Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 95

“That’s not true, right?”
Leonard, who came before me in a flash, suddenly threw a question to catch a floating cloud.
“That Bastard Crown Prince and you……!”
“Le, Leonard!”
I exclaimed in amazement at the rising voice of Leonard.
‘You swore at the Crown Prince in the palace!’
He wasn’t usually a big guy. Fortunately early in the morning, we were the only two humans hanging around the duke’s campsite. Leonard, who had kept his mouth shut as if he had come to his senses, managed to say without giving.
“…is it true that he and you were in that relationship?”
“What relationship?”
“I’m not in the mood to listen to your prank now.”
I asked because I really didn’t know, but Leonard was so serious and furious.
“Wherever I go at the hunting ground, people only talking about the Crown Prince and you! You know that?”
“What the hell did you say in the court? Tell me the truth, that’s not true? right?”
Leonard kept his face on end, barely holding back what he wanted to shake me up right away. I answered the truth.
“Yes. That’s not true.”
Feeling relieved, he sighed deeply and scratched his head. And muttered irritably.
“Bitch, why would such a false rumor….””
“If the rumor is that we had a secret meeting in the woods, that’s true.”
But soon after my words, his hand, which was poking through his pink hair, stopped.
He asked with glistening eyes.
“You, you, you, what do you mean?”
“As I said. We met in the woods alone, then we were chased by assassins.”
I shrugged and answered vaguely.
It was expected that someone would ask if it was true. You can tell the truth that it was made up to avoid the suspicion of Marquis Ellen, but the Duke did not want to do that to people.
“You… …you say it clearly.”
Leonard clenched his teeth and pressed me in a dreary voice.
“You were stabbed the other day by that bastard and you were shivering. But fuck, secret meeting.”
“What a stabbed.”
I frowned at his vulgar words.
“I met him secretly because I had something to talk to him.”
“What do you had to say?”
“There’s such a thing. You don’t have to know.”
I didn’t have anything to tell you because we didn’t have much to talk about.
“Put the bullshit away and tell the truth. What do you mean that you had mutual feelings?”
“Have all those things spread already?”
He said he was a nobleman who valued honor, and he was like a human with cheap mouth.
I threw my tongue at the rumour that had been spread in a evening. Then I opened my mouth with a deep sigh.
“…it’s just, uh, made up to back up the encounter.”
Shameless of my determination not to explain in a long way, I immediately threw out the truth. I couldn’t help but crumble until the answer was no, and I didn’t want to be associated “mutual” of “lovers” anymore with the crown prince.
As soon as my words were finished, he inquired.
“Then why did you meet him? Are you crazy to get stabbed again?!”
I looked around again and dissuaded him.
“Try to be quiet.”
I didn’t want to have this kind of war of attrition since morning. Therefore, a rather tired voice popped out.
“… …and you wouldn’t believe it anyway if I told you that I ran into him.”
“I’m different from brother.”
“If you said you hadn’t shot the nobles, I would have believed you soon.”
I recounted the following words of Leonard once more. Because you different from brother, you would have believed me.
It was unbelievable to me. A twisting smile burst out.
“Don’t lie. You believed me?”
No, you’d have come forward as much as Derick and insulted me. When the two sons of the Duke were beaten, they only drove me to the extremity.
“Me, do you think I don’t have eyes for anything?”
In my eyes, Leonard stopped being angry and panicked. And he was just rambling.
“No matter how stupid you are, you wouldn’t have gone mad as soon as the ban was lifted.”
“Also, you didn’t want to come to the hunting contest because you didn’t want anything to happen again.”
I looked back at Leonard with fresh eyes.
To be exact, I was reluctant to meet with all the MLs. I didn’t even think he was showing off at all, but it was a little surprising that this guy, not anyone else, was exactly figuring out my condition.
“So tell me the truth. You didn’t really do that, did you? Huh?”
Whether he noticed that I was concentrating on his words, Leonard asked again with a subdued voice.
“Do you know? Would it help me put the rumor to rest?”
“…yes. It’s not a secret meeting.”
I lost. I told the truth when I saw him trying to persuade me.
“It was a difficult atmosphere to put the doubt to rest by the glib words that I ran into the Crown Prince, who was passing by, so I thought that was the only excuse. That’s it.”
“Oh, you idiot! Would you like to say that anyway?? What is it that drives a person like that?”
As soon as I finished speaking, Leonard slapped his chest and complained of frustration.
‘That’s right.’
There was a man who did not believe in such a thing, so I couldn’t bring it up quickly. I tried hard to swallow a bitter smile.
“…yes, you can’t do that with him.”
In the meantime, Leonard mumbled to himself several times with a much relieved look. I asked unevenly.
“Did you just call me only to check this out?”
“Only!? Do you know how serious this matter, you little bitch!”
Leonard shouted with a grimace. I was dumbfounded. It’s a serious matter, but does that mean it’s a serious one for you, too?
If the Crown Prince comes to his senses within a short period of time, I will be the only one who dies trying to fix it.
“And that’s not why I called you.”
As if to sense my eyes filled with discontent, Leonard searched roughly.
“Come on, take this.”
He blurted something out and handed it over. A small, wide barrel. It was something I saw the other day.
“What are you doing, not take it”
As soon as I looked down, he waved wildly. I took the medicine he gave me in a daze.
“The wound’s bigger than it was on the eve, you idiot. You don’t even know if it hurts because it’s dull, right?
He kicked his tongue and said rude things. Yesterday, Vuinter notice it at a glance. The wound must have gotten bigger. I felt awkward and stroked around the neck.
“Is it really bad?”
“Don’t touch it, it’s getting worse.”
He frowned and restrained, so he lowered his hand immediately.
“Dam, don’t forget to apply it carefully while you’re at the palace. Don’t just stand there because it’s annoying, and when you have time, you’ll stop by the clinic. Okay?”
We’ll meet again in only a few days. It sounded like a greeting to someone far away, so I laughed.
“I’ll do that. Thank you for caring, Leonard.”
I said with a gentle nod. And hesitated for a moment and added.
“…believing me. My brother is the only one who said that.”
I was just telling the truth as it was, but suddenly, Leonard’s face turned red.
“Why, why would you say that?”
He flew into a rage and then passed me without saying hello.
‘Oh, come on, then do you speak with you body?’’
[Favorability 40%]
I poked my lips as I looked at my pink hair disappearing rapidly towards the side of my cabana.
* * *
There was nothing particularly uncomfortable during my stay in the imperial palace. Aside from Emily, the court’s users were extremely attentive, and the table was broken at every meal, so the food was served.
The most important thing was that no matter what I did, there were no restrictions wherever I went.
‘I think there’s a lot more to it than a Duke.’
While I was visiting the library for the third day, I suddenly thought so.
There was no one near the library, so it was very quiet and silent. Besides, the huge library was full of the kinds of books I would like. Thanks to it, I was able to read a lot of books about ancient wizards and Valtha myths.
With a tight embrace of the books I borrowed about Archina Islands, I moved diligently.
How long has I walked along the road that I has become quite used to? As the guards gently pass through the enclosed entrance, I see a man coming out of the building with a lawmaker.
“Princess! Are you here again today?”
When the prince’s aide saw me just entering, he pretended to be glad to know me. When I was greeted with my head raised, I immediately asked the main point.
“How is His Highness today?”
“His Highness breathing is very stable. I think there’s a road ahead.”
“That’s good.”
It was good news. In fact, I was heartbroken two nights ago when I heard that the Crown Prince was at a critical juncture.
“But it’s not detoxification, so we’ll have to wait and see.”
“Would you like…see him in?”
The prince’s aide asked stealthily, looking at me answering in a dull manner. I don’t know how the rumors came out, but every time I came to the Crown Prince’s palace, the eyes that looked at me were strange.
“I’ll be out in ten minutes.”
I didn’t express myself and said what I want as always.
“Of course.”
The aide opened the way with a vague smile.
Contrary to rumors that I have a secret meeting with the Crown Prince, I was going to leave in 10 minutes today.