Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 87

* * *
His aide rushed into the cabana of Marquis Ellen.
“Princess Eckart has just returned from the woods alone! He was immediately arrested and sent to prison.”
“Alone? What about the Crown Prince? What happened to the Crown Prince!”
“The princess’ testimony also found the fallen prince and was rushed to the palace.”
“He’s still out of his mind. And, uh, some said….”
The aide bowed down and whispered to the ear of the Marquis Ellen.
“… …they says it’s not clear if it’s poison. But they found some minor injuries on the body.”
“Really? I’m saying….”
The old man’s face lit up. It’s good to order some weapons to be poisoned in case of a fierce battle.
It was a poison that searched and searched far and wide desert countries. The poison did not appear immediately, but gradually spread a day or two later, so it was appropriate to escape from the list of suspects in the event of a failed assassination.
‘Maybe we could have a portrait like this.’
The Marquis Ellen suddenly glistened sharply as he imagined a happy future.
“You must have done a good job, right? You said the trail was cut off from the cliff.”
“Yes, we’ve searched the woods for all the weapons that have fallen. The Layla new people hid it well in the basement of the imperial palace.”
“Good job. The awakened still don’t remember things just before they fall?”
“Yes, the Marquis.”
“Good for us.…”
The Marquis Ellen flashed his eyes. How much effort did you put into this event?
Upon returning from the war, the Crown Prince was the first to break ties with the Second Prince and the underground forces. Because of this, we could not hire an assassination team as before. Thus, six families, the main forces of the Second Prince faction, were forced to recruit ambitious men.
They set the hunting competition as a historical event, transformed them into capital aristocrats, and trained them to assassinate them. One of them was Baron Tullet, a distance collateral of Ellen.
However, only five or six people could not face the crown prince. Just in time, the interests of Leila’s new country were in sync. The queen was even mobilized to bring the men who were supposed to support her into the palace.
So, we sent 20 assassins to the Crown Prince…….
—What, what! Everybody, fainted?!
After hearing from his servants that all the assassins had been found stunned, he felt faint.
Fortunately, it was not difficult to find witnesses and assistants who were with the Crown Prince.
—She threatened everyone to be struck by a crossbow and become an idiot. She must have made the baron like this!
The princess’s whereabouts were unknown, along with testimony from Lady Kellin, who shouted angrily at her late fiance. Besides, the Crown Prince must have slaughtered the assassins with a knife.
The failure of the assassination was not enough, and the fact that witnesses existed made the Second Prince feel like the sky was falling apart. But at any time, there is a hole that will rise.
“… …now all we have to do is lay the blame on the princess.”
Marquis Ellen played a trick. To put the blame on the princess, the only witness on the contrary.
It will be easy to convince people anyway, as the princess is called the “The Duke’s crazy dog” and her reputation is running at the worst of the worst.
At first, he tried to blur the issue by hitting the player with the “harm of noble families,” but even the crown prince fell into unconsciousness. It was clear that God Leila had helped.
“I can give that ugly Eckart a blow!”
Marquis Ellen giggled with a satisfied face. The most important thing was to get out of the suspect list immediately. That way, we can plan for the future.
In that sense, the princess, the main culprit behind the assassination failure, was a very good prey. While the eyes are on Eckart’s mad dog, the assassins sent from the new country are released from the palace and had all evidence destroyed.
If the crown prince, who is lost, dies like this, it would be icing on the cake, but it didn’t matter if he didn’t die right away. Like all the assassination attempts we’ve tried so far, without proof, the Crown Prince’s claim would mean nothing.
“You’d better put the blame on not only for the murder of the noble, but also for the royal family.”
When the Crown Prince wakes up again, everything related to the assassination will be neatly done with Princess Eckart’s crime.
At the perfect plan, Marquis Ellen laughed again with a look of relief.
“By the way, on the Tullet side. He still hasn’t come to his senses?”
“Yes. Still…..”
“Ck, that worthless bastard!”
At the sight of his aide blurring the end of his words, Marquis Ellen kicked his tongue.
“I got some expensive hemolysis and made him play a role, and somehow he got even more distracted than before!”
Baron Tullet was originally a late-developed child since an early age. It didn’t make sense that he had no one to offer to the event because he was the only son of the queen.
After searching for it, I finally brought along a rather dull but healthy plan.
He spent a lot of money to feed him the intelligence medicine made of hemolytic blood with a lot of mana, and to engage Kellin to make him a capital aristocrat.
‘Now that h’d been acting like a human being…..Ck, Ck’
The marquis of Ellen, who was unsatisfactory with a disgusting expression, suddenly rise from his seat.
“Let’s go to Baron Tullet for now.”
* * *
Baron Tullet’s inside the cabana was still a crucible of chaos.
“It’s a magical side effect.”
The royal physician, who had seen the doctor, shook his head with a flutterly.
“Magic side effects…..? Well, then what happens!”
“The short-term body’s excessive exposure to mana temporarily impaired brain function. He had no choice but to take his time and recover… ”
The palace doctor, who expressed regret that there was nothing he could do right away, left Cabana.
“Hehe, hehe. In the forest, saw the goddess of death and hunting. Hehe, hehe….”
“Please wake up!”
A woman who looked at her drooling mad fiancé screamed nervously. Count Kellin, standing restless, comforted her daughter.
“Gloria, baby. Calm down.”
“What’s all this, Father! I can’t carry my face around because I’m embarrassed!”
“So, why were you watching that crazy bitch participate in this hunting competition!”
Gloria couldn’t contain her anger, her blue hair ruffled violently. Count Kellin could not confess that the diamond mine he had received from Eckart from his daughter had the condition “no more mention of his daughter.
“Hehe, hehe. Goddess! Goddess….”
Meanwhile, Marquis Ellen’s nephew drooled and frowned at the sound of his madness. It was then.
“The Count of Keline.”
A stampede entered Baroness Tullet’s cabana.
“Have you come, Marquis?”
“Stay seated.”
The Marquis Ellen stood up and waved at the two men who were about to say hello.
“He was here, too. That’s great.”
“It was noisy outside, what happened……”
“Princess Eckart is back.”
At the latter’s words, Lady Kellin stood up and shouted.
“Where is she now?!”
“She had been arrested and sent to prison now. God helped us.”
The Marquis soothed Lady Kellin, who rose quickly, well.
“The only thing that matters now is the testimony of Lady. You can do well, right?”
“Yes, of course! I wasn’t the only one at the tea party!”
Lady Kellin shook herself in anger and nodded her head. What happened with Princess Eckart at the tea party, the outpouring of hostility was like fire.
“I’ll trust you forever.”
“I’m sure Eckart’s side is going to be very resistant. Is that all right, my Marquis? Besides, what if the Crown Prince’s Highness comes back to his senses soon?”
Only Count Kellin expressed concern with a worried look. Because Eckart was never a pushover.
“Don’t worry, there’s no evidence, and even the Crown Prince, the only witness and the party concerned, is on the brink of death.”
But Marquis Ellen gave a smile of remorse and tapped Count Kellin on the shoulder.
“And the Emperor is not in the capital. Maybe we can put the assassinations on the table and get rid of the ugly Eckartes.”
This crisis was rather an opportunity. The board had already been all set up for a solution to the “failure of assassination.”
Originally, the prince, who saw the blood of a bear, suddenly went crazy and intended to attack Baron Tullet and the nobles.
There is only one crown prince on that side, and there are many nobles on this side.
It happened in a deep forest with no witnesses, so it was not difficult to insist.
However, the sudden appearance of Princess Eckart and the unconscious Crown Prince made the situation more favorable.
“Even if the Crown Prince opens his eyes, it will be as hard to jump as before. Everything will be over before he wake up.”
The Marquis Ellen’s gaze towards the air shone drearily.