Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 69

I flipped my head back in surprise. The golden hair in the noon sun shone brilliantly.
“Oh, it’s Amulet.”
Far from being a subject of concern, a man who had not thought a bit about it was proudly opening another person’s gift box.
“You must have prepared it for my hair color.”
The crown prince, seeing a golden amulet engraved with a defensive magic spell, spoke with a wry mouth.
‘What the fuck is he talking about?”
I stared at him with a curl of mouth, and soon frowned.
“Please give it back.”
I reached out to take the box back the box. But at that moment, he flipped his arm. It was almost as high as it could reach.
‘Oh! You son of a bitch!’
I tried to snatch the box, hopping on my feet. But as soon as he was about to snatch it, his hand went up again.
I tried a few more times whimpering, but I couldn’t catch up with his huge height. I’ve been jumping into place in the whole time.
“You hopping like a child.”
Suddenly, a small wind came out of my bedside and tickled my forehead. It was only then that I stopped getting the box back and looked back at the Crown Prince.
The red eyes, mixed with mocking machines, were bent to the full extent of half a month. The top of the head was swamped with heat.
“You Highness, what are you doing?”
“It’s mine, isn’t it? Why don’t you stop being so shy and admit it.”
I wanted to shout out loud, but I had to endure it.
[Favorability 10%]
It was a precious 10 percent gain from dog-trouble during the main quest. It was sign that was not still away from death..
“Thank you very much.….”
I bit my teeth tightly and smiled desperately.
“It’s not a gift for you.”
“Well, who the fuck little bastard were you going to give it to?”
“Tell me, which little bastard. I’ll deliver it for you.”
I was horrified by the red eyes of him looking around, saying he would deliver it. Perhaps it was a habit, his right hand touched the handle of the sword on his waist.
If I told him who it was, he would immediately pull out a knife and kill him. Whether it’s me or who I’m talking about…
‘Ha… …it wasn’t supposed to be this crazy in Normal mode.’
I replied with a hard swallow of the leaking sigh.
“I was going to give it to my second brother.”
Sorry, Leonard, I sold the Leonard, apologizing inwardly. It’s better than a random man.
Fortunately, the prince did not pick up a sword and rush in, as the excuse of “family” worked.
“Sadly, your second brother doesn’t care about your gifts.”
However, as if to tease me, I glanced at the side where Leonard was.
As I turned my head along that side because I didn’t know what it meant, I immediately frowned. Leonard and Derek’s surroundings were bustling with ladies approaching to give gifts.
“Look, Father! Who say I’m unpopular?”
In the meantime, Leonard, who was able to refute the beating he heard in the morning, was seen calling the Duke with an excited face.
The crown prince was right. It was questionable whether I would be able to break through the crowded women and deliver the gift to Leonard.
‘I don’t want to give it to you as to go so far..’
However, it was certainly not that I felt that I should give it to the crown prince.
“…Your Highness have a lot of other ladies to give you gifts, don’t you think?””
“I like this one.”
He took the amulet out of the box and attached it to his chest.
“Say it’s a token of affection for a person who was once deeply attached.”
“Well, token of affection?””
I stared blankly at him with a wonderful face.
“I just told you it was a gift for my brother.”
“Or consider it a tribute to the Crown Prince as the people of the empire.”
He suddenly threatened with red eyes. If it is not a gift, it will be taken away in the name of a tribute.
“Ha… …do that, then.”
What am I supposed to do if you want to have that amulet? It has not been decided who will be given anyway, and the crown prince was also a ML.
I muttered shiveringly, looking at the golden amulet perfectly attached to the crown prince’s chest.
“…Your Highness look good with it.”
It was a grudging right-mouthed remark. But the crown prince grinned, as if it was very nice to hear.
“Is that so?”
[Favorability 12%]
At the same time, favorability rose by 2%.
‘Isn’t that a bad result?’
It was then. Ppuuuu-. A loud angular sound rang out from the platform. It was a signal that Hunting was about to start.
He jumped on the big red horse that the crown prince had dragged. And looked down at me with arrogance.
“In return for the gift, I will personally hunt for the princess.”
“Huh? Oh, no! You don’t have to….”
“You can look forward to it.”
Before I could say no, he drove his horse to the front with the Duke and two Brothers.
‘I’m just grateful if I didn’t face you…..’
It was a time when he was vaguely reciting words that he could not say.
“Hello, Duke of Eckart.”
The crown prince greeted the Duke in a loud voice. Before I knew it, there was a lot of tension around the participants who were about to hunt. Therefore, unlike before, their sound was well delivered to where I was.
“I see the small sun of the empire.”
The Duke paid a silent tribute to the Crown Prince. He looked closely at such a Duke and smiled cheerfully and opened his mouth.
“The Duke must have received the same gift from Princess as me?”
“So I didn’t ask me what effect my Amulet had. What spell is the one the Duke wore engraved with?”
‘That Crazy Bastard! Shut Up!!’
I opened my mouth at the tremendous noise I heard. Duke, Derek, and Leonard. The eyes of the three turned toward me at the same time.
‘Favorability-1%’ [Favorability 29%]
‘Favorability-1% [Favorability 30%]
Derek, who was 30 percent, and Leonard, who was 31 percent, fell one by one. If the Duke had a favorable gauge bar, he would have fallen as well.
It was when I was shaking with anger and staring fiercely at the crown prince. Feeling my eyes burning, the crown prince looked at me and waved his hand with a brazen face.
Should I hold the middle finger and shake it to your face at that moment? I was genuinely conflicted.
But even before I realized my conflict, the sound of a horn sounded to announce their departure.
The aristocrats on the horse rushed to the forest. Dududududu-. By the time the cloudy sandstorm had died down, the center of the full vacant lot was empty.
‘After all, I couldn’t say hello to anyone but the Crown Prince…….’
No matter how hard I tried to avoid the MLs. .But I never intended to diminish the favorability.
It was when the ladies stared blankly at the side where they disappeared and were overwhelmed with a sense of shame.
“Princess Penelope Eckart?”
Suddenly someone called me. Turned around, a woman I had never seen stood with an elegant smile.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t come, but you accepted my invitation. I’m so happy.”
I immediately noticed who she was. I thought about how to answer for a moment. I was higher by status, but the woman looked older than me.
Moreover, the empire had an implicit custom of treating those who married rather than single as superiors.
“Hello, Countess Dorothea.”
After thinking about it, I bowed slightly and bowed politely.
If it were really Penelope, I would have said arrogant things like, “Who are you?” or “I’m honored to have responded.”.
—You’d better take this opportunity to establish a new place in society, Pen
This is because I suddenly remembered the eyes of the Duke who looked at me with his eyes leaning on me during breakfast.
“Thank you for inviting me. Thanks to you, I can have a pleasant afternoon.”
I didn’t really want to accept the invitation. However, I did not have to say that I would not go since I met the organizer in person.
Countess Dorothea’s eyes were slightly bigger than the rumor that she was a “crazy dog of a writer.” After a while, she erased the look of surprise and gave a strange smile.
“”The tea party has already started at noon. Everyone is gathering, would you like to move away too, Princess?”
Countess Dorothea turned around and began to guide. Following her, I just remembered the strange smile she had made.
‘It’s a little uncomfortable…’
But, well, there aren’t guys trying to kill me. What’s the big deal in a place where thin women get together and chat?
‘If it’s not fun, I can come out right away with a proper excuse.’
I shifted my steps with a slight thought. And as usual with this game, of course, something happened.