Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 99

“Miss, You know where i’m going, people only talk about you, the queen of hunting. I really love it!”
Emily made a fuss in the carriage back to the Dukedom.
“Are you that happy?”
“Of course! You’ve got to smash Countess flat to the ground. ”
Emily yelled with both fists as if there was a lot of piled up.
“I’m sure You’ll smash it! Our Princess didn’t get win with the prey for pity like anyone else, and our princess won first place by hunting bears herself!”
“Don’t go alone and take all the maids in the mansion.”
“Of course!”
Emily nodded combatively, her eyes shining brightly. Smiling came from the scene where she liked it more than the person concerned and burned her fighting spirit.
In fact, I was disappointed that the reward for being the queen of hunting was not as great as I thought. I didn’t want to, but the only reward I’ve had for that trouble was that money and fame.
‘They should have to give me 10% of the favor.’
But seeing Emily happy, I felt a little better.
‘Well, it wasn’t bad.’
The favorability of MLs, exceed 40%, except for one. The performance was pretty good as it took a long time.
Especially the Crown Prince. From only 2% to 45%. In addition, he was one percent ahead of Vuinter. Now I was worried about who to keep as insurance.
But I shook my head straight away.
‘No, no, no, even if it’s like that, not the Crown Prince.’
It was a yard where I managed to escape before he found me. If he hear what I’ve been saying as I speak in court, I might lose his favor.
While I was thinking about it, I could feel the carriage slowly stopping. By the time it fully stop, Emily got up first, opened the door and stepped down.
“It must have already arrived!!”
Emilie’s words intermittent by wagon the had arrived first, then workers sent from the palace were dropping numerous hunts in the front yard of the Dukedom.
“Wha, what the……!”
The butlers and employees, who seemed to have come to greet them, were mesmerized with their mouths wide open.
Fortunately, the Duke and the two Brothers arrived first and could not see what had entered. Unlike them, who started right away from the hunting ground, I was a little late because I had left after the last luncheon in the palace.
“Oh, that’s all mine.”
I got out of the carriage with Emily’s help and said low.
“Oh, miss!”
The butler approached me with a puzzled look. But they couldn’t come right away because the workers put down a big golden box in front of them.
The shock snapped the lid of the crate open and shut. In the wind, some of the gold coins that had been piled up in it fell ‘lodding’.
“Oh my God! My lady, gold coins!”
Emily ran over there instead of me and picked up the gold coins that fell to the ground.
“Miss Penelope. This, this, this… What’s all this money?”
The butler came up late with a puzzled look and asked.
“What are those animals? The Duke and the Master’s hunts arrived a little while ago……”
“It’s my hunts, butler.”
“What? What’s that….”
“You haven’t heard yet?”
I looked around at the butler, who was unusually slow to grasp the situation, and all the employees of the Dukedom, kindly told them.
“I’m the queen of this hunt.”
* * *
All the hunting skins were ordered to be tanned. I was going to make a lot of winter clothes for MLs.
‘I thought I’d make them a scarf at best…’
The scale was bigger than I thought, but I decided to think positively. Because big things aren’t good for nothing.
I told them to trim the meat for food and send it to the kitchen.
At first, the butler was excited and moved quickly. In particular, I had to work hard to stop them from making my own medicine with bear’s gallbladder.
After roughly ordering, I came up to my room and lay flat on my bed.
“Ha…..Home sweet home.”
The sound of ‘Cholgeurokk’ followed my rolling motion.
What this clear, fine sound is, yes. I pretended not, but I thought I would die because I liked the 100 million gold prize. Enough to instruct Emily to lay a bed full of gold coins to enjoy the wealth.
‘Hehe! I’m rich now! Enough money to sleep on!’
I grinned and picked up the gold coins that touched my hand and sprinkled them into the air.
The golden color reflected in the light was so beautiful and pretty. I’ll never dreamed of sleeping in a moldy semi-basement room with a thin blanket.
I got excited and picked up the gold coins one more time and sprayed them on the bed.
It was then.
“Oh, my God. You like it that much?”
An ungrateful sound interjected between the clear and fine sounds. I turned my eyes slightly to see where the sound came from.
With his arms crossed, I could see Leonard leaning against the open door. Emily didn’t seem to have shut down properly because she was busy organizing her luggage.
I opened my mouth with a frown.
“What, why are you here?”
“You’re doing all sorts of things. Why, why don’t you just ask me to pour it into the bathtub?”
He speak sarcasm with a look of dumbfounded.
‘Oh, shall we? A gold shower sounds good.’
I was in such a good mood that his sarcastic remarks fell into my mouth.
“I’m busy, so if you don’t have any business, talk later”
Turning his attention to gold coins without answering, Leonard trudged into the room. And sat on the edge of my bed.
“Ha, are you busy playing with gold coins?”
“Oh, this girl. When will you grow up?”
I was devastated by his beating.
‘Hey, I can’t believe I heard that from this guy!’
After being frozen for a while, I came to his senses late and glanced at him, and he had the nerve to pull his chin up.
“Why are you here?”
I asked back irritably. Leonard didn’t immediately answer why he came, but hesitated. By the time he stared with his eyes slightly open, he reluctantly opened his mouth.
“… …fathers said we are having dinner together.”
I was so surprised that I jumped up.
“The hunting competition is over, and you must have something to say. Do you get it?”
Leonard shrugged his shoulders and replied carelessly. I was speechless and stuttering.
The campground, which had been set up on the hunting ground, was no better than a mansion. In order to save time, breakfast had to be held together in the Duke’s cabana, as well as, indispensable, frequent encounters with the members of the Duke’s family.
Before the assassination, I thought it was worth it, but it quickly became uncomfortable after the trial. So I took refuge in the palace. Now that I’m back to the Dukedom, I thought I’d only had to live like I used to….
‘Why the hell are you bothering me again? Leave me alone!’
I said, disgusted with the harsh things I had to go through upon my return.
“My stomach isn’t good, I put on my breakfast.”
“It’s almost sunset, and now you have an upset stomach?”
I bit my tongue at Leonard’s snorting reply.
‘I should have said lunch.’
I was so embarrassed that I lost my words.
“Why don’t you just say you’ve been put it on for four days?”
“Then tell him that.”
“Hey. You’re kidding me…”
Leonard frowned at me with a frown upon my words. As if to say a word, the open mouth closed again when he saw my expressionless face.
It seemed that he had noticed that was not joke at all.
He shouted, his pink hair scattered wildly with one hand.
“……Oh, I don’t know! I told you already, so come or not, you take care of it.”
That’s why I didn’t answer back. There was a cool silence in the room for a moment.
“Hey, I’m just saying this just in case you get it wrong.”
It was Leonard who broke the awkward silence first.
“We wanted to give it, but we couldn’t give it to you. You know, right?”
“The rule is not to let family members pass to prevent ranking manipulation.”
I was dumbfounded by his sudden remark. Why do you explain the rules of a random game?
‘….And even if you want to hand it over, you can’t hand it over’
Thinking of intentions, I suddenly swallowed the sound of a burst of course, ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.’
Now I understand why Leonard is telling me this. They think I’m angry because they didn’t dedicated me their hunts.
I was speechless for a moment, and then I gave it a few words.
“I know.”
Actually I didn’t know. Leonard asked straight away.
“What’s wrong with the face if you know?”
“What do I do?”
“You look like you’re pouting and sulking..”
“It is not because of that, so don’t mind that.”
“Hey, I didn’t give it to another girl, so don’t get me wrong!”
It wasn’t really like that, but he was excited to hear it all by himself.
“Do you know how hard it is to catch a small animal alive? I gave up on catching the beast because of someone, and I went to the small animal zone and hunt…!”
He suddenly shut his mouth in a fit of nervousness. Then, he is coughing repeatedly with widened face.
“Ehm, Ehm! Don’t get upset, tell me if you want anything. I’ll give you everything.”
I couldn’t keep up with his emotional changes.
‘He’s look fine, but he look a little not in good mind.’
I was a rich enough man to feel gold coins under my back. But if I didn’t answer what I wanted right away, I thought he wouldn’t show any signs of leaving.
‘What did he catch?.’
I had no choice but to reflect on the hunts that Leonard had caught. Raccoon, pheasant, life, roe deer, and….
As soon as the mouth moved first, a scene passed through my head. A rabbit made of a white handkerchief.
Come to think of it, I completely forgot about it after I passed on the rabbit that was no longer moving to Emily.
“Yes, rabbit. I want to see it run around.”
Just in time, Leonard had caught eight rabbits.
“I got it. I’ll tell the butler to let it go in the woods.”
At my words he nodded and finally got out of bed. Somehow he looked a little excited.
“Okay? Now get rid of your sulks.”
“I’m not sulking.”
“Come down for dinner if you can.”
I didn’t answer because I had no intention of doing so. As a result, however, the duke’s invitation to dinner was not intentional, and I was unable to participate in an unavoidable situation.
After Leonard left, I fell asleep hugging a lot of gold coins.