Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 71

“I used to learn some archery when I was a child, but next time I’ll try to target a big target like a princess.”
“Then, princess! Your outfit looks good on you today.”
Some ladies even talked about the clothes.
“Thank you.”
I just pretended I didn’t know.
Then there was an apparent sneer from here and there.
‘Phew, things that don’t make any sense…’
It was annoying, but it was bearable because it wasn’t really about me. What else can we do now that this body has committed a crime in the past?
‘If you go wild for no reason and get into the Duke’s or Derek’s ear…..’
At that time, it could be a matter that is directly related to life.
Moreover, I felt a little sorry for the Duke, who was delivering the invitation to the tea party with more anticipation than concerned about the party. That’s why I was going to keep my seat so that I couldn’t be more faulty.
Even though I laughed, I was a little uncomfortable with my appearance without agitation, and the blue hair shook her mouth again.
“You seem to be going on a monster hunt again today, don’t?”
“Huh? Come to think of it, that crossbow, the crossbow that killed the beast yesterday, right?”
Lady Aris pointed her finger at the crossbow on my back. Even she felt rude because she knew the purpose of the meeting.
I answered without sincerity. It’s been a long time since I stopped smiling.
“Oh, good for you!”
Listening to Aris, Countess Dorothea said, clapping her hands.
“Princess, I’m very sorry that she didn’t see you yesterday. I didn’t want to ask you but Since you’re carrying it to the crossbow, please show off your bow, will you?”
“You dressed to the occasion match. That sounds good!”
Kellin took the speak.
“In fact, I recently received a big teddy bear for my birthday. I brought some to show you at the tea party today, and it would be perfect if you used it as a target.”
“Oh, Lady Kellin! What if there is a hole in your precious gift?”
“It’s much smaller than yesterday’s evil, so maybe it won’t happen?”
“Ho ho ho, that’s right. That’s possible”
The ladies again flicked their fans and burst into laughter.
“Get me what you’ve prepared.”
“Yes, miss.”
Without even listening to my permission, Kellin began to set the stage as she pleased.
“Oh, my God. You’ve already got the target ready?’
I thought I’d see where she was going, so I leaned back against my back and watched quietly with my arms crossed. My eyes were pointed at their increasingly arrogant attitude.
After a while, the maid, who had left, walked with a big teddy bear the size of her body. And asked standing a little away from the back of Kellin.
“Where should I put all the targets, miss?”
“Princess, which spot would you like? I think this distance would be enough.”
Kellin pointed to the maid, who was standing with a face desperately holding back the burst of laughter.
“It’s just around the corner, so there’s less risk of shooting people like last year. Isn’t that right, everyone?”
The women nodded and sympathized with her question.
“Lady Kellin is right. That’s about right. It’s a big deal if you get too far for nothing and the blind arrow bounces wrong.”
“Wake up and show us your skills, Princess.”
“Wow! I’m so excited!”
Lady Aris “clapped” her hands like a child. I felt pathetic a little while ago, when I mistook the girl’s shiny eyes for curiosity.
‘In a way, curiosity is curiosity.’
It was like watching a zoo chimpanzee or a clown performing tricks.
It must have created an atmosphere that I couldn’t resist because I first used her as a windbreaker. There was nothing more to look back on. Everyone will be looking at me with a derisive look similar to Aris.
Therefore I stared at the leader who would have encouraged the nobles to plan this position. She had a deep smile around her mouth when she saw me lost my expression.
‘Let’s see if you’re going to running around like you did last year?’
The eyes mixed with contempt and joy seemed to tell me so.
Penelope in the game had two options. They either go with clowns as they want, or they run wild to shoot everyone as crazy as she did last year.
‘If it was a real Penelope, it’s just an option to be annoyed.”
It was not difficult to show the crossbow skills as hoped. But then the princess’s ridiculous crossbow show, held at a tea party, will be spread out by tomorrow.
But if you’re angry and upset, you dare to mock me…….
‘You’re going to be the queen of the hunting festival with a vote of sympathy again, aren’t you?’
Perhaps what Kellin wants is close to this. It would be better if you completely trampled on a princess who you don’t even want to see in society. Either way, there was nothing wrong with her.
Then I’ll…
‘You can just choose both of them.’
Kellin tilted her head and called me when I didn’t seem to move at all in my arm position.
I was facing her and suddenly picked up a smile.
“Would a teddy bear be a little difficult?”
My answer embarrassed her. It seemed strange that the princess, who immediately thought she would burst into a groan, was quiet.
“Why, why?”
“Unfortunately, that size is not enough to show you my skills.”
I glanced sideways at the teddy bear and recited it languidly.
“Oh, my God!”
Countess Dorothea barged in.
“Then how big should it be to show your skills?”
“Do you need a monster-sized target like you hit yesterday?”
The blue hair, backed by the support of others, mumbled excessively.
“But what do we do, princess? I don’t think there’s a master craftsman who makes such a big doll…”
“Oh ho ho ho, I know. What a pity!”
The words burst into laughter here and there.
Drrrttt- I got up from my seat, dragging my chair noisily as if to ignore the oolons. I then turned the crossbow forward with a soft, elegant touch.
“I think it would be quite good if you match the fly flies flying around your snout..”
A bolt of steel. It was done naturally, like a stream, until at last, a bow was aimed at one.
“What do you think?”
I looked around with my eyes down. The laughter of the women, who had been giggling until the last minute, slowly died down.
No one immediately noticed that I would aim the crossbow at Lady Kellin as soon as I woke up. Because there was no notice.
Kellin and other aristocrats, who belatedly recognized the situation, opened their eyes. One of the elderly ladies, who had been bothering her with the fan, shouted loudly.
“Eh, Princess Eckart! This, this, this…..! How can you aim a bow at a person again?….!”
I coldly cut off the woman’s. And as if it wasn’t worth seeing, I trampled tragically with only my eyes moved.
“When did Eckart’s name start to go up and down in the mouth of an old woman who doesn’t know her place?”
“That… that… that…”
The face of the lady warmed up to see if it was a shame to say that the family is so shy that she doesn’t even know her place.
But I couldn’t resist myself more. It may have been respected for being old within the tea party, but because the empire was strict with hierarchy.
In the noisy forest where the tea party was held, an unbecoming silence fell.
“……….Princess, calm down.”
Lady Kellin spoke with a calmer face than expected.
“If you keep doing this, we’ll have no choice but to call a guard like last time. Wouldn’t that make it difficult for the princess to be in that position?”
It was a provocation. A mental worker who was trying to make me in tight position.
Guards were stationed in the vacant lot just next to the forest where the tea party was held. It was obvious that last year’s Penelope, who didn’t know how to shoot, would have gone wild with a groan with a crossbow in her hand. Enough for the guards who heard the commotion to jump right away.
It wasn’t hard to guess that the reason this girl was suddenly armed was for threats and self-defense.
Learning the crossbow by nature, I realized that this body had no talent for martial arts. If I knew I would shoot an arrow at all, I would not have had such smooth fingers and no arm muscles.
‘Foolish bitch.’
Why didn’t I know that if I used my brain a little bit, I could easily break the spirit?
The calm appearance, even though she talked about the guard, was filled with anxiety over that woman’s face.
“This time, it won’t be as easy as last year. So I’m going to have to drop the crossbow…..”
“Then go get them.”
Once again I picked, twisting the corners of my mouth and tinkling. All the women’s faces were shocked by my response.
‘The princess, who would have gone wild even if she screamed and went wild, is told to call in the guard herself.’
Perhaps it was an amazing act, the blue hair looked at me again with unfamiliar eyes.
I tilted my head slightly with a innocent smile, as if I knew nothing.
“Would it be faster to bring in a guard, or would it be faster for me to shoot things that move?”