Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 113

First-time passions swirled in the grayish-brown pupil that was encountered. Glitters rolled down his cheeks.
Nevertheless, Eclipse remained as expressionless as ever. Like a man who has no feelings. So I couldn't notice right away.
The fact that he is crying now. "Eclis,"
Over a doll-like face, lying. tears streaming down like
I stared blankly at the desperate figure for a while, and managed to squeeze my voice. "Are you crying now?"
I was trembling as if it contained my incredible feelings. ""
Without a breath, Eclipse just stared at me in tears and didn't answer. But above his head, clear dark red.
Eclis favorability gauge bars began to sparkle dangerously. My heart sank.
I raised my hand reflexively and put it on his cheek. "Don't cry, Eclis. Why are you crying?"
I wiped the tears with my thumb as if it were a wet stream and soothed his tears like an old child. And at the same time, million gold] of the system window, which is still floating.
I chose it.
Soon, [Checking for favor] next to the gauge bar turned into figures. [Favorite 84%]
' What is it?'
I took a sharp breath at the vivid white numbers. 'Why, why 84%?'
My head suddenly became frantic.
The last time I checked in the glass greenhouse, it was definitely 86%. I was clearly remembering it.
By the way, the favorability of Eclis was low for the first time. " Please tell me. "
At that time, he opened his mouth, looking at me, who had been wiping away tears. "Who's that man?"
The sound of a stifled voice came to my senses. "He is the Crown Prince."
I couldn't stop worrying about the facts. Then Eclis's pupil shook once.
"The Crown Prince?" "Yes."
His unwavering face in tears, curiously shrank at the moment. I knew right away why he was doing it.
The Crown Prince was the main culprit who destroyed his homeland.
"He stopped by the duke mansion because he had something to tell me. I got it." "What did he come to deliver?"
Eclis asked as soon as I finished.
"I received the ancient relics and materials from the palace."
I answer mildly, but I hid the fact that I had received a diamond mine. Because it didn't do any good.
But for a reasonable reason, I added.
"I could have asked for one thing I wanted as a prize for winning the competition." "Why don't you let the servant bring it to master directly?"
But Eclis seemed not very convinced.
In addition, when he knew he was the Crown Prince of the Empire, he was outspoken in his rude remarks, 'The Man.'
I was stunned to call him.
He looked at me through my eyes without even blinking, and somehow I felt a little appalled. Whatever the answer would be, I answered hesitatingly.
"I was sick."
I couldn't think of a better excuse. It was as expected.
Surprised, Eclis' eyes slowly widened. "Did you get sick?"
"So I couldn't go to the palace, and he stopped by." ""
"I wasn't going to tell you, but that's why I couldn't come to see you right away. " At last the persistent question stopped.
Eclise couldn't bring it up easily.
As if he didn't know what to answer, he asked whispering long after. "Did it hurt a lot?"
"I've been overdoing it during the hunting competition and caught a cold." ""
"So I couldn't budge a step out of the bed."
I couldn't tell how I was looking at him as if nothing had happened to me. I just feel the lukewarm skin that touches under my hand flinching. "Why"
His cheeks began to feel more and more wet "Why don't you give me a word?"
" Why you don't give me a word every time?" "Eclis. It's"
"You could've sent someone else, butler, to let me know."
I was dumbfounded by the expression full of sorrow, contrary to the still dull look. I couldn't say anything when asked so carefully.
I guess I came to a conclusion by myself, and I got a rock power in my hand when I grabbed the withered flower crown.
"I, I don't deserve to be like that to my master"
"Shh, don't cry."
I comforted him again in a hurry.
"What would be my honor if I took the first place and proudly comforted him? Huh?" ""
" And my gift, don't crumple."
I lowered my hand, which was jubilant with the tears of Eclis's pouring, and overlapped his hand, which was squeezing the flower crown.
You're ruining it. "
"It's already withered and it's nothing but trash. Throw it away." "It's my gift, so it's up to me to judge."
He pulled his hand out of me and quickly stopped me, who was trying to hold it back. Then he forced out his tightly grasped finger.
Actually, I really don't want him to give it to me, and if he wants to shake me off, he can beat me. But he let loose his strength in his hands, as if he were giving me a grudging defeat.
'Acting cute.'
Looks a little relieved, I was relieved inside.
Soon enough, I succeeded in taking the white flowerpots out of his grasp. How hard I held it, already half of it was crushed and worn out.
If the flower stalk wasn't a little bit stronger, it'd be all snapped off. It have reached the point where you have to throw it away.
I kicked my tongue and carefully simplified the crown that I couldn't pour anymore because it was a flower crown.
It soon withered and crumbled up slowly. "How is it? Does it suit me?"
With a wreath made by Eclis on my head, I looked back at him with the brightest smile I could. Passed by the Crown Prince and laughed.
All because he recalled his sightings. ""
Eclise has been looking at me without saying anything for a while. "Why, not pretty?"
I asked, tilting my head.
Eclipse shook his head slowly, after quite a long time. "no, too"
"It's so beautiful, my master. "
He murmured to himself as if he were speaking to himself.
I had the illusion that my tears made my wet, jet-colored eyes seem to have become a mess. I tried to check it again, but the shiny dark red-colored gauge bar caught my eye.
'It's a compliment, so it won't fall any further.'
Recalling the favorable sentiment that had fallen by 2%, I folded my eyes and laughed. "That's a good thing. Thanks."
"Did I tell you it was my favorite flower?"
I asked calmly, pretending I didn't remember, and the head of Eclis, who had been heard all along, dropped.
I did not answer, but I could see this slight redness under his eyes. I opened my mouth with a deeper smile than before.
" I've got a present, so I'll have to return your favor. Do you need anything else?" He shook his head when I asked.
Out of the blue, he tried to establish an uneasy position within the Hnights, appealing to them to 'frequently find him.'
But today's Eclipse,
"I want to be your one and only knight." I asked for something out of the blue. "What does that mean?"
In an unexpected answer, I examined Eclise. I was distracted by his crying.
'So, you've been wearing it all along? Even when you sleep?'
I didn't know that even in my personal space I would have pieces of the statue I gave around my neck. Looking at the fancy necklace contrasting with shabby clothes, I spoke a little later.
"You're already my knight. It's the one and only knight." ""
"If not, why would I give you all the silver necklace?' Isaid vaguely, as if courting, and laughed again.
Did he notice what I'm staring at?
Eclis glanced down at the necklace he was wearing around her neck and replied. "Actually, I don't need this."
". Master. You don't have to give anymore. ". "what?"
I was taken aback by the remark.
When I handed him the necklace he kissed it, and his favor rose sharply.
So far, every generous amount of financial support under the guise of gifts has gone up. I was very pleased with it.Eclise of course, thought so did I.
But now his whining is, I'm not sure…
Doesn't he seem to have forced them to bear them? 'Then what do you want?'
Am I missing something?
The anxiety of favor quickly bit me. " " I want"
Eclise hesitated, and soon he opened his mouth, looking at me with a clear gaze. "Me too, Master, I want to be a sword master."
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