Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 105.1

Chapter 105.1
Eclise was sitting by my bedside and looking down at me. A distant face like wax was still expresionless today. But there was a strange glow in his gray eyes staring at me. I opened my mouth faintly, glancing over his head like a habit.
“I want to get up.”
“Can you move a bit?”
When I looked at him slowly and made eye contact, Eclise flinched. He raised his head, which was leaning towards me and step out. I get up only after he had completely backed down.
“It ended earlier than I thought.”
“Yes. Because it’s raining…”
When I sat up, he laid his eyes down and replied obediently.
When I looked closely at Eclise, I could see that he was wearinga necklace from me a while ago on top of a choker on his neck.
It was all because I didn’t take it off last time.
Hemp tool, which represents a shabby figure and a slave with an owner. On the other hand colorful and maiestic ivory sculptures, which cannot be valued, are markedly contrasted.
It might seem ridiculous, but it wasn’t at all.
Rather, it was a problem because it looks so well.
‘Male leads is definitely Male lead.’
“Necklace… You’re wearing it.”
I reached out my hand and touched his necklace.
Eclise’s eyes were shaken once in a sudden contact.
“…. Master gave it to me.”
However, he responded silently without stepping back. In a tight voice for some reason. I folded my eyes as I looked into the gray eyes.
“It’s pretty.”
Then, pretending to touch the ivory piece to check his favorability, I slipped my hand near his clavicle bone.
It was nothing more than a slight touch with the fingertips so as not to be noticed, but Eclise flinched shrewdly.
Would you like to check favorability of [Eclis)? [4 Million Gold / Fame 200) 18’Ha I’m going crazy.
I peeked through the system window that came up. The gold has risen. Twice as much.
‘You are like a ghost devouring money…’
I was so foolish to think there will be 49 times left. I forgot what kind of game this crazy game was. I knew it was a common charging pattern, but I couldn’t help it when my money came out.
I pressed (4 million gold) nervously, taking care of the simmering insides.
Check the favorability of [Eclipse) by charging [4 million gold). (Funds 94 Million Gold) [Affinity 81 %)
The favorability was higher compared to the last time I saw it.
It was a good thing that I went.
But at the same time, I was worried.
If this is the case, my money is going to run out quickly.
However, my anxiousness faded quickly.
“Oh, that’s right. I’m going to be rich soon.’
As of yesterday, I was the owner of an emerald mine.
When I was glancing over his head, which had turned again into a “check the favor.”
Suddenly, Eclise opened his mouth.
“Why are you laying here like this?”
“The floor is cold because of dew.”
Right. It must have been funny to see the Young lady left her chair and laying in the floor.
I’ve got a bunch of tiny little flowers blooming around me.
“Because the flowers are pretty.”
“Do you like wild flowers?”
I didn’t know this was a wild flower. No wonder, it was blooming in the corner compared to other flowers.
I nodded gently.
“You’re easily loved by anyone if you’re pretty and fancy. So you should love me too.”
It was a muttering remark without much meaning. In a month, the owner of this greenhouse will be Someone else, not me.
However, at that moment, Eclise’s face quircky.
“Why master…”
He mutters something.
But he stopped talking.
I stared, but there was no more voice coming out.
Maybe it wasn’t really important, so I turned around casually
“More than that, I called you today to take off the choker.”
“Yes, I said I’d take it out the other day, but I just left it. Sorry.”
Eclise’s eyes grew bigger, perhaps he thought it was just empty talk.
But I meant it.
Honestly, the physiological fear of him was not completely gone.
I still could see in my head that he was beating another people with his bare hands and pointing the wooden sword at me without mercy.
‘Is Eclise still hating me?’
I couldn’t tell with his expression looking at me obediently. The only way to untie the leash that can control him, perhaps will bring myself to death…
But I wasn’t in a position to cover this and that right now.
‘If I could raise his favor with this choker or gift, Il give you anything.’
“…Eclise, will you turn around?”
I urged with a gently smile on my lips.
And I took the ruby ring to unlock the choker.
You had to hit the ruby on the groove in the back to unlock it.
But Eclise just stared at me with an unknowable, expressionless look, and did not move at all.
… Why is it? I think he would like it.’
When I was wondering and looking at him.
“…it’s all right, Master.”
Soon, Eclise opened his mouth and answered.
“You don’t have to take it off.”
“I don’t want you to take it off.”
It was a totally unexpected answer. I couldn’t understand.
“Even if I take this off, the fact that I’m a slave is still the same.”
“…That’s true.”
As I released the choker and aimed at another favorable impression, I was reluctant to accept Eclise’s blunt answer.
But you’re the only one who’s uncomfortable with it.”
It was true.
The choker with yellow beads proved to be a slave to anyone.
If he keep on wearing it, he will feel dirty and uncomfortable.
Such negative feelings have not been very beneficial to me in the long run.
But he just sat still without answering as if he already resolve it.
Anxiety sprang up suddenly.
“…Who is it still bothering you?”
I asked impatiently.
“Is there anyone else who discriminates against slavery?”
“Tell me. I said I would go and give thema punch.”
“That’s not it…”
I thought I couldn’t beat his quarry, but Eclise slowly opened his mouth.
“No, it’s not that. It’s just that I need to do this so that my master can keep looking for me.”
It was a word that I couldn’t quite understand. I asked back with a puzzled look.
“What does that mean?”
“Master feel sorry for me doing this….”
“That’s because I’m being nice and because I made it pass-by without a big accident. Right?
I opened my eyes wide at his question.
Eclise knew me better than I thought.
Stopping me from making excuses, he spoke calmly.
“If what happened last time happened again after taking the choker from me, and if it is misinterpreted that I caused the accident by myself and the message goes to the master….”
“…then master will be relentless in throwing me away.”
It was a little creepy that he was even thinking about it.
To some extent, it was true.
If he’d had an accident since he came to the duke’s mansion, I wouldn’t have slightest thought of releasing the choker.
But I didn’t remember having that kind of memories.
On the contrary, I even gave him a sword, and did not give up the only escort knight position.
I couldn’t see favorable status anymore, but without realizing it, I glanced over his head.
“It’s not true, Eclise. I’m always on your side.”
Maybe because of the rather impatient, cliché words came out.
Eclise was still expressionless. I didn’t think he cared about what I said.
He raise one hand, touch around his neck and mutter.
“As long as I’m wearing this, my master knows I’m not going to run wild and you would going to keep feeling sorry for me.”
He tilted his upper body slowly. And put his cheek on my hand, lying on my knees, as if I were lying down.
His warmth was smudged on the back of my hands.
“I’ll behave nicely.”
Eclise, whispered quietly so that only I could hear.
“So keep my leash on, master.”
I glanced down at the gray hair that tickles my skin.
Judging from his behavior, he seemed to beg to his cold-hearted master not to be beaten.
‘Is he acting or is he serious?
Eclis still needed a small protection from the “fake princess”. But I was still in a poor position in duke’s house.
After returning from the hunting competition, the duke changed quite a bit.
All the employees in the kitchen, who used to make fun of the “old” me with Mrs. Donna, were all changed.
I also heard that all the groups who had openly harassed Eclise had been fired.
The gifts and interests I occasionally throw will soon solidify to him in the ranks and positions of the knights.
On an unexpected word by Eclis, the beating heart gradually calmed down.
My mind got cold.
I pulled out one hand he had laid on.
Soon I put it on his head and gently swept it down.
At the same time.
Would you like to check the favorability of [Eclisel?
[6 Million Gold / Fame 200)
“…. Yeah”
A late answer came out of my mouth.
Check the favorability of [Eclipse) by charging [6 million gold). (Funds 88 Million Gold) [Affinity 86 %)
I glanced my eyes at the favorability above his head.
‘What if it’s acting again?’
It didn’t matter at all now if you liked it.
“I’ll give you anything you want.”
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