Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 112

"Yes lady."
The butler bent his waist down with a stiff face. "Gee, butler!"
In the face of a deacon who almost fell flat in front of me, the knights opened their mouths. Soon they realized the seriousness of the situation, and they came rushing to the scene. "Oh, you're mistaken! We were likeNo, no, no, no, no."
The big guys are wooing all at once.
Because of the approach , the hallway was filled in an instant.
As I tried to move directly to the room of Eclis, I frowned arrogantly. The butler, who was quick to notice me, hurriedly blocked my way. "Uhhhh, stand back, which is safe!"
"Butler! That's not what we said. "
One of them tried to excuse the butler. But it was blocked by the butler who shook his head in silence. Only then did they change course and look back at me.
"Please, Princess! I'll explain everything. Everyone"
"Get out."
I urged you to look at the man who was blocking the front with a cold eye. "It smells disgusting and I don't want to talk to you. Move."
"Oh, miss"
"Why. Do you want me to strangle you in public like that guy from the smoke field last time?" Surely the best evil woman in the game was right, Penelope had something to discourage people. A man who was distracted by the words she gave with a smile stepped back in dismay.
After hesitating, they quickly stepped back and moved in turn. I'm kicking myself in the middle of the hall.
Because I was standing.
I was staring at the gift box, which had been messed up by them, and then I soon gave a scowl to the butler.
He jabbed at the door where Eclis was staying. "Hey, Eclis."
"It's me, butler. Would you mind opening your door for me to talk to you?". Thump thump-.
The butler knocked on the door several times. It was silent.
When the door did not open after a few jabbed, the butler returned my face with a perplexed look. " I think it's in there, but shall I bring the iron, miss?"
I thought for a moment, and soon shook my head. ' Oh, it's kind of picky.'
But it was a disaster in many ways if Eclis, who saw her in the forest of sponsorship.
I passed the butler and stood at the door of the tightly closed room. Then lightly raised my hand and knocked.
Hnock-knock- "It's me, Eclis. " ""
"Open the door for me, please."
Still, the door showed no sign of opening, even though I stepped out myself. I opened my mouth again after a brief interval.
"I'm here because I'm worried. Should I just go back if you don't like it?"
If there was no response this time, I was really going to go back. If I force myself to open the door, I might lose his favor.
After waiting for a while, I turned my back. It was the moment.
I heard a small hint over the thin, crude door. Gains and losses-
The door, which seemed unlikely to open forever, slowly opened.
At the sound of it, he paused and turned back again, only a cheek wide of the open door. The inside was dark as if the curtains were closed in broad daylight.
I turned my head toward the butler again.
"Before you guys, take a good lead to my older brother and stop working." "Oh, how could you go alone? "
The butler hardened his face as if concerned.
No matter how low a slave is, how can a noblewoman be left alone in a place where men live? "Don't worry, I don't mean to be around for a long time."
"Then I'll come back to the bar and wait for you in front of the building." "Sure. Thank you."
I gave a slight nod, and the butler went away. After that, the butler hurried down the stairs.
I reached out and opened the door after the butler had completely disappeared. At the sound of a rusty hinge, the door opened a little more.
As expected, the curtains were closed, and the interior was dark. But the old curtains had holes all over them, through which sunlight shot through them.
Thanks to this, it was easy to identify the surroundings.
I stood on the door frame for a moment and glanced my eyes to check inside. Only the table connecting the two beds was placed in a small space.
Thanks to that, it was not difficult to find a sulky man. "Eclise,"
I whispered to him, and took a grain of salt into the room. The quilt on the bed by the window rose.
As I approached it, I hesitated.
Because near the bed where he lay, flowers were scattered all over the table and on the floor. Perhaps because of them being half withered, the room smelled fragrant and stale.
I sat on the edge of the bed trying hard to avoid the flowers.
Then I'll gently lay my hands on the bulging blanket and talk to Eclis. "The master is here. Won't you show her your face?"
As expected, I was worried that there was no answer coming back. I gently waved my hand on the blanket.
"Are you sick?" ""
" Eclise."
Eclipse, wearing a blanket back to his head, did not budge.
"You couldn't even participate in the training because you couldn't talk and you were sick alone." In a flash, I jumped out of my seat.
"I can't. I'll call in a doctor, wait a moment.." I tried to get outof the in hurry.
A feeble touch holding the hem of a garment fell in. I stopped walking.
Looking back at the bedside again, the arms that had slipped out of the bed between the covers held tightly to the end of the skirt.
"Don't go." ""
"Just stay by my side, Master,"
*ahhhh my baby Eclise*
a voice leaked from the quilt, as if to hold something back. 'Has he ever said something so weak?'
When I looked down at the hem of my skirt, I sat on his bed again.
Even though I said I would not go, did not know if his hands would fall off her skirt.
I stretched out my hand and this time, not on the blanket, but slightly overlapped the back of the hand of Eclise holding me.
It was to check if there was a fever.
[Eclise] Favourability.
Are you sure you want to confirm? [8 million gold / Fame 200]
As soon as he held his hand, a white square window immediately rose into the air.
I wanted to check his favorability, but I just quit because I couldn't see the gauge bar because it was covered by a blanket.
Fortunately, I could feel the warm under my hands, as if it was like a cold. "You don't go out for training. I was worried."
I uttered a soft voice.
Because Eclise didn't look very happy. Fortunately, response came immediately this time. "Are you sure you're worried about me?"
But it wasn't positive.
"Like a habit, you're not trying to appease me?" The sharp voice made my eyes wide open.
Looking for something to say for a moment, I gently patted his hand on the back and said, "If I hadn't worried, I wouldn't have come all the way here myself, Eclis."
"That day."
"You didn't come right after you saw me." As expected, it wasn't wrong that day. "Uh."
I opened my mouth to make excuses, and thought hard about what had offended Eclise. "I couldn't come right away because I had some work to do,"
"Did you come to see me?"
After he uttered the words, I could see a little why he was sulky.
'You're upset because you're here with the Crown Prince after a long time.' Anyway, I'm in favor of you now.
I was in the middle of a love simulation game.
The last time I saw him was 86%, so Eclis had some affection for me. 'What do you mean, yearning?'
I was a little surprised at the belated realization.
I've never thought deeply about what he thinks of me rationally, because I've been in a hurry to raise my favor.
'Then does the dark red color mean affection?'
I looked up the color of Eclis' gauge bar and looked at his head, said hurriedly, recalling that the gap was too long.
"If I had known, I should have put everything aside and come in a month." A sweet, sweet voice popped out as intended.
Because I had to release the sulky man right now.
"I was annoyed because I couldn't put the gift box in the room." Then, Eclipse murmured something out of the blue.
I, wondering, soon noticed what he was saying.
The box was also large as it contained several large winter clothes that I had given outside. So you can put a box in a small room.
It meant that there was no such thing.
"Because you like the humidity that I'm happy to receive." ""
"I wanted to say thank you."
The words of Eclis were rather mixed up.
As he murmured, as if he were telling something, he slowly pulled down his covered blanket. an old curtain leaking in.
Under the dim light, a fine, whitish face was revealed, like a wax figure.
At the same time, he popped out his hand that he had hidden under the blanket. "I can only give you this."
Half withered flowers, always dark with brown ends.
They were woven round and shaped like a small flower crown. "Ah, ah"
Then what the flower was. I remembered.
A few days ago when it was drizzling, it was the white field flower I saw with Eclis in the glass greenhouse.
I looked up again and looked at the face of the complete de lucre. At that moment, all the accidents came to a standstill.
I opened my mouth blankly because I couldn't believe what I was seeing now. Because of what Eclis was going to give me as a flower crown or a gift. "Who is that?"
"What did you get and laugh so brightly?" Because the gray eyes are soakingly wet….