Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 83

I blinked at an unexpected remark.
“Who– who’s there?”
It was more surprising that the Crown Prince noticed it than that there might be someone on the other side of the cave.
‘He’s like a ghost…….’
Unlike Callisto, whose eyes glare, I didn’t really worry much. Because if a dangerous episode was in progress, the fucking System Window would have told me first.
However, it didn’t matter if it was an unexpected situation that really went out of the story. The Crown Prince, who will not die anyway, will cut them all with a sword.
“I need to check it out.”
Dressed up to his cape, the crown prince rose from his seat with a sword next to him. It was the moment.
He staggered with a sudden short groan.
“Your, Your Highness!”
This time I was so startled that I grabbed the crown prince’s arm and helped him. Looking back, he didn’t look very well.
“Your Highness, are you really ill? Please sit down again.”
“No, it’s okay. I’m just a little dizzy.”
“Isn’t there something wrong with where you got hurt yesterday? You look so pale.”
The prince suddenly burst into laughter at my worried voice.
“Why. You slapped me on the cheek, and you look like you’r about to dance when I died.”
“Oh… did you know?”
“If it were near the palace, you would have been taken to an underground prison as an imperial assassin.”
“An imperial assassin!”
I jumped and denied.
“It’s an inevitable choice to wake you up Your High…….”
At that time, another cool breeze with vibrations came from inside the cave, as if to prevent my embarrassing excuse. I paused.
The crown prince, looking beyond the cave with sharp eyes, began to move quickly as the wind stopped.
As he approached the seat of a dead bonfire, he stroked the flint a few times and made a good fire. And the longest, thickest piece of wood ever brought for firewood was moved to light. Soon a torch was born.
“What, what are you doing?”
“You stay here. I’ll be right back.”
“Your, Your Highness!”
I grabbed a torch and hurriedly grabbed the crown prince’s cape, trying to move a step into the dark cave.
“Does it have to be checked now?”
The crown prince’s eyebrows wriggled.
“What does that mean?”
“It might be dangerous. We’d better get out of the forest first and then bring the guards to check it out.”
It was the moment. A clear square window appeared over the dark, covered with slacks behind the crown prince.
Hidden Quest!
Explore [Suspicious Cave]? (compensation: something unknown)
[Accept / Decline]
I looked at it blankly. If a ‘dangerous episode was just going on, the fucking System Window would have told me first’. The idea of it has simply become a seed. It was creepy.
“What if it disappears before that?”
The Crown Prince replied, looking back to see if I was strange because I suddenly stopped talking.
“In the Imperial Palace, no one can use magic except a wizard woven with an oath. The principle of dissonance is summary disposal.”
“I don’t think there’s a lot of people, given that they don’t have much manpower. I’ll be right back after I kill them, so wait.”
Srrrr- – he pulled a sword and acted as if he would run right away. I couldn’t even think about it.
“Then, then I’m coming with you!”
With tears in my eyes, I pressed [accept]. I want to press [refuse], but I couldn’t help it. If something happens after spending the crown prince alone for no reason, I may have any effect on his favorability.
Furthermore, the rewards of the Hidden Quest, which has been completed so far, were all helpful when you look back.
“You’ve run out of beads, haven’t you, Princess?”
The crown prince spoke crookedly as he looked at me holding up the crossbow that lay on the floor. It sounded as if I had no crossbow, I had nothing
“Two are better than alone, isn’t it?”
“I think it’ll only be a burden.”
“Don’t worry. Now I don’t have a sullen bead, so I’ll run away on my own even if I encounter an assassin.”
“Ha! I can’t say anything about being so grave. Does Eckart teach such manners to the royal family?”
The crown prince kicked his tongue with a look as if he were looking at a child without a fuss.
‘You started it first!’
I answered irritably in my mind. And it was when I stretched out my waist to pick up the crossbow.
Something glistening suddenly caught my eye. There were strange weapons next to the place where the crossbow was placed. It was a bloody arrows and dagger.
“This is…”
I immediately noticed that it was the weapons that were lodged in the Crown Prince’s body yesterday. Ironically, however, it was not the day of sharp commendation, but the rough dagger handle.
‘Why is this…’
As I approached it as if it wanted me to pick it up, the twinkling speed increased. I picked up the dagger with a puzzled look. At the same time.
reward [Shaped Dagger] has been acquired.
I was dumbfounded by the sudden rise of the system window.
‘…so this is the assassin badge?’
It was when I was looking down at the dagger with a suspicious face.
“How long are you going to sit there? If you don’t want to go, tell me then.”
The Crown Prince urged nervously.
“Go, Let’s go!”
Oh, you’re in a hurry. I hurried up to the Crown Prince with my dagger.
“Why are you bringing that?”
“I can’t use the crossbow, so I’m going to use it for self-defense.”
“Do you know how to do swordsmanship?”
The crown prince gave a look of surprise. Of course, I didn’t know I would do it, but I didn’t express.
“Now, let’s going in now.”
I went on a [Suspicious Cave] quest with the Crown Prince.
The more we enter the cave, the narrower it becomes, and the more winding it becomes. And occasionally damp from the water falling from the ceiling. The strength of the wind from somewhere also gradually increased.
WOooh-ooh- Another blow shook the torch with Callisto.
‘There must be something.’
I forced myself to take a reluctant step. The creepy earbuds made my hair stand on end. Every time I had some regrets about accepting the quest, I looked up over the crown prince’s head with earnest eyes.
‘I hope everything’s okay..’
For me, it was more frightening to see a plunge in favor than in the deafening.
It was when I walked for a long time along the winding cave path. Suddenly, the prince, who was walking ahead, stopped walking.
“Princess, look over there.”
As I turned my eyes in the direction he pointed, I could see a faint light leaking from a distance.
“There he is. Mana feels stronger than before.”
At that moment, surely a stronger wind blew than before. The torch, which was barely hanging, crawled out. The narrow cave was quickly darkened.
At the same time as the wind stopped, even the light that had been leaking from afar disappeared. It was a mystery.
“Go over there! Come on!”
I was in a hurry to break the quest. I wanted to run in a hurry, but no one could outrun the Crown Prince because the cave was so narrow that it was too heavy. I pushed him on the back and urged him violently.
“What about princesses?”
The crown prince, pushed by me, re-walked with a wry voice.
“Are you really a noble lady?”
“What does that mean?”
“Usually at times like this, other young ladies would scream and jump into my arms…..”
I knew what he was talking about, so I snorted.
‘Wake up.’
“Unfortunately, the road is too narrow, Your Highness. I won’t forget to hug you next time we’re on the spacious side of the boulevard.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
The Crown Prince replied with a sneer.
There’s no expectation, and once we get out of the forest, I’ll never be alone with yourself. I was walking in the footsteps of the Crown Prince with such thoughts.
At last we were able to reach the source of the light leaking out. It was a much narrower gap than the width of the cave.
“The wall is sharp, so be careful not to get swept away.”
The crown prince struggled to squeeze himself into the gap. Smaller than him, I was able to get through easier than I thought.
When I came out of the gap, the prince was underneath.
‘Should I jump?’
He reached out to me in dismay.
“hold me.”
I looked at it for a moment with a feeling of surprise, and soon reached out my hand. A strong force supported my weight.
Tadak, with his help, I had easily settled on the floor.
A sudden burst of intense blue light from the front, and there was an unprecedented gust of wind.
I closed my eyes reflexively. The hair tied together flew like it was going to loose.
Whoo! Fortunately, the gusts quickly died down. I opened my eyes dimly. It was after the blue light had disappeared.
The Crown Prince went forward without saying a word. I looked around and followed slowly. It was quite a spacious space, unlike the passage that had just walked.
However, as if it were an artificially created space, not a naturally formed cave, a round, flat platform rose in the middle of the pavilion as if it were a huge rock.
The height was well over the height of most men, so I could not see what was beyond it.
The Crown Prince stepped well on the rough rocks and quickly climbed onto the platform. It was when I struggled to stand beside him, following where he had stepped.
I opened my eyes at the sight ahead.
“This is…”
Surprisingly, a skeleton without a lower body stood upright in the center of the flattened rock. There was an unknown large scroll in both hands, as if to hurl a hurrah.
At that moment, the blue light began to rise around the body.