Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 89

I bit my teeth hard and gave it a click. It was half impulsive words and half impulsive. The blue eyes, seen through the bars, slowly widened. And that moment.
‘Favorability : 3%’
[Favorability 26%]
have lost one’s favor I stared at it without any expression. Unlike the fallen likes, he didn’t seem to understand me right away.
His late face looked a little dazed.
“Go back.”
I gave a blow, but I didn’t feel any pleasure at all.
“Because I have nothing more to say to you.”
“Penelope Ekart”
The voice for the full name dropped even lower.
‘Favorability -2%’
[Favorability 24%]
It was quick to lose favor with him, which was close to 30 percent. But there was no regret. He was X in the first place.
I’m sure I haven’t had any expectations. However, it was hard to straighten out the distorted expression.
“I’ll take care of this, so you don’t have to take care of it. Just leave it as it has been. Die, or be put in jail.”
“You, what the…..Penelope!”
Derick got angry at my careless tone, but I turned around because I didn’t want to hear any more.
It was a risky remark, but I had no intention of retracting it now. As long as I don’t die, it’s no matter if I lose more fucking favor.
It was when I sat on the bed nervously with my back against the iron door. Tapping- I heard footsteps moving away after a while.
It was amazing. I didn’t feel any regret about the way he walked, leaving his nominal sister behind in prison.
‘……yes, this is what you used to be.’
When I kept my second gift from Derick in a jewelry box, I thought our relationship was actually getting a little better.
I didn’t really try to get out of my original impression, but I didn’t do anything to be called a “thunderbird.”
Although the relationship between men and women required by the game did not develop, I thought it would be okay for the brother and sister to improve. It’ll be easy to hold out until I see the ending.
But it was all my own illusion.
‘I can handle it without your help as if it’s a red line.’
I thought, glaring with cold eyes, beyond an empty iron window.
Ttuk. Somewhere, I could hear the sound of a string breaking off.
* * *
After a night in prison, I finished a simple meal served early in the morning and was led to the meeting by knights. For a felon who attacked seven noblemen for no reason, it was quite generous.
‘Is it because it was VIP.’’
The rope around both wrists was very loose. In addition, there was no other search for as I entered the conference room inside the palace.
‘They must have thought I was an immature spirit who could do nothing without a crossbow.’
The contradictory treatment of the men was a little funny.
“Princess Penelope Eckart is entering.”
The huge door of the conference hall slowly opened with the notification of the servant.
Ddubok, Ddubok— The gutter, which was buzzing at my appearance as I stepped inside, quickly calmed down.
All high-ranking aristocrats participating in political affairs had been seated. Passing by with my back erect, I found something and my eyes glistened.
Because, like a plaque, the plates inscribed with the patterns of each family were in bloom at each place.
‘Thank God.’
The higher the rank, the more splendid the pattern was. Looking at them frantically with a side glance, I found what I was looking for when I was almost at the end.
‘There it is!
There was a pattern that matched the pattern on the dagger. When I identified the man sitting behind it, I was completely relaxed. This is because he was convinced that the story was going well.
As I turned my head unconsciously with a sigh of relief, I found those who were sitting on the other side of the table. It was the Duke and his eldest son.
The Duke’s face was distorted when our eyes met. The scene of her foster daughter, who was brought to the conference room with her hands tied, seemed to be mixed up.
Derick’s side, on the other hand, had no change in expression.
[Favorability 22%]
It was two percent less than the last time I saw it. As a result, a total of ‘7%’ of favorability has declined.
It didn’t go as far as the dead end.
But that was because it had been quite a long time since I came here. If it was early in the game, it would have been breathtaking.
‘I don’t care.’
I turned my head coolly from his black top of the head. It was more important for me to break down this episode now than just the favor of the X-
“Be careful, everyone.”
At that time, a serious voice was heard from the front, perhaps to start the trial. An old man with a white head and beard stood in front of the podium, one step below the Top Seat, where the emperor’s throne was placed.
“The Emperor’s Majesty is on the run, and even the Crown Prince’s majesty is in poison, so I am presiding over the trial in lieu of this law. Raise your hand if you have any objection.”
No one raised an objection because it had often happened since the Crown Prince went to war.
In addition, he was the right person to preside over the trial because he appeared to be a clean and thorough principle to principle in the game. It’s no loss to me.
“Princess Penelope Eckart.”
“You will stand on this trial on charges of killing seven noblemen during this hunting contest. Swear that you will stand trial faithfully on the honor of the Inka Empire.”
“I swear I will stand trial faithfully.”
I answered in a gentle manner. Then the attorney general turned his head and called someone.
“Then let’s start with the victims’ statements. self-cultivating work”
A man who was sitting at the far end got up and came to my side. In a brief salute to the judge, he began his statement without any hesitation.
“Yesterday, seven people, including me, joined forces to go deep into the gold marker zone to catch the bear. And luckily, I was really confronted by a bear.”
“I was on the verge of catching the bear after a frantic struggle. Suddenly Princess Penelope appears and points us at a crossbow, threatening us to turn the prey over!”
“Oh, my…”
“Look at her, look at her. Ck,Ck,”
The sound of tongues kicking came from place to place. The Duke’s face, which was briefly checked, was even more hardened than before.
“We tried to persuade her to look for another bear because we were the first to catch it.”
“Then Baron Tullet stepped out to argue with the princess, and at that moment she shot the crossbow without hesitation!”
“Oh, my God!”
Bang-! Then the Marquis Ellen, sitting on the other side of the Duke, banged his desk and exploded in fury.
“How can you be so naughty!”
All the nobles around it nodded violently and agreed, ‘That’s right, that’s right!’ Thanks to him, Garboil’s self-production was even more enthusiastic.
“The princess shot the crossbow one by one, and we all fainted. When I woke up, I was back at the campsite, and my only friend Baron Tullett… Ehm!”
Viscount Gavoil turned his head, covering his face as if he was about to go crazy because he felt sorry for Baron Tullet. The puzzles that led me to be the “Prince Assassin” were being put together one by one.
I watched the whole situation like watching a comedy. When the final and final play was in the climax, it was most effective to overturn the board.
It was then.
“I object.”
On behalf of the still party, someone jumped up from his seat.
[Favorite 22%]
Derick rose from his seat and calmly opened his mouth.
“Penelope’s crossbow is not for killing at all.”
It was a real surprise for a person who didn’t even look back when I told him to turn off yesterday. I stood up suddenly and stared blankly at him.
“The Crossbow is also a simple hunting for small animals, with only fainting magic and losing short-term memory before being hit by a crossbow.”
“But I wonder how He got hit by a Penelope’s crossbow, and how he remembers the details of what happened before he got hit.”
“Tha, That’s…! Don’t lie to me!”
Viscount Gavoil refuted with a face that earned him. I think it’s because He was so hit on the nail. On the other hand, Derick answered without a single change of expression.
“It’s not a lie. We have a wizard standing outside the conference room with his own magic engraved on the crossbow, so let’s call him in and check.”
“Little Duke, no matter how much you bend your arms inside, isn’t that too much of a perverse? How do we know you bought the wizard?”
“There’s a contract I wrote down when I left the request….”
Derick immediately tried to resist if he wasn’t prepared at all. But Viscount Gavail himself stopped talking as if he were shouting.
“And there are witnesses who have heard the princess say it’s her own magic to make someone idiot! Judge, please allow me to hear the testimony of the witnesses!”
The surroundings were agitated. The nobles had the premise that honor was valued, so funnily, they trusted the nobility’s testimony more than the Little Duke who could buy it with money.
“It’s okay.”
The Judge general nodded. Then the door of the conference room opened, as if they had waited, and three people began to walk in.