Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 74

Beyond the tall man, the countdown was all over.
Due to the timeout, [Callisto] appeared and killed [The Giant Bear].
[Great Bear Hunting] Quest failed!
‘It’s ruined, Was the time limit for ML to appear?’
I gazed down at the white square window that rose over the crown prince, panting shallowly.
“What are you looking at so stupidly?”
At last, the crown prince, who had reached a point ahead, opened his mouth when he saw me like that. Then, he twisted the corner of his mouth and smiled.
“Why? Have you fallen in love again now?”
Only then did I wake up and frown.
“…that can’t be true.”
“I even saved you, but I’m sad, Princess.”
The crown prince recited with a look of no regret. Strangely enough, the sarcastic voice calmed the fast-paced heart.
‘……Ha. I thought I was really going to die from a bear’s blow.”
The hollow grooves and the giant front paws of the bear that were approaching with a groan. Once again, I recalled the moment when my heart was pounding, and my legs trembled and my eyes were dizzy.
I breathed slowly, sweeping down my still fluttering chest. Come to think of it, it was more natural not to lead to death just by failing an unexpected quest.
It was the same in normal mode as well as in hard mode. [Watching the festival with Derick or Leonard] quest didn’t kill you.
Hunting competition would be one of the main episodes of the game, so it was extremely natural to be tied to one of the male hosts in an emergency like “failed bear hunting.”
‘But why this guy…..?’
I hid my crumpled face with my head bowed under the guise of greeting. And I forced myself to express my gratitude.
“…Thank you for saving my life, Your Highness. Thanks to you, I was able to escape the crisis.”
“I can’t believe you’re thinking of going around hunting the beast alone, it’s so brave.”
Clap, clap, clap. Instead of responding to the thank-you, the crown prince clapped unexpectedly.
“I wonder what the hell was going on in your head.”
“But no matter how crazy a princess is, she can’t catch a bear that size alone.”
The way he sounded like admonishing an immature child suddenly made me feel bad.
‘You think I wanted to? The quest has been ordered me to, the quest!”
I was so frustrated that I wanted to hit his chest and shout, but above his head [Favorability 12%] stopped me.
“I know.”
Instead, I replied in a sullen voice. The crown prince moved his shoulders up and down and acted in an exaggerated manner.
“You know?”
“Oh, that’s what you knew. I shouldn’t have stepped up to steal the princess’s prey. Isn’t it?”
“I didn’t mean to hunt down…”
I tried to refute his tough tone of voice again, but I took it with patience.
“Haaa….I was surprised to see a bear suddenly.”
“….. “
“Before, I were lost chasing a fox…”
I muttered with a gloomy face. The fox that was chasing finally missed it. Far from hunting, I almost died while catching a mad bear, so I even met No. 1 on the watch out list of hunting competitions. So how can I not be depressed?
‘This is all because of that Eckliss guy..’
What kind of trouble is this to get that damn favor? I lamented the fucking situation and swallowed my tears.
“I’m devastated by your rescue, Your Highness. Then I’ll get going.”
I made a hurried bow. Regardless of the fact that his favorability has gone away from death, there was nothing good to be involved with the Crown Prince anyway. The moment I hurriedly said hello and turned around.
The crown prince clasped me by the arm.
“Take that.”
It was time to look back at him with a puzzled look. The prince, who laid down his arm, suddenly strode to the dead bear’s body. Then he grabbed the handle of the long sword, which had been lodged in the bear’s thick neck, and pulled it down with all his might.
Uduk, Woodduck-. With the terrible sound of bone breaking, the bear’s head was neatly separated from its body some time later.
I stared vaguely at the tremendous sight with my mouth open.
The crown prince shook off a bloody knife once and put it into a sheath. And walked toward me, holding the big head of the rolling bear in one hand. The blood that has not yet hardened fell off and drew a dotted line on the soil.
“Come on, take it.””
The crown prince suddenly handed me the head of the monster bear he had brought. I looked at what he had given me with shaking eyes.
It was suddenly killed by the crown prince, and the head of the bear, who couldn’t even close his eyes, seemed to be still alive and staring at me.
‘Is this… a duel application that wasn’t explained in the game?”
Otherwise, there is no reason to cut off the head of an animal that has been killed.
I tried to revive my memory with a short new effort, but I couldn’t remember seeing such a scene in the game no matter how hard I thought about it.
I opened my mouth in a trembling voice, glancing sideways over the golden crown.
“I’m glad to hear that, but I don’t have a sword with me right now..”
It meant that I couldn’t fight with you without a sword. But the crown prince spoke nonsense.
“That’s why I cut it off for you.”
“I can’t take it away right now because it’s heavy, so take it and show it to the servants.”
It was only then that I realized that the reason why he gave me the bear’s head was not like a ‘duel request’. When I told him I was going, he made me run errands and he seemed to be trying to keep up the hunt.
‘Bad son of a bitch.’
How could you order a skinny lady to do this? I couldn’t possibly carry the head of a big, bleeding bear.
“I didn’t have to… Should I?”
I asked him carefully, looking at his countenance.
“What nonsense is that?”
Then he frowned.
“Only when you take it can you prove that you caught the bear yourself.”
My eyes were wide open enough to
‘I have to take it with me to prove that I caught the bear myself?’
After a long time of rethinking what it meant, I realized he was trying to yield his prey to me.
It was such an unexpected remark that the leaking voice was trembling.
“I don’t really have to.”
While I was busy still listening to the chatter on my way, I had no intention of carrying that big head of bear and even making myself notorious as ‘the Duke’s crazy chimpanzee who struck the bear alone’. In addition.
“And why is that mine? Your Highness the Crown Prince has captured it.”
“You’ve exhausted most of its energy, and I’ve just stopped its breathing. So there is nothing more than that this is what the princess has caught.”
‘How can this bastard say such a normal thing…?’
I looked at the crown prince with newer look, more than ever before, and politely refused.
“That’s okay. Thank you for your kindness, but I really don’t need it. I don’t think I caught it.”
“Then just think as reward for the gift I received earlier.”
Suddenly, I was wondering what you were talking about.
—I’ll personally hunt down for a princess in return for your gift.
I remembered what he said while robbing my Amulet. I forcibly empowered the reflexive frown..
“It’s really alright.”
“It is much more expensive than a fox. Don’t be so stupid and stubborn, just take it.”
‘It’s not stupid stubbornness…Excuse me, be careful!’
When I didn’t answer, the crown prince looked irritated and fierce. And he came a step closer, holding its ears and waving as if he were trying to force it to pass.
Blood that had not yet hardened splashed everywhere. I stepped back in a hurry, frowning my face.
“The bloods splashing the clothes, Your Highness!
“If a hunter has blood on his clothes, he should be proud.”
“I don’t need that kind of pride…..!”
“Are you afraid of blood? Unexpectedly?”
There was no time to answer that it was not like that. This is because he laughed and shook the head of the body he was holding on purpose.
I shrieked away from him. Despite quick escape, blood spattered on the shirt inside the jacket.
A fishy smell came out. Since then, I had been extremely weak. It was not just a matter of blood, but the head of the animal he was holding was horrifying and scary.
I looked up at him with a face full of astonishment.
“What are you doing, Your Highness?”
“Come and take it.”
“Ah! Stop it!”
Again, I was frightened and ran away by his crazy behavior that shook the head. By the time I was hiding behind a tree with a wide range of streets.
I heard a low laugh from the back. Looking back, there was a smile hanging around the crown prince’s mouth. At that moment, his head glistened.
[Favorability 15%]