.
‘Oh my god, if you don’t like it, just buy all the amulets then.’
I was very pleased with the power of Amulet, giving them a lot of trouble inside. I’m glad I gave it to the Duke.