Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 100

While being stuck in the room for a few days, the work of the preys that I had left behind through the butler was almost finished. Some of the tanned fur was left to a designer specialized in men’s clothing. To make a gift for the Eckliss.
However, it takes quite a long time to make clothes. I had no choice but to give something relatively quick in production.
Having received the luxury case from the butler, I went straight to get ready to go out.
‘It was 67 percent, I guess.’
I was in a hurry to check the favorability of Eckliss, which would have risen sharply without seeing it. But after finishing all the preparations and about to leave the room, the weather was not very good.
“Do you really have to go out for a walk in this weather, miss?”
Emily looked out the window and handed over the umbrella with a worried look. Even though it was early in the morning, the sky full of dark clouds looked as dark as evening.
Hwingggg— The sound of the wind leaking through the window frames was dreary.
‘Should I just go next time.’
I followed Emily out of the window, and there was a slight hesitation.
But even after returning from the hunting competition, I haven’t seen Eckliss for nearly two weeks on the pretext that no gifts have been made.
In the meantime, if he’d been bullied and bullied again and I’d lost his favor….
‘No! Let’s give him a quick message before it rains!’
I was rushed out of the room with an umbrella handed over.
“I’ll be right back.”
But as soon as I entered the forest road to the training field, the rain began to pour. I opened my umbrella in a hurry and looked up at the dilapidated sky with an anxious face.
“Ha…… it’s a sign of bad luck.”
But since I came out, I didn’t even have to go back. I walked faster instead. The butler had been informed of the intermission of the training. It was a one-time morning break, so I better to hurry.
However, when I arrived, the training field was empty.
“What… …where’s everybody gone?”
I moved my steps, looking around the open space. Come to think of it, the training was over early when I happened to meet Eckliss while taking a walk on a rainy day the other day.
‘has the training finished early because of the rain?’
I walked slowly along the grass on the edge of the training field. It was to avoid running into any remaining articles. I bet I had walked about half a turn like that.
Stroke, whick!
There was a sudden sound of sword breaking the wind. In the corner of the training field, in the fog, someone was hitting the scarecrow in succession.
‘… …Eckliss?’
My eyes widened when I recognized who it was. Last time he stayed alone and trained on a rainy day, it was no different this time.
Stroke, whick-!
Every time he hit the wooden sword he was holding hard, the straw splashed wildly, ‘Puck, parsu-!’ A blunt bundle of straw was torn and rolled on the floor.
‘He’s still like that.’
I now know that his figure wasn’t a good swing at all.
To move on to the next level of training, he had to cut the scarecrow neatly with a sword in his throat. Not cutting the straw off by force.
It’s been quite a long time since the last time I peeped at training, but Eckliss has made only little progress. No matter how good a genius he is, without a teacher to teach, he is no better than a criminal.
Then a loud rupture sounded, and the wooden sword that Eclis was wielding broke in half. PUH— A broken piece of the wood sword flew so hard that it was thrown into the ground.
Eckliss, who stopped moving, moved his shoulders up and down and out of breath.
A haze of steam rose from his naked upper body. The remains of him and the two broken wooden swords seemed too dangerous. Anxiety rose.
‘Oh, I’m not going to get anywhere until the training’s over.’
I wanted to go back after delivering the gift quickly, but I changed my mind. Not to approach hastily.
After a brief pause, Eckliss soon took another wooden sword out of the box next to him. I opened my eyes wide. The box was seen with a blurred pattern. It was a trademark of the weapon shop that I bought more than 600 wooden swords the other day.
‘You must be using it well though.’
The familiar appearance of taking out the wooden sword relieved some anxiety. I wanted to check my favorability, but I couldn’t see well because of the distance.
I had no choice but to wait for his training to be over. Eckliss worked hard to cut the scarecrow for a long time after that. How long has it been since I peeped at his training, hiding myself among the trees?
The third time he broke the wooden sword, he threw the handle he was holding, feeling irritated. And lay flat on the floor, not caring about the wet soil.
Shwaaaaaa- The cold rain poured down all over his naked body.
‘He’s gonna catch a cold.….’
I scoured his surroundings first before I stepped forward immediately. Because I didn’t want to have another dizzying experience where I almost broke my neck after being hit by a wooden sword he wielded like last time.
Only after double-checking that there were no dangers around him did I slip away.
Is it because the sound of my footsteps was covered by the pouring rain? Eckliss was unmoved by the growing distance.
Chalbakk—. At last near his bedside, I tilted my umbrella slightly forward.
A low voice opened the man’s eyes. The wet long eyelashes blinked. It was clear that the gray-brown eyes that were revealed between them grew slowly.
Eckliss blinked her eyelids a few more times with a disheveled face. It seemed to be a gauge of whether my appearance suddenly appeared to be real. A faint smile broke out at the sight.
“Long time no see.”
[Favorability 69%]
At that moment, his gauge blinked. Fortunately, while I wasn’t in the mansion, I didn’t fall further. I was greatly relieved by the slight increase in favor.
In the meantime, Eckliss rose slowly. The gaze that was looking down went up. I also had to hold my umbrella higher.
“When did you… come back?”
“Well. It’s been a while since I came back.”
In my reply, the tail of Eckliss’s eyes fell down a little. No one must have been able to tell the news to the slave who forced him into the knights.
He looked up at me with his emotionless eyes.
“Why didn’t you even say you were back to me?”
“Did you wait?”
“You said you’d make me happy.”
When I laughed at him, I laughed in vain at the rude appearance of the man who calmly retorted the words.
I held out to him the high-end case I was holding.
“It’s a gift. I’m a little late making this.”
The eyes of Eckliss grew like a puppy. He hesitated not to receive the case immediately.
“What are you doing not receiving?”
“Because of the rain…..”
With a sharp tongue, he confessed why he was not received it..
“How dare I…I don’t want to get master’s hand get wet.”
“It’s all right.”
I folded up my eyes and smiled for him, for he was quite admirable.
“I’ve been running to see you wearing my present, and you’re not going to accept it?”
I shook the case and whispered in a sad tone. The gray pupil shook once. Eckliss was silent for a while, and soon slowly handed over the case.
Click. His wet hands soon opened the box.
The eyes of Eckliss, who checked the contents, expanded to a great extent.
“It’s mammoth ivory and white tiger teeth.”
I explained the present with a smile pleased with his response. What I gave him was a necklace made of ivory pieces and tiger teeth woven together.
It’s boring if it’s too white in a row, so I put in the finest onyx in between. The round black bead matched very well with the jagged teeth and ivory pieces.
This was a rare commodity that couldn’t be bought for money. Although I knew it belatedly through the butler, there was a reason why Callisto and Vuinter both ranked second and third.
Because the mammoths and white tigers they caught were rare animals that could not be seen unless there were large-scale events such as hunting competitions.
Of course, the decoration made of it was precious. The decorations made of ivory and tiger teeth, and both of them, are even more. Even Eckliss knew it, so he didn’t expect to see that in the case.
‘If it’s for ML’s favor, then I should do this.’
I raised my head in triumph.
“Do you like it?”
Eckliss managed to raise his head.
“This is too……”
“In ancient Capria, only the best warriors could wear ivory necklaces.”
I cut off the expected Eckliss and popped it out. It was what I read in the book.
But this is something that Eckliss knows better than I do. The Capri continent was his native on Delman. Now the whole continent has become a subjugation of the Inca Empire.
“That choker, it’s time to take it off.”
I spoke arrogantly, glancing at the leather and yellow beads still strangling him.
“I told you, I’d come back as the first winner.”
“I am the queen of this hunting competition.”
“So, as I said, all I have to do is give my one and only warrior a strength.”
Eckliss lowered his head again and looked at the necklace in a rump. When I couldn’t see the only eyeball that could get a glimpse of his feelings, I became nervous. Because I couldn’t tell if his reaction was positive or negative now.
‘Did I give you too much?’
After all, I was going to ask if he liked it. At last, Eckliss looked up at me. My heart sank at that moment. The passion I saw for the first time was raging in the brown pupil of the raw fish.
Eckliss slowly lifted the necklace from inside the case, looking at me with a gleam of beastly eyes. Then he put his long-held hand near his mouth.
[Favorability 77%]
He kissed the necklace, and his favor soared. And at the same time, a white square window appeared before my eyes.
Achieved [70% more] one of the target .
No favorability figures are provided from now on.