Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 78

Looking blankly over Calisto’s head, I asked the whole story belatedly.
“Wha… what happened to us? We fell off the cliff.””
“There was a waterfall under the cliff. We could survive without dying because we fell into the river.”
The crown prince, using a branch as a firecracker, rummaged through the bonfire and answered in an indifferent tone.
“When I came out carrying you around, I found this cave nearby.”
Only then did I take a closer look around. We had now set a bonfire not far from the entrance.
The rain seemed to have stopped before we knew it, but outside the entrance was dark and I couldn’t see an inch ahead. Only the occasional refreshing sound of water proved true that there is a waterfall.
I turned my head again and looked inside the cave. It was quite a deep cave, but over the inside there was a dark cloud.
‘What if it’s the territory of a beast? Or a snake….’
A quite realistic ideas crossed my mind. I felt my hand and found the crossbow lying next to me, but I soon remembered that I used up all my beads to kill the assassins.
“This is not an animal shelter.”
The prince added bluntly, as he was looking at my anxious face.
“While you were asleep, I skimmed through it, and it was strangely empty.”
“……do you know where we are?”
I asked the most important thing first. Even if the sun goes down and we can’t move, we have to go back quickly when the day comes. I had high hopes as he was a native of the imperial palace, but he shook his head mercilessly.
“We held every hunting contest in the northern forest, but I didn’t even know there was a place like this.”
I sighed.
‘I must be going crazy by now.’
It was about time when I look at the prince with a confused face, anticipating out of the forest that would have been turned over by me and the prince who had disappeared. On one shoulder of his reflected bonfire was a dry cut of blood. It was the place where the commendation was given.
At the same time, just before falling off the cliff, I remembered him being stabbed by an assassin’s sword.
“Your body…. Are you alright?”
He almost wiped me out and killed me, but……but it bothered me that he was hurt on my behalf.
“Are you asking now? You’re asking me very early. Thank for your tears.”
I was a little embarrassed by the sarcastic remarks. In fact, I wasn’t really worried if ML would die.
“Are you seriously hurt? Let me see.”
“No, it’s okay.”
He stopped me coldly as I was about to get up to see the scar.
“I didn’t get deeply cut in it because I was wearing armor. It’s just shred little blood.”
It was a relief. But I couldn’t help but frown at the news of blood.
“I wish we could go back and get some treatment…”
“You’re worried, aren’t you?”
“Of course.”
I answered with a straight face. Of course, I wasn’t worried about him.
“Don’t die in front of me.”
Because I only worried for myself.
‘If you want to die, go somewhere else and die. Don’t die in front of me…..’
I was mutter inwardly and listen to the gaze. He was staring at me with a queer face.
Late to realize that there was room for my words to sound strange to him, my face heated up.
‘It sounds like I’m telling him not to die!’
I was taken aback and hurriedly changed my words.
“It’s late, but thank you for saving me.”
Anyway, I had to admit it. Apart from the fucking quest, Calisto got hurt on my behalf. And he didn’t fling me out after falling off the cliff, and he saved me here.
‘… I a little off from trouble if we’re going to meet?’
I still remember how crazy he was when he asked me to say goodbye with a knife in my neck.
Looking at him anew, I met his red eyes head-on. He was still staring at me with an unknown look. I felt a little awkward and turned my eyes first.
[Favorability 27%]
Good feelings have risen. He picked up the corners of his mouth and twisted it up.
“If you’re so grateful, you should fall in love with me again.”
I frowned at the persistence of another man talk.
“Your Highness talking nonsense again.”
“Isn’t this just the right time for the princess to like me?”
“Not at all.”
I answered immediately. Then I asked again because it was so stuffy.
“Why the hell are you so obsessed with hearing my reasons?”
His obsession ended to the point where he even sent a threatening letter saying, “Don’t forget your promise to tell me why you like me.” At my question the Crown Prince made a more ridiculous expression than I did.
“I can’t stand wondering why the princess suddenly came after me that day and confessed her love.”
“Well, that’s…”
I couldn’t say I tried to die once to see if there was a “reset button.”
I opened my mouth with tears of blood in my past, when I made such a gibberish to avoid another moment’s crisis.
“……I must have been out of my mind at the time. I’m sorry, Your Highness.”
The Crown Prince laughed coldly.
“I’ve been waiting for weeks because I want to listen to it, and you suddenly changed in the middle and say hated me, so wouldn’t it be unfair if princess were me?”
There was a burning desire to refute who the iron poison was from.
But I didn’t want to dwell on that terrible memory of the day anymore. So I corrected his excessive selling.
“…I didn’t say I hate you.”
“So you’re saying, you still like me.”’
I changed my words again with a shiver.
“Then, tell me about the reason that I suddenly hated.”
‘Cause I don’t want talk to you all day long about that reason!’
However, the crown prince grinned like a ghost as he revealed his teeth.
“It’s a perfect topic to talk to alone in the torture chamber of the Imperial Palace’s underground prison for defaming the Imperial Family. Isn’t that right?”
‘Scary bastard……….’
I shut my mouth in amazement.
A cool silence fell in the cave once. It was when I stared blankly at the end of the campfire dancing, wondering how the hell had happened.
” ……why do you hate it?”
The silent crown prince asked abruptly.
“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”
“You said it was an insult to the imperial family.”
“I’ll let you off this one time, so tell me.”
I stared at him in a daze and soon crumpled my face.
‘Are you sure you don’t know?’
Then he was a villain in the world.
“You tried to kill me.”
Now that He’d said He’ll let it go, I’ve taken a bold shot at the reason. That’s why I hit “X” countless times in the first place. What kind of crazy woman would like a madman who tries to kill in common sense?
But the Crown Prince had a look of complete ignorance in my answer.
“When did I?”
“When did you, when…….?”
I couldn’t have been more puzzled. After a moment of poking my mouth, I shouted.
“That day. The birthday party of the Second Prince! In the maze garden, the Crown Prince tried to hit my neck with a knife! That’s how much I….”
I had been struggling for days with all kinds of nightmares. If I didn’t looked like a sick girl with a bandage around my neck, would I have passed the Duke and Derek without much scolding?
In my words the Crown Prince had a rare bewildered expression.
” ……I didn’t really mean to kill you.”
‘Don’t be X.’
I couldn’t spit it out with my mouth, and I looked at him with eyes that revealed my thoughts without filtration. When playing the game, I died so much in the maze garden that I couldn’t proceed with the crown prince route.
“It was when I felt like a real dog. There was nothing noticeable, so I would pull the sword if anyone come.”
The prince, who did not know my thoughts, recited as an excuse.
“But didn’t Princess stay alive because I got interested in the sound of Princess liking me?”
“…….I’m so touched that my hands and feet tremble and my tears will drop. Your Highness.”
“Are you being sarcastic?”
“There’s no way.”
I turned my head in a curt reply. However, despite my attitude to cut off the conversation, the prince did not know that it was over.
“Then tell me why you fell in love with me.”
“Ha… I already told you then.”
I sighed deeply and murmured in a weary voice.
“Because of Your Highness good looks, Your bravery, and Your skills of the sword………”
“Don’t talk with insincere like that. You think I’m an eyeless idiot?”
The Crown Prince flashed red eyes at my insincere attitude.
“You make that face when you see me, and you want me to believe it now?”
“What’s wrong with my face?”
“You look like you’ve chewed up dog poop.”
He saw it so well that I had nothing to say. Seeing me speechless, the prince persuaded me with a slightly muted voice.
“Tell me honestly. Did anyone threaten to kill you if you didn’t confess?”
I thought.
‘I’d rather do it ….’
I don’t know why I said such a rude thing at the time, but if He keep questioning me about the reason, what kind of answer should I say.
I looked at the crown prince with eyes that almost shot me to death, and said anything with resignation.
“…I liked your hair color.”