Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 66

The Duke’s reaction was unfamiliar. I smiled awkwardly.
“I’m sorry to worry you. It just happened in the blink of an eye…”
“How dare them do that to me!”
Feeling relieved to see that I was all right, the Duke burst into a fit of rage.
“When I get home, I’ll have to release the soldiers right away. After I capture those remnants, I break each limb one by one and dry the…..!”
“Father, father.”
At this rate, he was likely to stand in front of the banquet hall and lead to an explanation of his plan on how to wipe out the remnants of the new country.
So I cut him off in moderation and called him gently.
“I’m really tired. I want to rest quickly.”
“Yes, I suppose so. Let’s go! Don’t keep it heavy, give me the crossbow.”
Fortunately, the Duke hastened to my words.
But I didn’t really mean to let the crossbow be lifted by the duke.
“I’ll hold it, miss. Give it to me!”
Just as I was carrying it, fortunately Emily reached out.
“Thank you, Emily. It was so heavy that I almost died.”
I untied the crossbow string with a playful smile.
I didn’t know when I was carrying it, but after I handed it over, I felt really relieved.
“Ck, Penelope Eckart. Never come forward in this kind of mess again.”
The Duke glanced at me and kicked his tongue.
“Stay hidden until the guards come, young Young lady comes forward without fear! I thought I was fainting when I heard about you from the nobles who came out first!”
“But I did a good job, Dad.”
I poked out my lower lip at the Duke’s disapproving nagging.
“I’ve worked so hard on the teacher my father gave me. That’s why I shot them all.”
The reality is that I was helped by the system, but I was today’s hero anyway.
‘Praise me for what I did well.’
How long do I have to live as an impudent
I was dissatisfied, but I didn’t expect much.
People’s perception doesn’t change that easily, and there are people who can’t trust me even though they see me right.
I’m sure some people think I got lucky.
“well, It’s a little bit luck too…..No, I think it’s a system.’
“…that’s right.”
But the Duke’s face looking back at me with a sudden stop.
“I am very proud that you are my daughter, Penelope.”
An unexpected pleased smile hung over his face.
It was strange to tap one shoulder as if it were encouraging and praising.
So I felt so strange.
There were a total of five cabanas installed at the campsite in Eckart.
Indeed, the Duke’s rent was as high as a sumptuous, large tent.
However, no matter how convenient it was, the campground was a temporary place.
It was very uncomfortable for a woman to live in, so the Duke offered to provide a residence in the palace if I wanted to walk all the way.
“It’s all right, Father.”
I refused. It was a hassle.
This is because the forest where the hunting ground is located is quite far from the main palace, so it was necessary to travel for a long time in a wagon.
I wish they’d let me go home, but the interrogation of the attack hasn’t ended yet, so they haven’t decided whether or not to hold the hunting contest.
‘Mr. Game, please let me cancel it.’
I prayed earnestly cause from the night before I had been struck by the MLs.
The shape of the cabanas gathered in a circle centered around the flaming bonfire and flaming bonfire reminded me of the camping ground.
At other time, I’d have looked around a little more, but I wasn’t in this good condition as I would fainted right away.
“Father, I’m going in first.”
“Yes, go ahead and rest.”
Entering the campsite, I had a glimpse of the Duke.
“Come this way, miss.”
The princess’ quarters were located in the innermost quarters.
As I was following Emily, Leonard greeted the Duke and moved together.
‘Is he on the next tent?”
If hunting competitions were held unchanged, it was clear that I would most;y often run into someone who was busy sarcasm when he saw myself.
I once again wished it would not happen.
But even though I had reached the entrance to the tent for my use, Leonard did not stop following me.
I turned around with a slight frown.
“…what is it?”
“Why do you keep following me?”
“Wha, What the! Who’s coming after you!”
He shouted in a fit of rage at my question.
“This is my lodging, you know.”
And pointed at the cabana that was built next to mine.
Concerns have become a reality. I gave a lukewarm answer, kicking my tongue inside.
“Good night, then.”
And I was about to turn my back and walk to Emily waiting.
“Hey! Wa, wait!”
He stood in my way again. I frowned.
“Why? What is it this time?.”
“Why are you so impatient? Is someone’s going to eat you?”
“I’m tired. If you have something to say, hurry up.”
I was irritatingly urging, but he just hesitated and didn’t immediately tell me why he stopped me.
‘What’s wrong with him?
As if she had read the unusual momentum from her brother and sister, even Emily had sensibly avoided her seat inside the cabana.
Watching Leonard, who was still silent, I turned back.
“If you don’t have anything to say, I’m going.”
“Oh, there’s a scar here, you little bitch!”
Then, Leonard snapped at me. And nervously pointed to my neck.
I was puzzled.
Then, Leonard carefully touched my neck with his pointed hand.
It was touching, almost like a hand rub.
It stings. I felt a slight pain that I had never felt before.
“Is, Is it hurt a lot?”
The groan of surprise and reflexively protruding raised Leonard’s hand against me in a flutter.
It didn’t hurt so much. If it were a big wound, I would have felt pain earlier.
While dealing with the beast, I seemed to have been slightly scratched somewhere I didn’t even know.
“It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt much.”
Nothing really bothered me, so I told the truth.
But for some reason, Leonard’s expression was distorted as if I were sick.
“…wait a minute.”
He plucked something out of his pocket.
It was a small, spacious barrel.
“What is this?”
“The medicine.”
His belongings were too unexpected.
“Do you carry all this stuff with you?”
“I went to the clinic and got it!”
I rolled my eyes at the sound
Come to think of it, neither the Duke nor Emily, nor Derek, didn’t come with me, only asked out of courtesy, but only Leonard said nothing.
I asked him belatedly, looking at his countenance.
“…did you get hurt earlier?”
He said, ‘What am I doing with this……’ he looked at me pitifully
And one more time, with a deep sigh,
“……it’s because of you, you idiot.’
“What I …….”
“Hold on.”
Leonard opened the lid of the medicine bottle. Then he dipped his finger into it and scooped up the medicine.
The green liquid was thickly smeared. There was a bad smell.
He took a back step to avoid it. Leonard strode toward me like that and spat out bluntly.
I said, “Stay still. or I’ll smeared it on the side of your head.”
The words stopped me from moving.
He bowed to me.
And he began to rub his finger on my neck with a lot of sticky medicine.
The scar he pointed to before.
Leonard’s face drew nearer. His breath was felt near my nose and lips. I stiffened myself with a puzzled look.
Cold liquid clattered on my skin. I have a bad feeling.
“…did that bastard notice that you’re hurt here? He doesn’t know, right?”
He asked me out of the blue, applying the medicine directly on my wound.
I answered a step late, which had been hardened.
“…that bastard?”
“The old guy from before.”
I thought of the age of Vuinter in the game profile.
‘Twenty-five or six……’
In fact, he wasn’t that old, but it was true that he was the man who had the biggest age gap with FL.
But it’s only a relationship with “FL”
When I think of the future, I should not have been very close to Vuinter, nor should I have built a relationship that pretends to be.
“What kind of rudeness is that to the marquis?”
As I recalled the shocking words of the former Leonard, the scolding popped out.
Leonard’s fine beauty in front of her nose was frowned upon.
“What disrespect! What were you doing there? Not shooting those bastard.”
“He’s not that kind of person.”
“Is there anyone else who’s not like that kind of person? Men are all the same, you idiot.”
He pulled the side of his head in a nasty way with his unglazed hand. I gave him a short scream and gave him a fierce look.
“Do you want to die?”
“How? Very much the same.”
I didn’t know my true heart was out, but Leonard wasn’t angry.
He lifted up his upper body, which had been bowed with a grin on his face. The breath that tickled the tip of my nose ran out.
“Tell your maid to wind the bandage.”
He said with a glare at the affected part. It seemed that treatment was all over.
‘…..’… ..As I live, I have a day like this with him.’
Not long ago, we had a fight, showing our teeth and growling.
The fact seemed so strange that I couldn’t help but laugh.
“……Thank you, brother.”
He was mean, but it was true that he was helped me anyway.
I expressed my gratitude purely in favor.
But at that moment, Leonard’s face became blank.
Then, like when I encountered a sudden apology on my way to the field, I thought his eyes were burning red.
“Yes, I don’t need any thanks from you!”
Leonard, who had kept his mouth shut, suddenly screamed and turned around and walked quickly to his cabana.
‘What’s wrong with him again?’
It was then. The rough, scattered pink hair glistened.
[Favorability 31%]
The startled eyes slowly widened.
Since Leonard’s long-distance favorability has exceeded the basic favorability given in Normal mode.