Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 98

Then, there was a burst of exclamation from one side of the awning.
“Oh, my God, Duke Leonard is fifth!”
“How, how wonderful!”
“Do you think he’ll turn his prey over to someone else?”
Not far from me was some of the young ladies making a fuss.
Perhaps because he heard the commotion, Leonard waved his hand with a soft face.
“Kyaaaaa! Duke!”
I frowned at the scream that came straight out.
‘What is it? Is it a fan club?’
I didn’t want to see him bragging. I wrote down the parasol so that I wouldn’t have eye contact with him.
Leonard did not intend to hand the preys over to anyone else, and the next call immediately followed.
“Fourth, The Little Duke, Derek Eckart of Eckartes! Two wolves, two white foxes, one Flapopinho, a rare animal in the Kingdom of Yeta!”
Reactions similar to that of Leonard were repeated one more time.
I thought it was a bit of a surprise.
Derek was very proud of himself. I thought he was going to compete with the Crown Prince for the first and second place….
‘Is it because of me?’
Anyway, it must have been hectic because of me who worked so hard.
‘But it’s none of my business.
I became more interested in the prey of the unfamiliar name that he caught than his ranking.
‘Rare animals in the Kingdom of Yetah…..?’
I picked up the parasol that had been lowered and looked at the place where the hunting prey had been piled up.
But I could not see well from my side, as for the dead prey had been laid down. Except for the vivid color that glows at first glance among the familiar prey,.
“Next is third place! The Marquis of Verdandi, Vuinter Verdandi!”
I wanted to observe more, but my interest shifted to the name being called right away.
“Three deer, two wild boars, two sparrows and a Capricorn mammoth!”
Perhaps due to the large number of large animals, the Verdandi area next to the Ekart district looked full.
‘Oh, He’s a good one.’
I thought he was a man who could only do magic, but he was also a tough guy who was good at hunting.
It was time to see him again with new side.
“Please wait a moment.”
He suddenly raised his hand,
“My hunting prey is dedicated to Lady Penelope Eckart, who played the biggest part in the competition.”
Suddenly the bomb dropped.
What… what?
I opened my mouth wide.
“Oh, my God.”
“The Marq, the Marquis of Verdandi, to the Princess….”
The people around me who recognized me babbled with unknowable exclamations.
Thanks to that, my position was quickly revealed.
“There you are.”
The man who found me like a ghost pointed a finger at me.
When the eyes met, he bent his eyes and smiled.
The babble grew louder. I didn’t want this kind of attention at all.
‘What’s wrong with you? Just keep it!’
Because of the fucking favorability, I accepted the main quest almost half-forcefully and proceeded with a cry, but I had no desire to be Queen.
In the midst of a flurry, it was immediately moved to the next call. With all his prey in my possession.
“No. 2! Prince Callisto Legulus, Your Highness The Crown Prince! One white tiger!”
I was stunned by the name and the prey name that I heard, even though I was distracted by the sudden appearance of the bomb ship.
Callisto had no time to hunt because he had been unconscious since the first day of the competition after being chased by an assassin.
So I’m sure he caught that tiger half a day before he bumped into me.
‘Scary bastard.’
It was when I was shuddering with goose bumps.
“Isn’t the main character of this hunting competition the princess?”
The Crown Prince suddenly opened his mouth.
“I also dedicate my preys to Princess Eckart.”
Even if I was running from the crowd, suddenly, the prince’s red eyes were clearly nailed to me.
He grinned at me in astonishment.
‘Are you guys crazy? Come on!’
All of the people eyes of in the vacant lot, as well as the MLs, were on me.
The murmur grew louder.
“Then the queen of this hunt is Princess…..?”
“Don’t say that. We still have first place left!”
“But if the Crown Prince isn’t number one, who the hell is number one?”
The vacant lot has become a crucible of chaos.
Last year, the Duke’s crazy dog, which was banned, become the queen of hunting, quite good.
“… the much-awaited number one!”
The much-awaited No. 1 spot to satisfy people’s curiosity and prevent the princess from winning the championship was immediately called.
I didn’t remember anything until then.
“Princess Penelope Eckart of Eckartes! A brown bear!”
The fact that I had encountered a brown bear before I was involved in the assassination.
When my name was called, silence sank as if it had poured cold water on me.
I couldn’t figure out how that damn bear was handled when I was caught. Well, I’m sure it was the Crown Prince.
But more importantly, what I was worried about became a reality.
‘I really became the crazy chimpanzee of the Duke family who beat the bear alone!’
I had a hunch from the gaze of everyone staring at me with white eyes.
Now the fact that once the nobles have gathered for a while, it’s confirmed that my story will make a splash.
“The winner of this hunt is… …with the combined preys of the Marquis of Verdandi and the king of the Crown Prince.….!”
And the servant, who was calling out my name, made a wedge in my name.
“Princess Penelope!”
“Please come up to the podium to deliver the prize money and the trophy!”
I wanted to become dust and disappear. But that never happened.
I sighed deeply and moved towards the distant platform. Strange glances followed throughout the empty space filled with silence. I finally reached under the podium, folded up a bright light pink parasol and held on to the hem of my dress.
‘I should’ve just worn my hunting suit.’
The light pink dress at the end of the race did not match the title of the winner of the hunting competition.
If the two MLs didn’t dedicated their preys away, I would have won first place with a brown bear..
“Congratulations on your victory, Princess.”
The crown prince welcomed me on the podium with a sullen look. The trophy was delivered immediately with the poet supported the cushion. The awards ceremony was nothing.
“The prize money is 100 million gold. I’ll send it to Eckart’s mansion through the servants.”
Until the Crown Prince said that.
100 million! My ears were wide open. 100 million won is the money I bought Eckliss with blank checks! No matter how much I don’t need this game money, there was no reason to refuse free money.
Looking at me with different eyes, the prince made a funny expression. Then another servant walked over with something on top of the cushion.
“Here, take it.”
The Crown Prince suddenly lifted something on it.
“Well, that’s…”
There was a stir between the left and right.
What the Crown Prince gave me was a crossbow that had been confiscated as a crime tool.
“I have also taken measures to return the princess’ crossbow, which has made a great contribution to your particular bear-hunting.”
Callisto twisted the corners of his mouth and held out a crossbow to me. He made it a complete public statement that this cleared me of the charge as a “nobel assaults.”
The aristocrats, who were reluctant to recall the evils that the princess had committed, deserved to be shocked.
“……thank you, Your Highness.”
I got my crossbow back with a wry face.
“Why don’t you say something?”
The Crown Prince dodged to the side and pressured me to the middle of the podium. The question of whether or not to do so filled my throat. I reluctantly looked around, standing in the middle. Standing at a high place, I could see the images of MLs among the countless people.
[Favorability 44%]
The man who stares at me calmly with a strange face, Vuinter.
[Favorability 40%]
Leonard frowning over as there’s something he doesn’t like.
[Favorability 32%]
I ran into Derek’s blue eyes.
It was an expressionless face, but when our eyes met, his blue eyes were filled with unrecognizable passions.
‘I don’t need your faith anymore.’
The sight of him sent a sharp sore rise in my mind.
I held my head up close. And lowered my eyes in a reckless and arrogant manner. So many people so far who have despised and belittled Penelope, I’ll never let them look down on me again.
“… …first of all, I offer all my glory to the Crown Prince, the little sun of the Empire, who gave me this opportunity. And…”
“Hunting a bear, it wasn’t a big deal.”
I shrugged and grinned.
A stifling silence descended on the vacant lot. One more time I looked down the platform. Among those gathered under the distant awning, I could see a blue-haired woman glaring at me with a bulging face.
Unlike her father, I had been told that she had been released without any specific charges. I didn’t know she were impregnable enough to participate in the closing ceremony. I looked at her clearly and recited.
“For the next hunting competition, I’ll have to bring Elk’s throat.”
I could hear a sharp breath from somewhere.
Elk was a symbol of Count Kellin. It was good to read the genealogy of the nobility in advance, going back and forth from the library of the imperial palace.
“That’s it.”
It was just time to raise your head after bowing in an exaggerated manner, like a stage actor.
My eyes were blanked out of nowhere.
[Queen of Hunting Competition] Received the title!
rewards [100 million gold] and [+200] fame.
(Fame total : 400)