Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 77

Tang, Taang! Tang! Tang-!
Since then, I’ve shot the crossbow frantically under the protection of the crown prince. The assassins were quick, different from the big, slow-moving beast. However, the power of the game system was the highest level of shooting the crossbow.
The more steadily the number of beads was reduced, the more steadily the number of assassins was reduced. Now there are four left.
“Princess. How many do we have left?”
asked the crown prince unexpectedly. Just getting one more right, I took a short breath.
“I think there’s about three left… Why?”
“It’s a dead end.”
At that moment, the horse that had been running ceaselessly stopped suddenly. When I rolled my eyes and checked the surrounding area, it was the end of the narrow cliff. It was hard to say anything.
“It’s going to be hard for them to shoot their bows in close distance anyway, so we’d better get down and get rid of the rest down.”
The Crown Prince muttered so much that he picked me up and got off the horse. And I jumped off too.
As there were no visible assassins, the system was briefly released. But there were still three men left, so I held the crossbow close and guarded against all sides.
“It’s dangerous, so stay behind.”
said the Crown Prince, blocking my way. It was an unexpected remark from ML.
However, the quest was [protecting the Crown Prince from the Assassins]. Therefore I came out from behind him and stood next to him on an equal footing.
“It’s all right. I’ll take care of my body, so Your Highness can concentrate on preserving you body.”
He looked back at me with a face like he heard all sorts of strange noises.
“I’m the only one who’s they after, so I’m always reassured.”
I felt a little prick, so I just ignored it and looked toward the forest. The forest was still. Without realizing it, there was no sign of rain except for the sound of a trace of rain.
I stared at the white writing floating in the air, taking the baby hairs off my face because of the bite.
I wanted to get rid of the other three quickly and finish this tedious quest. It was then.
Several arrows flew from the bushes just in front of the cliff toward the crown prince.
Chaeng, Chaeng-! The Crown Prince has skillfully fished out the flying things.
But as soon as he struck them, the two popped out of the bushes. The men, who had taken out the dagger, ran straight to the crown prince, who had barely taken all the citations.
“Your Highness!”
As soon as I was startled and shouted, the occupied body moved first. Chalkak–.Ta-ang-!
A man hit by a bead, crumbled and cramped. Chae-ing-! But the other one and the crown prince’s sword were met.
He was aiming straight ahead to shoot the rest.
He overlooked the fact that there was one more person left in the clash that took place in an instant.
The last assassin, who was hiding in the bushes as soon as one fell, pulled out a long sword.
“Dead you bitch!”
But it was me, not the crown prince.
The system was not optimized for all variables. My body, which was aiming at the one who was competing with the crown prince, turned toward the grotesque side that struck me a beat late. But it was already late.
“Damn it! Avoid it, princess!”
At the same time as the Crown Prince’s cry comes in, Chalkak–, bang-! I pulled the trigger. As soon as the beads were shot out, the sword wielded by the assassin was also a step forward.
He must have been knocked down by a bead I shot, but the distance was too close. I’ve already been through it once, but the system will only execute the shooting of the crossbow whether I die or not.
Therefore, I couldn’t avoid a sharp knife that was closing in on the air.
My eyes closed with a sharp snap. But at that moment, a firm and large thing hugged me. Around the time of being pushed back roughly by strong force and heavy weight.
There was a shriek and a low moan.
I opened my closed eyes. Bloods soaked in rain were seen flying. It belonged to the Crown Prince, who ran away and embraced me after throwing away the sword fight.
A knife stuck behind his back and an assassin knocked down by a crossbow I shot.
“It’s over now-!”
And another guy running to the end was seen in turn. The whole process proceeded as slowly as ever.
I was unable to support the prince’s body, who was unable to control his power in a hurry to hit me. My body was pushed helplessly to the edge of the cliff.
“Princess, I’m sorry.”
The crown prince, hugging my waist with his hands, whispered in his ears.
“I think we’re on the verge of falling.”
My hair stood on end. The moment I felt empty behind my back, a dizzying sensation swept through my body.
Even at the moment of falling down the cliff, my hand holding the crossbow automatically moved and aimed over the crown prince’s shoulder.
By the time I got rid of the last one.
~Main Quest: Let’s be the queen of the game!~
[Second : Defending the Crown Prince from Assassination] Quest success!
reward [assassins badge], [Calisto’s favor +10%,]
[Fame +50] gained. (Fame total : 130)
With the white letters set in the background instead of the sky, I and the prince began to fall down to a dark cliff.
* * *
Tadak, Tadak. I heard the firewood burning from somewhere.
“Uh “
I opened my eyes vaguely. With a hazy view, there was the first spark to be seen. Since then, strange rock walls have also seen.
‘Where is this place………’
I strained my arms and raised myself from my slouch.
Srrrr- At that moment, the cloth that had been covered over me flowed down and I felt a cool air on my skin.
Unconsciously lowering my head, I opened my eyes to my exposed shoulders. I hurried through the cloth and found myself naked in my underwear. Moreover, the cloth covered over my bodey was the crown prince’s red cape.
“Wha, what the hell…”
“Are you awake?”
Then, a heavy low-pitched sound rang out over there. As I turned my head reflexively, I opened my mouth wide. A hard chest with scars everywhere, bumpy abs.
Yes, the crown prince proudly walked this way, naked in his upper body.
“Ahhh! Wha, what are you doing!”
I was shocked late, covering my eyes with both hands.
“Why are you walking around naked?!”
He dropped the firewood he had brought by a bonfire. Then he flopped down in front of it and answered casually.
“Then should I keep walking around in wet clothes? I don’t want to do that. What should I do?”
The one who glanced at me grinned and added.
“And, isn’t it the same as a princess who’s naked?”
“You, you filthy…!”
“I don’t think that’s what the beholder should say with all his fingers open. Why don’t you just look it up straight?”
I coughed loudly and slipped my hand down. Then he gave a sneering look. I became falsely accused.
“It’s because I’m afraid I’ll have a black heart while blindfolded!’
I was never meant to see his upper body. Ne.ver.
I stared closely at the prince’s cloak and looked at him with a glance.
“So, my, my clothes, Your Highness..?”
He shrugged and confirmed.
“Thanks to that, we’ve already in relationship who have seen everything.”
“Please stop saying such terrible things.”
I was fed up with his reply. The Crown Prince looked back at me as if dumbfounded.
“Isn’t that too much for a man who brought you here with so much hard work?”
“So why do you touch a Lady’s body without permission?”
“Then should I have let you alone whether you’ll die or not?”
“You should just let me and have kept to your duty and let it go. Or wake me up.”
At my reply, he laughed and spat out.
“You have nothing to see.”
“Now… what did you say?”
I stammered in amazement at his enormous remarks.
“I said you had nothing to see.”
“Why, why do I have nothing to see?”
“So there’s a lot to see? Actually, the cave was so dark that I couldn’t see it properly, should we check it out now?”
I managed to swallow a pop-up curse.
I’d rather bear it…..’He’s the Crown Prince, the Crown Prince, and the Crown Prince with two percent Favorability.’
I muttered in my mind, engraving “be patient, be patient,” and suddenly my eyes grew bigger in the white letters that stood out.
[Favorability 25%]
The changing favorability of the Crown Prince reminded me of a forgotten quest.
— [assassions badge], [Calisto’s favor +10%,]
[Fame +50] gained. (Fame total : 130)
The Crown Prince’s favorability has become quite far from death. After all, that fucking quest was a success.