Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 90

A chair with wheels, like a wheelchair, pulled to the floor, causing a commotion in the quiet hall.
A dwarf man sat on it as if he were lying down, and blue-haired walked along dragging it with an arrogant look. Countess Dorothea followed them with a haughty look.
Maliciousness overflowed from the sight of his blue hair staring at me with burning eyes and laughing at me.
‘I don’t know who the villaines is..’
I’m starting to resent this damn episode. You said I’m the worst villain in the game, and now you’re framing a quiet princess. That’s the evil of her!
“Hah, heh! Woman, goddess! Goddess!”
But the injustice was soon shattered by a man fluttering on a wheelchair.
“Goddess! Hue, woman, goddess!”
The man drooled and stretched his hand to me.
“Sta, stay still!”
“Oh, my God!”
Lady Kellin turned pale and held her fiancée. Countess Dorothea was frightened and took a step back.
In the end, it was only after the servant tied Baron Tullet’s mouth and hands with cloth that the uproar subsided.
“Ehm, Lady Kellin, testify.”
The Judge general quenched and calmed the buzzing atmosphere.
“At the tea party, Princess Eckart pointed a crossbow at us, revealing that she had the magic of becoming an idiot if we were hit.”
The blue hair stared at me as if it had been waiting and opened its mouth.
“There were wives and young children from various families, including the host, Countess Dorothea. Right, Countess?”
“Yes, yes. I also hear that…….”
Countess Dorothea answered timidly, looking at me sensibly. She shook herself and shut her mouth when my eyes met. I laughed at her like that.
‘Fortunately, I think my threats are still valid.’
It was a positive response. When the blue-haired testimony was over, the Judge general immediately inquired me.
“Princess Eckart. Do you have any objection to Lady Kellin’s statement?”
I answered briefly. Sure enough, there was a sarcastic voice from the camp of Marquis Ellen immediately.
“Ck,ck following last year, again….”
“That’s what I’m saying. The Duke seems tneed learned how to educate his children…”
In an instant, there was a very unfavorable atmosphere for me.
“Your Honor!”
Then, Derick got up again. He defended me in an urgent tone.
“In fact, my only sister just woke up from her sickbed.”
I frowned at his words. It was an excuse that I didn’t feel happy about as a normal person.
“In addition, it’s been a day since she went missing and came back. Of course the ability to discern what is happening now…!”
“I’m perfectly sane.”
I don’t think I can listen anymore, so I cut Derick off and stepped forward.
“When they’re done with the testimony, I’d like to make a statement.”
Derick called me harshly, but I looked at the judge in a casual disregard. The Judge general nodded permission.
“Start the princess’ statement.”
“First of all, except for the testimony of Lady Kellin, it’s quite different from what I’ve been through.”
“She, such a…”
“Calm down, Viscount Gavoil..”
My self-criticization was about to contradict me. However, he was quickly silenced by the attention of the Judge general. Thanks to you, I was able to finish my sentence easily.
“And the circumstances that Lady Kellin testified to were only minor jokes and pranks that usually happen at tea parties…..”
I looked around and shrugged as much as I could to look as cheeky as I could.
“It’s very unfortunate that you’ve been sold this way.”
“What do you mean sold!”
Lady Kelly stared at me and shouted sharply.
“That’s too much, Princess! How can pointing a crossbow at a person be a trivial prank!”
“Wasn’t it Lady who asked me to show off my crossbow skills first? And Countess Dorothea will testify whether it’s a joke or not.”
After I answered calmly, I turned to Countess Dorothea, who was standing, rolling her eyes.
“Lastly, she sympathized with my jokes and led the laughter herself. Right, countess?”
I grinned like a blooming flower and put silent pressure on it.
“Are you making up words that I don’t?”
“Oh, no! Yes, yes, yes… Yeah, it was… of course, she said she was joking, but….”
“Countess Dorothea!”
Blue hair called her as if screaming. Countess Dorothea stammered with a confused face and eventually shut her mouth.
I stayed at the tea party for a short time, but it was enough to judge the host, Countess Dorothea.
She enjoyed teasing and harassing someone, but she was a mean person who never took the lead. It was easy to understand just by thinking about the words that were secretly added and encouraged behind Kelly.
With Kellin’s persuasion that she could send myself to the goal this time, it was clear that she came out to pay back the humiliation she had at the tea party.
However, such people can’t stand the arrow pointing directly at them.
‘And she’s afraid of me.’
The silent pressure worked properly. I didn’t hide a sulky smile at her, who couldn’t make eye contact with me.
“But, Your Honor! She almost shot me last year.
“Your Honor, the brown bear that Viscount Gavoil claims, have been my prey from the start.”
I quickly changed the subject before Kellin tried to water it. It was a completely contradictory argument. The judge general immediately glared his eyes and became interested.
“Well, keep talking.”
“When I shot the crossbow and it was not easy to overpower it completely, the Crown Prince cut it off.”
“Oh, no! All the princess’s words are false…!”
Viscount Gavail shook his head hurriedly and shouted.
“If you look at the bear’s body, you’ll see the answer.”
I cut off his voice like a knife.
“If a number of people attacked, as Gavail claimed, wouldn’t there be traces of them on the body?”
“I’ll check right away. Sir Dennis. Check the autopsy and the bear’s body.”
In my reasonable claim, the judge general immediately ordered one of the article in the conference room.
The work was carried out in a rush. Only Viscount Garboil himself, who was acting with all his might, was embarrassed.
“Well, it’s… it’s all because I cut its throat at once…..”
It was a preposterous argument, of course, that didn’t make any sense. He also became less and less confident in what he said.
“Then why was Princess Eckart in the woods with the Crown Prince?”
It was then. Suddenly the old voice from the left made me turn my head towards it.
You’ve finally made your mark.
The puppetry was looking at me with a nervous look, whether it was full of sex.
“As far as I know, the Crown Prince’s and the Princess are not seeing each other properly, I can’t believe they were hunting together all of a sudden.”
At the question asked by Marquis Ellen, there was a crowd of people nodding their heads, saying, “That’s right.” In fact, after learning that I was accused of being the “Prince Assassin,” he expected that he would be forced to bet on that part.
Even if I had “a sign of the assassin,” I had to give everyone a convincing explanation of how the two of them were hunting bears. Because, meeting him was all the arrangement of the game maker.
The word ‘outrageously’ could not solve the mystery. And it only gives the accused some room to be caught.
So I, with tears in my eyes, opened my mouth to trample on, leaving no trace of a little doubt.
“With the Crown Prince…… we have secret meeting.”
‘This is not what I’m saying. It’s what the system ordered.’
I bit my teeth tightly and forced a smile and used out-of-body narration.
“I and you, in fact, have a feeling…with each other…..”
But nevertheless, my voice trembled.
‘I can’t do this!’
It was a crisis. But it was clear that if I shut up here, They’d find it strange. I must break through this crisis at any cost.
“… …Ehm, we have feelings for each other.”
It was when I managed to clear my throat and finish speaking.
“What, what?!”
Boom-! At that moment, the table on the right rang with a crash of the desk.
The Duke looked at me with his big, tearful eyes.
“Penelope Ekart! Well, what the hell is that’s…..”