Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 114

"sword master?"
I stared blankly at the unexpected request. "But you said you didn't need to use a sword." I remembered some time in the past.
After learning that he was being ostracized within the knights, it was when I bought him a bunch of wooden swords and training supplies to keep him from being ignored.
– Master¸ this is enough for me.
-I don't think I'll ever use the real sword.
-A slave cannot be a formal knight. 3o all I need to do is a wooden sword to trainings.
Until then, Eclipse seemed not too keen on swordsmanship.
It seemed to be bent solely on being attached to the workpiece.
-If it's for me¸ just pretend you don't know. It doesn't matter.
It was for my own safety that I had to give him the ancient magic. Anxiety resulting from seeming lack of loyalty and affection to me. A low voice awakened me, who was lost in reminiscence.
"I'm sure you did." ""
"I've changed my mind." Eclis made his wet eyes clear.
"I don't think I'll to keep up with your orders, but I'm afraid I'll keep falling behind in training." ""
"I need someone to teach me. " 'Order?'
I was confused about what he was saying for a moment ago.
I immediately remembered what the order was in the following words came to mind. "I'll work hard and make a little bit of a good sword."
"Eclis , that's mean"
" It doesn't matter if you can't get out of your slave status."
I stopped myself from opening my mouth to make excuses, and Eclipse begged. "I just want to use the sword you gave me. Will you do that for me?"
he said with a queer, twitching look. He looked at me.
It felt strange to see him like that.
'When did it change like this?'
Eclise, who always had dry eyes and no expression, has recently begun to hint at some meaningless fragments of emotion.
In addition, it came as a shock that he, who had nothing particular to ask for, had asked for something so clearly.
I rolled my head fast. all the way.
His favorability, which had only been on the upward trend, faltered in tone. I had to fix the thought that would come and take care of it.
"Then you'll be trained well in the future, right?"
I gave him my pinky finger, reminding him why I visited here. He looked at me with a curious look,
"I promise. " ""
"I'll make sure I don't fall out like this." Please stay still you are until I escape. Eclipse glanced down at my pinkie.
Then, he soon wrapping with my fingers together, lowered his eyes and answered shyly. "I promise,"
Eclis's hands were much bigger and longer than mine, twisting fingers as strongly as ninkles. With feeling the warmth of others, I nodded heavily.
"Okay. " ""
"If that's what you want, then I'm going to listen." I wasn't sure if its possible. So I bet it.
In front of man (Derek), whose favorability has declined, the knight was not foolish enough to say that it was beyond my authority.

Check the favorability of [Eclipse] by deducting[10 million gold].
(The remaining funds: 70,000,000 goals) I smiled brightly like a blooming flower. "So don't cry. Okay?"
[Favorites 88%]
12% ahead.
Whatever he wanted, the only answer to me was to listen.
* * *
It was a time when we slowly left the accommodation building, lost in deep thought. "Lady.."
By the time I reached the entrance, someone called me out of nowhere.
"Oh, butler."
"Did you have a good talk?" "Yeah, well"
I changed the subject, "What about them?"
"I followed your instructions. "Really? Well done. "
Frankly speaking, I told him to fuck it once, but I didn't expect much. Derek didn't see it anyway, so you wouldn't believe me very much. 'Even if he believe it, you'll be lucky to roll around in the smoke field.' I was on my way to the mansion thinking nothing about it.
" However"
"In relation to the matter earlier, he said he wanted to see you for a moment." The butler added unexpected words.
"First brother?"
I was wondering for a while, but I thought about it.
I haven't finished organizing my thoughts and plans yet.
However, it was better to use the iron horns as an excuse when things exploded than when things were not going well.
I nodded at the butler, "I'm coming right now."
* * * *
Derek's office was located on the west side of the mansion, opposite the one where the Duke's office is located.
As I was following the butler's footsteps, I looked around.
Come to think of it, I've never been here before, so it's very strange. Soon after, the butler stopped at the door of a large, antique shape. Hnock, knock,
"Young duke, Miss Penelope is here." "Let her in."
The butler's hand open the door .
I stepped inward with light tension.
I've seen Derek's office through the game illustration a few times, but it was very strange to see Derek's office in person.
As if to show the cold-blooded nature of the owner, the office looked very desolate and restrained. After finishing my appreciation of my wealth at that short moment, I suddenly stopped.
'What is that?'
A window frame in front of a barrel of sunshine at noon.
There was a beautifully crafted cage that did not go well with the stark atmosphere of the office. And inside it was a colorful bird that I had never seen before.
"Bbiyo, bbiyo-o-."
A bird sitting in the sun fluttered its 'puddeok-' wings as if it were wary of a low tooth, while several feathers fell to the bottom of a cage in the sky.
It was as pretty as a azalea.
I was surprised by the aesthetic that he had such a pet and didn't fit that dirty personality at all. Eyes from a crimson bird in a cage
I was about to take my eyes off and turn my head.
The eyes met head-on with cold blue eyes met head-to-face.
The bird's owner was sitting at a desk full of papers, entering and staring at me calmly. " So it's my first time seeing it since the hunting competition."
The orange gauge bar was clearly visible, but it didn't bother me much. I stopped walking at a certain distance from his desk.
There was a chill between him and me for a momentarily.
But since the subordinate was me, I bowed my head, suppressing a slight backlash. "You called."
He turned his head up. It was quite heartless and businesslike to say that brother and sister were greeting each other.
"Sit for a moment. Works are still not done yet." " Arthur, let's finish and talk."
said Derek, jigging on the back table. It was in front of a cage .
He called someone in and said he would work, but I turned around and headed towards him. Because I wanted to see birds.
"Beep, bone. Pyo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o"
The bird looking at me approaching and was on alert stared to flap his wings. So I get close to the cage.
Instead, I just sat on the sofa in front of it and looked around.
The nameless bird was erecting a crimson, curly tail like a foxhole. He was an orphan even though he was an animal.
It wasn't just him.
Whenever there is movement, the bird's body is shining brightly. 'What is it?'
I looked closely and the beaks, claws, and eyes are really unique, except for the scarlet fur. It looked like something.
It is reflected in the sunlight like a diamond and glows in a colorful way.
'Awesome. It's totally amazing.'
The most outstanding of them was the brilliant jewel. I was watching the beautiful bird after losing it.
Suddenly, my arm popped out from the side. Click-
" Do you want a tea?"
Someone put the teacup down right in front of me, on the telly.
When he suddenly looked up, Derek, who had just lifted his upper body, was on his way across the sofa. "No."
Which was given out of courtesy, I immediately refused. Because I didn't just come here to have a tea with him. Derek, sitting opposite, paused at my answer.
And soon, with a indifferent nod, he tilted the kettle in his glass.
The reddish liquid was steaming, whether it was made by hand or prepared all the time. Click, put the teapot down, and he said bluntly.
"There was another problem with the knights." "Yes."
I nodded without delay.
"As you may have heard from the butler, I didn't pick on that far-off quarrel, I'll see you separately." " I am not blessed."
It seemed like an excuse, so don't talk too much. But I had to go through all my faults once already.
In addition, to achieve the desired purpose, one had to get a good preoccupation. So I forced myself to open my mouth.
"And it seemed like he was in training without permission." ""
"I wanted to tell you in advance that this run happened because it might be misinterpreted later." "Its done."
But Derek suddenly raised his hand and cut me off. And then. "What punishment do you want?"