Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 62

“What, what…”
I was so embarrassed that I tried to shout out without even realizing it, but I quickly shut up.
‘You’re the one who came and touched someone who was just stay still!’’
Upon hearing the Prince’s answer, Derick immediately turned his head toward me.
The cold blue snow nailed me this time.
Suddenly, his head glistened.
‘Favorability -1%’
[Favorability 25%]
I was frustrated with the falling favorability, shaking my head desperately and saying with a strong look of eyes.
‘Oh, no! I didn’t do anything!’
The warning seemed to be a vivid reminder in my ears, saying, “It would not end up in jail only.”
Derick stared sharply at me, shaking my head, and soon turned his head with a light sigh that only I could hear.
“My sister is still in a state of insanity not long after she woke up from her bed, Your highness.”
“I don’t know what kind of baptism she have done, but please show her your generosity…”
“The princess deceived me.”
I opened my mouth wide. Stories about me, that only I didn’t know, were coming from his mouth.
“She didn’t keep her innermost promises, and she trampled and played with my mind without hesitation.”
I was in a hurry to correct his groundless
“What does that mean?”
But Derick was one step ahead. His eyes were already frowned upon.
The crown prince shrugged at the sight.
“”Don’t you remember? I’m still remember very clear about what the princess whispered to me in the maze garden…”
“Your, Your Highness!”
I didn’t know but I interrupted him with a shriek.
The Duke and the two brothers only thought I had been decapitated by the mad prince for no reason, because they had no idea that I had said such nonsense.
‘Oh, no, you son of a bitch, I’m gonna have to hurry up and drag him to a deserted place and knock him out to the crossbow!’
I was so determined to spit it out.
“I think I made a slip of the tongue a little while ago. I just need to talk to Your Highness, so let’s us get moving for a momentarily.”
I couldn’t stand the absurd remarks anymore, and I was about to drag him and disappear in front of Derick.
A burst of loud roaring sounds and a tearing scream rang out.
Everyone’s eyes, including myself, turned to that direction.
“What, What is that…”
A huge balloon was popping up in the corner of the banquet high enough, above two-story building
In modern life, a giant rubber duck came to mind as it passed by the lake.
“Quuu, Quuu-!”
At that moment, the balloon howled loudly.
I realized only then.
‘Oh, my God.’
The rare animal that was pulled out by a group of women from another country has become huge.
At that moment, the balloon monster screeched and wriggled.
“Quuu, Quuuuu-!”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Save me-!”
People around it screamed and scattered to avoid a monster like a big chicken feet.
The look and the cry that I thought was cute now felt eerie.
At that time, one of lady, who was running away from the sudden appearance of the beast, fell down.
When the shadow of a balloon monster resembling chicken feet sank down her stomach.
Derick, who was next to me, bounces forward like a curse word.
Oh, he’s gone.
He pulled out his sword from his waist as he ran, and quickly reached where the beast was.
And he put a knife into the bottom of a huge chicken foot that was trying to crush the woman.
“Qoooooo -.”
Before the foot of the beast trampled on the ground, it narrowly stopped.
Pying – the knife bent dangerously as if it would break soon.
But Derick’s a woman who’s lying face down.
But it was enough for Derick to grab the woman’s arm and drag her out.
The Lady, who was in his arms, seemed to have fallen into confusion.
Shortly after they got out, Derick’s knife was completely crushed on the foot of the beast with the sound that “overwhelming.”
“Guards! Call Guards!”
“Qoo, Qoo!”
The monster was raging more wildly than before. The outdoor hall that was quite a while ago became completely mess.
“The Crown Prince is there!”
In the midst of the chaos, I could clearly hear someone shouting loudly.
I looked there with my eyes wide open.
“Kill him!”
A group of black-clad women, who first pulled out the old beast earlier, was pointing to the crown prince and chanting a spell.
Then the rampage turned, like a lie.
To the side where I and the Crown Prince stand side by side.
It wasn’t this kind of game! Why did the monster suddenly appear in the love simulation game?’
I was dumbfounded by this absurd development, so I was just stunned and hardened.
“Kuuu, Quuuuuuuu-!”
In the meantime, a new order has been given.
I rolled my foot on the ground.
It was a gesture like a bullfight that would come at any moment.
“To Your brother, that woman seems to be more important than his only sister.”
It was then.
The crown prince, who was standing calmly because of me, even though the horse was running wild, suddenly stepped forward and talked.
“If I were him, I would never have left you alone with a guy who almost killed my sister. Even more so in this dangerous situation.”
“What if I get caught up in the conversation a little before and throw you as a bait and run away?”
I froze at the words.
If he really does, I’ll be crushed to death by this beast.
As soon as he stood firm without me answering anything, the crown prince grinned.
“I’m joking, so relax your face, princess. Or else everyone will see.”
“It’s the seed I sowed, so I’ll reap it.”
I was about to ask him again if that’s a joke.
He shot forward, pulling a knife like Derick just before.
“Qoo, Qoo!”
Just in time, the beast also stopped stamping and began to rush.
Dudududu, the ground vibrated.
The crown prince, who was running at a tremendous speed, leaped into the air just before the battle with the beast.
Then, he put the sword in the big eye of the beast.
The beast ran wild with a painful groan.
The crown prince’s body fluttered like a sheet of paper in the air.
‘Well, he’s going to fall…!’
But such worries were also brief.
Holding the sword with one hand, he managed to balance it, and soon.
Ack-a-a-ha! With the sword down, he fell hard down.
When his feet finally touched the floor, the movement of the beast stopped. And…
The huge new beast collapsed just like that.
With only the top of the head barely glued together and broken in two, the image of the balloon monster flowing down the floor was really like chewing gum.
I blinked blankly.
Everything happened in a flash.
The crown prince, who finished the monster in less than a few minutes, looked somewhere with bright red eyes.
“That’s strange.”
It was a group of black clothes that controlled the beast.
They had already gathered in a circle and were wary of everything, each with a shiny crystal ball.
So that the nobles with weapons can’t approached.
Derick, who was standing with a broken knife near them, could not approach them hastily, perhaps because it worked better than expected.
The woman who had been rescued from the beast and held it in her arms had already disappeared, and the prince spent the whole time watching the surroundings.
“Why is it so quiet here? It’s about time the guards come.”
The words were whispered by the nobles who had fled far away.
Come to think of it, it was true. If it was this much of a fuss, they had no choice but to know that the guards was going to be called.
But It was strange there’s still no sign of it.
Moreover, if the support forces were slow, this was the perfect time to slaughter people.
Except for a few young men, like Derick and the Crown Prince, who had unusually brought weapons to the banquet hall, they were all empty bodies.
“If you thought this is over, you’re mistaken, Calisto Legoules!”
At that time, one of the groups dressed in black screamed. It was a husky voice.
I thought it was a woman in her small frame, but I guess it wasn’t at all.
“You will never survive here today!”
“These are the remnants of the Leila New Kingdom. Oh, I didn’t know you’d use a set of girls disguised in a Setina costume..”
Setina was a small desert country far from the Inca Empire.
The crown prince identified them.
Whether what he said was true, a group of black clothes faltered. I don’t know, but it seemed to be one of the losing countries.
“It wouldn’t have been easy to get through the security check. Who help you?”
“You must never be an emperor if you are such a wicked man!”
When the answer to the question came back completely out of the question, the crown prince tilted his head.
He really didn’t seem to know why he shouldn’t be the emperor.
The sight must have irritated the crowd of black clothes.
“Tens of thousands of lives and blood has lost because of you who started the war! Aren’t you afraid of heaven, you son of a bitch!”
“Well, I don’t think that’s what you guys, who used humans as food and subject for the experiment, should say.”
“Shut, shut up!”
“And recently, you kidnapped and abused children with magical powers.”
“That, that’s all commanded by the great Goddess Leila, and only when the filthy people who are against God disappear will the True Emperor….!”
It was a glaring remark. Because I heard it from Vuinter the other day.
-Some argue that the true emperor of God’s choice will be born only when all the sorcerers disappear.
‘Then what Vuinter said about was this group?’
The crown prince asked back in a derisive voice while closely watching the black clothes.
“If so, what do you think of the Gers Clans, who are grateful on what I gave, destroyed your unauthorized possessions?”
“How, how dare those little bastards make our Holy Kingdom…”
“Well, that’s enough of an answer.”
Suddenly, the questioner raised his hand and stopped the conversation without hearing the answer.
“You’ll all be slaughtered in my hands like that beast you brought with you today.”
Srrungggg -.
With his eerie words, he held his big sword close, flashing red eyes.