Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 97

Looking at me, who suddenly stopped talking, the crown prince opened his eyes slightly.
‘He’s like a ghost.’
After dropping a bomb on the judge, I was going to return to the dukedom after the hunting competition. However, he woke up earlier than expected and I became very perplexed.
A cold sweat came from the scruff of my neck.
I managed to answer without shaking my voice.
“… …somehow I came to testify.”
“You must have had a hard time.”
Fortunately, the Crown Prince didn’t notice my blood dried up.
“Come to think of it, the princess’ performance during this hunting competition was great. You deserves a reward for saving the Crown Prince.”
“That’s to much……”
“Is there anything you want?”
“No, not really.”
I refused hastily.
Everything was ordered by the system. Moreover, what else would I get from him who’s going to hear my testimony later? But the Crown Prince spoke in a tone of giving a pint at my swordlike refusal.
“There must be one thing you want to have.”
“Not much.”
“So you told me, you like my hair color and crazy about gold.”
‘……Hmm? Something’s weird.’
It crossed my mind, but I was quickly distracted by what he said afterwards.
“Do you want me to drop you a chest of gold?”
“A chest of gold…..?”
It was a tempting remark. But now, I was the one and only Eckart princess of the Empire. It’s not like I’m a poor, shabby college freshman struggling with his life.
Moreover, even if I have a lot of money, I won’t be able to use it when I go back, what would I want something unable to use it for?
“It’s…’s all right.”
I rebelled with a voice of lingering regret.
“Tell me what you want. Before I change my mind.”
Perhaps offended by the successive rejection, the crown prince grumbled with a chilled voice.
“Well… ..I have a favor to ask of you.”
I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve been worried about it. I snuck out about something.
Callisto tilted his head.
“What is it?”
“Promise me you’ll listen. Definitely.”
“I’m afraid you’re trying to ask for something big.”
“It’s not such a huge request.”
“Then tell me something.”
He raised his chin proudly lying down.
“As long as you don’t want me to cut the queen’s throat right now, I’ll listen. It’ll take some time, but maybe Marquis Ellen throat can.”
“I don’t want Marquis Ellen throat.”
I hated the idea of me, but I came straight to the point.
“No matter what news you hear later, don’t kill me, please.”
“I’m telling you not to kill me no matter what. If you’re going to give me a reward, please give me this.”
I’m seriously asking for a favor, but all I got back was a false laugh.
The crown prince asked with a look of wonder.
“What kind of blood Princess think I have that I look like a bloodthirsty killer?”
‘Wasn’t that so?’
I wanted to speak out of my mouth, but I couldn’t because of the blushing eyes.
‘……why do you ask when you don’t even want to hear the answer?’
While muttering my complaints inside, he wriggled his eyebrows and asked back.
“Aren’t young people usually asking to invite them to the palace again, or to ask for a jewel from the royal family? Why do you choose such useless things that other eternity wouldn’t do?”
“You did it before.”
The crown prince’s mouth shut when he retorted with aloofness.
He gave a moment of thought, and then suddenly opened his eyes with a slight tinge.
“By any chance… …did you do anything in the court while I was unconscious?”
This time my mouth was shut.
‘He’s really like a ghost.’
Hyuk, I managed to swallow my protruding breath.
I was horrified by the beastly instincts that seemed to have sensed something.
“Oh, no? What could I have done?”
“Then why are you asking me to do that?”
“I just wanted to prevent what might happen the next time I bumped into you at a banquet. I was really sick then.”
I stretched out my lower lip and muttered in a bumpy.
“You said you’d give me a reward first.”
I told you quickly because you said you’d give it to me, but why are you putting so much effortless.
The crown prince kicked the tongue with an expression of disapproval.
And thought hard for a long time, he replied.
“……I understand.”
I was delighted.
“Your Highness making a promise under Your Highness name! Understand?”
“All right.”
When I got a definite answer, the corners of my mouth fluttered.
‘Okay! This could still get us through a couple of bumps!’
It was the best news I’ve ever heard here. I felt it while going through this hunting competition. No matter how hard I try to avoid the X-MLs, I can’t completely avoid them in the main episode.
Unlike me, the prince crumpled the day, as if it were unpleasant.
“Is that really good?”
“Of course! How wonderful.”
I’m so glad I got a promise not to kill me, from your most dangerous man. Unknowingly, there was a big smile on my face.
Callisto, who seemed to be in a bad mood because he was treated as a “bloodthirsty killer,” then burst into laughter.
I was dumbfounded at how happy I was.
“You’re… really weird.”
He looked at me with unfamiliar eyes and muttered to himself.
“It’s really weird.”
[Favorability 45%]
I tried no to say more strange thing.
Anyways, I’m getting a lot of good feelings.
Surprisingly, this makes Calisto the second most likable man after Eckliss.
And I thought, this game is really going crazy.
* * *
The last day of the hunting contest dawned. All the aristocrats who participated in the selection of the winners and the closing ceremony gathered in the vacant lot. It included the Duke, two sons, and Vuinter.
The tent that organized the competition was filled with preys from each family.
I arrived there a little late.
Originally, I was not going to come at all. But the Crown Prince had to send his servants tell me to participate, so I couldn’t do much. The noon sun was hot. I brought a parasol to use as a shield.
“Look over there! It’s Princess Eckart!”
“Did you hear that? The princess hit the nobles with the crossbow……”
“Is the secret meeting with the Crown Prince really true?”
As soon as I showed up, the fleeting and the murmur burst from place to place.
‘Yes. Say as much as you like, go ahead.’
Never mind, I stood at the end of the awning at the edge of the vacant lot.
My head was filled with the idea that the Crown Prince, who heard the news, would jump and run away before asking.
Once I saw it, it doesn’t clear what the extras babbling about.
“There, The Crown Prince!”
Soon after, the prince walked up the platform with a big notice.
I covered my face with fan so that he wouldn’t recognize me right away.
“Have you got a lot of hunting?”
The crown prince, who stood tall on everyone’s shoulders, opened the closing ceremony with his eyes down and an arrogant look. I was a little surprised to see him over the sun.
‘I’m pretty sure he was sick until yesterday..’
The prince on the platform could not feel the slightest such sign.
“This hunting competition has ended without a hitch.”
I was dumbfounded by the nonchalant recitation, as if nothing had happened.
— Because the one who will be emperor must be flawless.
Callisto was faithfully carrying out his words. He was indeed the “prince from blood.”
“Well done, everybody. I wonder who will be the most passionate courtship in this competition.”
The nobles burst into laughter at his words.
“Well, let’s start with the announcement of the preys tally.”
The Crown Prince shook his head down the platform.
A servant who had completed the tally brought a large battery with four days of results.
Soon after, the names of the participants and the number of final preys began to be announced loudly.
“My prey is dedicated to Lady Julie!”
“My prey is dedicated to Lady Natalie…”
From time to time, there were cries of young noblemen offering their prey to their lovers.
The servants were busy compiling new scores.
‘Oh, it’s interesting than I thought.’
The atmosphere quickly heated up thanks to the young people who blushed after hearing their name and the people around me whistling and cheering.
It was understandable why the Crown Prince made a joke.
Unlike when I first came, I watched the winner’s selection ceremony with exciting eyes.
Naturally, the score get higher as it go.
Perhaps because of the prize money, a number of people did not give up their prey. Among them were the Duke.
After a long time, the MLs were not called.
As naturally the love simulation game did, the top-ranked MLs all seemed to be trying to monopolize it.
After quite a long time, finally.
“Prince Ronald Eckart, the second son of Eckarts!”
My ears flashed on the name I knew well.
“Two raccoons, three pheasants, one boiled, three roe deer, eight rabbits! In fifth place!”