Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 73

I shuddered with amazement as I looked at the system window.
The big beast, who looked twice as tall as I was, recognized by humans and was wary of them, breathing out his nose. It was huge enough to believe that it was a monster, not an animal.
‘What the hell…’
I managed to hold onto my confused mind and measure my distance from the beast. The bear was quite far from the crossbow to shoot. Of course, I knew how fast and dangerous wild bears were regardless of distance.
However, as if there was a game arrangement for the ‘Unexpected Quest’, the bear was bleeding with an arrow on its shoulder and leg. it was chased by other hunters and it seemed to me that it was the weakest..
The bear barked furiously enough not to catch the eyes of arrows and blood. I felt as if my eyes were about to burst on it. I saw a limp in its injured leg, but I didn’t feel any relief.
‘Damn it.’
I was frustrated.
What kind of dating simulation game do that I have to do bear hunting?’
With tears in my eyes, I pressed [Accept]. Because I had no choice.
Hit [Red Point] with weapon!
“Wow, wow”
As soon as a new article appeared in the square window, the bear began to rush toward me.
I stared at the crossbow without even having to read it properly. Looking back, I flashed the red dot size of a soccer ball in three places, the head, body, and legs of a bear running on its four feet. And in the air, I could see the number that just fell to fall to ’29.
It was a familiar scene. This is because even in normal mode, there was a “mini game” in these game.
‘But it was like finding the wrong picture or putting the puzzle together at best!’
It’s so sad to be possessed by a wicked woman, why is the the quest given hard mode so brutal!
Fortunately, the bear ran slowly because of the leg injury. I revived what I had been practicing and aimed at the blinking red dot.
It was fortunate that the target was large in size. Let’s start with the body that I thought would be the easiest to match.
Chalkak, taang-!
The bear that was running stopped and convulsed with a groan. It was because the bead hit the mark and was shocked.
‘I hit it!’
I took a breath and swept my heart away.
“Ha, ha…….”
I was so nervous before I knew it, and my back of my neck was sweating.
‘It’s all over now, right?’
I waited breathlessly for the bear to fall. However, the quest window did not appear saying that I succeeded even though he hit it right. In addition
I think big numbers are still counting in the air.
I hurriedly lowered my gaze. The staggered bear tossed a little blankly at one-sided look. Then it raised its head suddenly.
The eyes met. Far from falling down, the bear revealed it by looking at the prey it faced. One red dot on the huge body disappeared and the remaining two kept blinking.
‘Don’t tell me……’
A stream of cold sweat ran through my forehead.
“I have to hit all three right……?’
at a time when I was embarrassed by an unexpected situation
The bear began to jump again. It was much faster than just before. I noticed the reason. The magic in the bead erased the moment’s memory, forgetting the pain in the leg momentarily.
“Uh, uh…”
In the fast-paced distance I stepped back in horror. The lost hand pulled the trigger unknowingly.
Taang-! Tang, bang! A few more shots were fired and hit the beast’s body.
“Grrr, Guhr!”
The same thing just happened again. After a brief twitch in shock, the bear found me and began running back. Thump, thump. A slight vibration was sounded by the heavy weight.
‘What! Oh, my God!
Now, the time limit is “14 seconds.” I aimed the crossbow at the red spot, keeping a close eye on the bear, who stumbled but was about to rush again.
‘I think it’s a little dangerous.’
Fear crept up the bridge. Perhaps because I wasn’t in the right mind, the tip of the arrow kept shaking.
I wasn’t a skilled archer at all. Therefore, I had to not move on the spot to hit the target. I stopped backing up at the risk of getting closer to the bear.
Chalkak, taang-!
I barely got a red dot near its head.
This time, the bear fell with a roaring sound, perhaps due to the heavy blow. Coooooooooong!
I took a few quick steps back, breathing my patience.
Before I knew it, the countdown was less than 10 seconds. Now the red dot on the leg was the last. I plopped up the crossbow again.
In the meantime, the bear raised itself with a screech. It was a monstrous mill, having been beaten by beads several times already.
Now five seconds. It was an urgent situation. I hurried to aim at the crossbow without letting go of my nervousness.
I only have to get one last chance, but it was the last time it was difficult. This is because even a giant bear had not been able to hold its body properly and continued to stumble. The blinking red dot moved around.
Tang, Taang-! The launched bead brushed off its thick leg and hit the ground.
In the meantime, the time limit is just about to end.
‘…but what happens when the time’s up?’
Suddenly, an eerie chill ran through my spine. If the game system only has to hit all the bear’s weak spot to kill the bear.
‘…that damn bear could still be alive after the quest failed.’
Unlike the system window, this was a reality that I experienced and rolled myself. No matter how many times he was hit by the crossbow, the giant beast did not die.
And finally, the countdown has been completed.
Ta-ang-! I couldn’t concentrate because of that thought occupying my head, and in the end, I missed the final blow.
[Great Bear Hunting] Quest failed!
Would you like to try again? (Limited time: 10 seconds, reward: giant bear skin, gallbladder, fame +50, favorability of [???] +5%
[Accept / Reject]
The quest failed. And the time limit for the re-challenge was drastically reduced to 10 seconds. I quickly pressed [Accept] without question about it.
Because the bear was ready to rush to me with his mouth wide open.
There was only one last leg point where the blinking red dot was not matched, whether it was following the previous attempt. But it wasn’t fortunate at all.
‘If I don’t get that right, I’ll die.’
A certain sense of death ate into the throat. I had not been able to widen the distance from the bear because I was concentrating on aiming at the crossbow. I pulled the trigger in a hurry to earn even a little time.
Chalkak, chalkak
But nothing was fired. The bolt-mounted groove was empty. I used up all the beads.
I opened my mouth blankly. I brought a cloth with extra beads in my pocket, but I couldn’t take it out.
Because the giant monster is a step ahead.
The front foot of the bear, peeped with sharp claws, was lifted high. its size bigger than my face. I need to get out of here right now. I know from the head, but the body…
Even if it freezes, I didn’t even dream about it.g.
As soon as the giant front foot cut the wind heavily and glided down at me at a tremendous speed.
“Stay down.”
Somewhere there was a cry of words and a low voice of a man like salvation. The sound made my body move as if I were released myself from hypnosis. I leaned back reflexively, and the bear’s front foot brushed past the top of the head with a slight difference.
Hair was chilled by the beast’s full swing that hit the air.
Srrung, poo-pooh-! I hear a series of creepy noises that seem to be poking something.
When I came to my senses, everything was already over. A huge new look collapsed with a short death.
Coooong-! A heavy tremor that seemed to shake the whole forest rang. It was because the heavy bear’s body was scattered on the floor.
Blood spreading like water on the ground soaked my shoes and nose. Only then did I slowly raise my head. In the middle of the neck of a giant monster bear, a large long sword was deeply in bloom.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
The golden hair glistened in the sunlight that leaked through the leaves.
“You said you were the Duke’s crazy dog, but you’re not an ordinary crazy.”
“Were you alone trying to catch this big bear?”
Ta-ak— a man comes to me, jumping off a red horse like my eyes.
He was the Crown Prince.