Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 60

By the time I was giggling, someone was sitting on the right side of the empty space.
I felt it.
“Be nice to yourself.”
He turned his head along the cool voice.
Before I knew it, Derek, who took my side, recited so low that I’m the only could hear him.
“If you do another disgrace on the family, it won’t end up in jail.”
As the Duke sat across the street, all the members of the Eckart family sat down.
As a result, I got caught between two male men who hated me.
Embarrassed by the unexpected situation, I took turns looking to the side.
‘Why is it left and right?’
The crown prince would not want to kill me because they were on both sides, but I was not happy at all.
Not only the crossbow, but also forks, knives, and hunting rapiers worn by men. There are dangerous things all over the place that might kill me like this way
I can’t believe the bastards are taking both sides!
‘It’s not good.’
From the start, it was when bad foreboding was climbing up the ankles.
“The Crown Prince is entering!”
A bad feeling has come to reality.
When I turned my eyes to the loud sound, I saw a big new model that walked quickly through the red carpet in the middle.
[Favorite 2%]
The golden hair curled brightly under the dark night sky.
I always saw the white letters first, but I had his shiny hair first.
I used to stare blankly at shiny blonde hair.
He suddenly turned his head to this side as if he had noticed.
I was about to make eye contact.
I leaned down like I was lying on the table.
I felt ‘Left X Right X’ looking at my journey as if they were wondering, but I couldn’t care less.
‘Game Master, please tell me, I didn’t make eye contact here! Please!’
It was when I was praying to the game that I used to curse at every day.
“…the Emperor has gone south to take care of himself.”
The prince’s voice echoed in the distance.
“I’m going to hosting this hunt.”
The opening of the company has begun. Unexpectedly, he spoke as decent man.
I raised a prone upper body as if nothing had happened.
I could see the prince sitting proudly in a golden chair on the podium.
And underneath it sat people in strange clothes. It seemed to be royalty who had been in another country.
The crown prince’s gaze fortunately did not reach me. I was relieved.
“This hunt is attended by VIPs from friendly countries, so it’s going to be a more intense battle. There are many unique animals brought from other countries, so enjoy yourselves.”
As if to his character, the crown prince tried to leave right away after briefly reciting his opening speech briefly.
But one table grabbed his ankle.
“Your Highness, I have a question.”
I glared furiously at him because I thought some bastards would dare catch the way to the Crown Prince.
“Oh, Marquis Ellen, long time no see.”
The late Marquis Ellen was the mother of the empress.
Still, it is possible that there would be a “honor” to those who were excluded from his maternal grandfather, but the crown prince openly bowed down.
“What’s the question?”
“Why didn’t the Empress and the Second Prince participate in this hunting contest?”
Come to think of it, there was a seat for the royal family at the top of the podium, but only the crown prince was sitting there.
A dangerous smile hung over the prince’s mouth at the young question of the enemy of the late Marquis Ellen.
“The Queen seems to be as ill as His Majesty. Seeing that there was no response in the invitation.”
“Oh, she was fine when I saw her a while ago, and she suddenly feel sick?”
“I don’t know. She must hate to see myself hosting a hunting competition, so I guess she is sick.”
Calisto shrugged his shoulders and cocked his head nonchal The day of the Marquis of Ellen was quickly solidified.
“Well, then where is Prince II…”
“My only brother, who went to south during the hunting competition, is likely to miss him, he said, and sent him along with crying.”
“A young child who is complaining about not wanting to fall should be around his parents. Isn’t it?”
The prince was of an age when even empty words could not be called a child.
I knew it instinctively. The Crown Prince repaid the humiliation of the Second Prince’s birthday party.
“Hahaha! That’s right!”
Then, a loud laugh burst out from one side. They were families who attended the war in support of the Crown Prince.
The prince, who laid down the silence in front of all the people of other countries, was a complete predator.
Originally, the imperial fight is as fierce as a dog fight, but this is a love simulation game.
Besides, these scenes didn’t come out very well…
I felt so strange when I became one of the characters in the game and experienced it myself.
It was the moment when I was staring up at him blankly.
He suddenly moved his red eyes. And.
There was no escape from eye contact.
I tried to snow in a hurry, but it was late. The corners of the mouth of the man who found me went up fishy.
[Favorability 3%]
The crown prince’s head twinkled.
‘It’s X.’
Anxiety that was climbing slowly hit me all over.
The crown prince, who was making eye contact with me for a moment, turned his head and looked at the Marquis of Ellen.
“I think I’ve given you a good answer, Marquis.”
The silent pressure not to get any better has reached this point.
“Yes, yes, thank you, Your Highness.”
The late Marquis Ellen bowed her head with a face of great shame.
Now that everything that was holding the crown prince’s ankle was gone, I thought he was going to leave.
No, I was eager to float.
“I was supposed to just finish my opening speech.”
“I changed my mind.”
As if he had found a funny toy, his red eyes glistened.
“Let’s keep the eve to the end.”
Left X, right X, front prince.
I wanted to stop and crying.
After finishing his opening speech, the crown prince descended from the podium. He seemed to be in chat with the aristocrats who supported him. But I couldn’t help feeling that somehow he was steadily closing in on my side.
Just in time, the Duke also left to greet the other nobles.
“…Miss, are you feeling sick?”
Did I show too much anxiety? Emily asked with a worried look.
“I’m all right.”
I tried hard to answer back with a face that didn’t bother her. Then I changed my words immediately.
“No, Emily, could you get me some water?”
The glass of water was empty because I was burning my stomach and drank water.
I could have called a passing bell, but I was afraid that even the action would catch the prince’s eye.
“I’ll go ask if there’s a chamomile tea.”
Emily whispered quietly. Chamomile was a soothing tea.
She said that she would be my limb, and it seemed to me that she was really paying attention to my complexion.
“I’d appreciate that.”
I nodded, dressed faintly. A corner of my heart warmed up.
It was not long after Emily left the banquet hall.
Leonard suddenly rose from his seat.
“Oh, where are you going?”
I grabbed his sleeve without realizing it.
He frowned down on my hand.
“… say hello to friends.”
“Do you have to go? If you’re just with me…”
“Cra, are you crazy?!”
He freaked out and pulled the book from my sleeve. And left the table at high speed.
[Favorability 22%]
The distance glistened above his head.
The favorability that had fallen slightly earlier rose again, but I was not happy at all.
This resulted in the disappearance of two shields. My anxiety was heightened.
‘Now you’re the only one.’
I turned to the right with an earnest face. Derick was the only one left on the table. But while I was holding on to Leonard, he had already been all set to leave with someone.
“…so I’d like to talk to you about the business we’ve been working on the other day. All the members who gathered at that time were also present.”
“That’s right,”
Derek followed the man he was greeting and went away without looking back or turning back.
‘No! Please don’t leave me!’
Unlike Leonard, he didn’t even have time to catch.
I was left alone on the table in an instant.
All the useful shields are gone, and I’m exposed to death.
Looking around, everyone was gathering in twos and threes to make friends.
No one but the Crown Prince was coming to me.
“What do I do?”
It was when I was looking around with a vague face.
Suddenly there was something that caught my eye.
It was a group of women dressed in a unique style, not in the usual dress format for aristocratic spirits.
Some people were dressed in sexy clothes that seemed to show their insides, while others were covered with dark cloth from head to toe, revealing only their eyes.
On the other side, there were also women in costumes with an oriental feel.
It was royalty and aristocrats from other countries, to be exact, a country that lost the war and became a subordinate state.
Then, one of the women dressed in black pulled out a white ball as big as a soccer ball from a small cage.
‘What’s that?’
It was as opaque and smooth as a puffy bubble gum, with large eyes covering half of its face.
Moreover, it was a strange-looking bird with no hands and thin legs like a chicken.
‘They said they’d release animals from other countries for hunting, is it one of them?’
It was a strange creature that I had never seen before, but it looked very cute to walk around.
The cry of the strange creature escaped through the dainty fangs that protruded out of its mouth.
“Quung, Quuu!”
“Oh, how cute…”
I felt that I was the only one who thought so, and the eyes of other children were slightly drawn to it.
It was that moment.
~~Main Quest: Let’s be the queen of hunting offers!~
[First: Save the Neighbors from Danger] You will proceed with the quest (compensation: All male protagonists’ favorability +5%, fame +50)
[Accept / Reject]