Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 76

The amulet was too thin to stop the sharp, sturdy arrow. But whether the defensive magic really worked, it lost its original golden color and was blackened. I looked at it with strange eyes and asked.
“This… you didn’t throw it away?”
Of course I thought You’d throw it away. Because I thought you took it away to tease me. The crown prince flopped up one eyebrow in expression of wonder.
“Throw away? You can’t deal with milestone, once given by someone who shared their feelings.”
‘Such a terrible thing to say.. ‘
It was that moment. Shhwik- Puck!
Once again, an arrow flew from somewhere through the rain and fell into the bottom of a tree above his head.
I screamed reflexively briefly in amazement. At the same time, the crown prince jumped out of his seat.
“The Queen must be sick again. Come on. Get up, princess. You have to avoid it.”
He yanked my shoulder violently. I didn’t understand it at all, even though he woke up half-asleep.
“Why me?”
“Then do you want to stay here and be shot to death?”
“If it’s the people from the Empress, they’re after Your Highness. So if you go somewhere else… Ack!”
I couldn’t stop saying, ‘You can go and leave me alone.’ Because the crown prince hugged me in his cape. It was an unbelievable strength for a man who was just shot by an arrow and fell off a horse.
He put me on the saddle of the horse like a pack. Push it up in the wind.
The bear’s head rolled to the floor, but no one cared.
“What, what are you doing?”
I was puzzled by what had happened in an instant and asked.
“Stop talking nonsense, princess. The only witnesses who came to assassinate the Crown Prince will be sent back to you.”
The crown prince jumped on the horse with an irritating glance.
“Giddy up!”
And he pulled the horse’s reins tightly, locking me between his arms.
The red horse began to run like a fire.
Pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh! At the same time, two arrows crossed from the side this time.
The crown prince kicked his tongue as if it were annoying, bowed his head and dodged them lightly. And hugged me more tightly in his arms as if to protect me. Perhaps because of the urgent situation, it didn’t come very moving.
‘Am I… …being caught up in an assassination now?’
I just wanted to cry now at the probability of this crazy game.
When the clouds were dark, I should have moved away from this fellow without just looking back. Dududududu, because of the running horse and the relentless rain, I was completely out of my mind.
A group of people chasing the crown prince over his back could be seen dimly. Arrows and citations flew from there one after another.
Chang Kang-! The Crown Prince pulled out the sword at a tremendous rate of reaction and struck out flying arrows and citations.
“Those Bastards!.”
The crown prince, who was not able to run away with continuous attacks, covered his brain with abusive language.
“It’s dangerous, so don’t move, princess.”
Chang-! Calisto also struck an arrow and recited low.
I felt his body tightened with tension. I was nervous too. No matter how much the main character says he won’t die, he could have been hurt enough not to die.
‘Besides, this is not a quest.’
Without resetting, it is not a game for me but a reality. Slowly, fear began to moisten my toes.
A fierce chase took place on the rainy forest road. The distance has narrowed enough to recognize the shape of the unknown assailant. A group of humans dressed in black masks and black robes. It was obviously assassins.
The other day, I suddenly remembered a shocking scene in which the Crown Prince cut the head of an assassin brought by him during a banquet of the second prince’s birthday.
‘……Is this what happens often to the Crown Prince? This not show up in Normal Mode.’
It was that moment. Suddenly, my eyes brightened.
[Second: Protect the Crown Prince from the Assassin] Will you proceed with the quest?
(Target: 20 assassins, Compensation: Symbol of Assassination, Calisto’s favorability +10%, reputation +50)
[Accept / Reject]
A white square window suddenly appeared behind the crown prince’s back.
I was so stunned, I laughed like a bird. Soon after, he distorted his face and became angry.
‘I don’t want to be a queen! Besides, 20 assassins?!’
I wanted to hit [refuse] countless times right away. But I couldn’t. The favorability given as a reward was “10 percent.”
In normal mode, you can raise it by mixing a few words, but you can’t imagine it in hard mode, as much as 10%.
Main quest accepted automatic in 5 seconds.
I ended up crying and preparing to shoot the crossbow in front of me with courage.
“Don’t move.”
Perhaps he was bothered by the wriggling in his arms, the crown prince gave me a hard warning.
“…Your Highness.”
I called him in a gloomy voice.
“I think I can help you.”
“You know that crossbow.”
I peeked at the hem of the cape and showed it the crossbow that I had turned.
“I’ll shoot everyone after you, so just cover for me.”
“Princess, what the hell is that……”
Calisto’s lips were slapping to speak to more, but I couldn’t find time to hear it. Finally, a five-second grace period has passed.
quest is automatically accepted.
At the same time as the white letters in the square window turned into numbers, the body, which had been cowering in the prince’s arms, sprang up.
I then used his broad shoulders as elbow supports and loaded the crank with a mechanical hand gesture.
Chalkak–. I heard a pulley clinging to the trigger. Then, I closed one eye and aimed at the assassin.
The heavy rain that blocked the view and the movement of the horse were no problem for me, or for the system.
As soon as an assassin sees me rising up, he tries to aim his bow at me The index finger on the trigger moved straight away.
The assassin who aimed disappeared from the horse.
‘I hit it!’
The bead hit the mark without error. I could see a man who fell off the horse convulsed with shock. But I couldn’t even feel the joy of looking at it.
Chalkak–, tang, tang, taang-!
Because my body was busy shooting at the others straight away.
I pull the trigger and hit the guys who were chasing. In an instant, I killed seven people. The closely chasing men fell from the horse and crawled on the ground.
Are the assassins embarrassed by the unexpected counterattack? Hwiiiik, whoosh. The arrows began to fly in droves.
Puck, puck! Arrows brushed past by a hair’s breadth bloomed in the tree. However, the body, which had lost control, did not give in to the pouring arrow but shoot the crossbow.
Chalkak, tang! Tang, taang!
As soon as the arrow grazed through the temple, I killed three more assassins.
‘Come on-!’
By then, I didn’t know if this quest really meant to kill the assassin or save me.
Suddenly, I felt a sense of incompatibility from the side. The system occupied body turned violently to that side. Chalkak, tang!
Maybe the assassins was approaching from all sides in groups, and one fell to the floor from the tree with his death’s scream. At that moment.
The crown prince suddenly pulled down my waist and hugged me hard. Hwiikk–!
The crown prince groaned low. The arrow hit on his left shoulder.
“Your Highness!”
One of the assassins who was approaching the side shot an arrow at the left side of the crown prince, who was not holding a knife.
Ta-ang-! After shooting him, I flashed back and aimed at the crossbow.
“Aree, are you alright, Your Highness?”
I honestly wanted to faint while shooting at the crossbow.
I wanted to look back at his wound, but I couldn’t do it by a body that was constantly swayed.
“What if it’s not okay?”
Quite painful, the crown prince said nervously. But he soon added in a subdued voice.
“Don’t be nervous. I’m wearing lightweight armor, so I didn’t get deeply shot.”
Chang-! The crown prince answered back with a knife for another flying arrows.
I was deeply relieved. And I brushed off a little resentment that got me involved in this fucking situation. Because if he hadn’t just embraced me, it might have been my head to get hit by the arrow.
“……Thank you.”
I mumbled timidly. It was fortunate that I could move my mouth as I please. The crown prince talked crookedly.
“How is that? Isn’t this enough for princess who fully consistent with the reason for princess crush cycle to answer me?”
“I’m not the only one..”
“That’s a pity.”
He kicked his tongue at the sharp answer. He seemed fine again when I saw him talking nonsense.
I feel a relief.