Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 115

"Yes. "
Derek said casually, nodding his head.
"I thought you were saying bad things about myself because I didn't leave the training without permission."
"Tell me what you'll the most you want." I looked at him with a curious look. 'When did you start caring about me?'
Of course, if it were real Penelope, I might have gone wild, saying, 'Hill them right away!' But I didn't mean to. It was an anecdote that might be repeated again.
Besides, today I'm just trying to make an opportunity out of it. "Is my opinion important? Just leave it."
"It's not a big deal to talk about. Something that I didn't have a good reputation for." ""
As I shrugged and answered, Derek's expression hardened. He kept silent for a while, then opened his mouth heavily.
"You must have heard the news that Mark was fired the other day." "Yes, I heard."
I nodded roughly. I added, "I'm sorry for all of that."
"If I try, it doesn't change the attitude of the knights. Of course, that's also because I didn't behave properly."
Derek shut his mouth again.
At that moment, I had the illusion that the blue eyes that were directed at me seemed to have shaken. I don't think so.
I told the purpose straight away, not caring.
"The knights' punishment is fine. Instead, I have a favor to ask you." "What?"
"Please attach a swordsman to Eclis." "what?"
A deep bone was engraved in his forehead, perhaps an unexpected remark. "Slavery can't be a knight. I'm sure you'd know that much."
"Even if he can't be a formal knight, the color of the name is my escort, but after the training.. You can't let it go down. "
"Yes, your escort."
Click. Suddenly put down the teacup he was holding.
"I thought we needed to talk about the slave's treatment." "What kind of treatment?"
"Now stop playing with puns, and pick up the official knight and keep it by your side." "yeah?"
"In the 1st Division, we have selected some of the good guys. " I was dumbfounded by the sudden reversal of the topic. 'What's all of a sudden, escort,?'
Derek spoke without hesitation as if he had informed us of the facts that had already. "I'll send you their personal information through the butler."
"Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Young Duke."
I immediately regained my senses and stopped him from speaking. "What do you mean a pun? There's only one Eclipse as my escort."
He looked very displeased to see if he was offended by the suspension.
"I think you've been over-rewarded for the help you received from the slave at the festival." "What reward?"
"What you wear is also a subject of slavery." "Didn't you all condone it ?"
I lost my words and looked at him.
It was a shock to me that my desperation to Eclis to survive seemed like a cow's nest in his eyes. In the end, I mean to make Eclipse an escort, and it didn't even work from the beginning.
Derek softened his voice as he watched me harden my lips.
"I'm not saying I'm going to kick him out of the mansion. You need distancing yourself from the slave." ""
"I don't like the glances and rumors of you and that slave in the Hnights. Isn't that what's happening today?
"No its not. Eclis's treatment in the Hnights is poor, so it's like today.This is what happens, Young Duke."
I briefly dismissed the transfer of his responsibility. Derek paused and stared at me with cold eyes. "Slavery is everywhere."
"But at the same time he is my only escort." "Penelope Eckart. "
Derek called my name when he sees me talking straight back to him. It was a warning.
But I laughed out loud and didn't care.
"How ridiculous it must look to the princess' escort to have no teacher. The owner is naturally considered ridiculous. "
"So you've got a new escort. I said I'd give it to you. " "Did they say they wanted it?"
"Or did they strike the bottom in the family?….
Am I not getting the message that you're giving me back my position?"
How bad was the rumor of a knight and a princess, which meant that he even changed his guard to explain her?
Maybe you noticed it, Derek's jaw became tight. "You"
and he kept his anger under control, or for any other reason, his lips were flushed several times. Soon he gave a deep-seated voice.
"not that, Penelope. "
An unexpected answer leaked out of the tightly coupled teeth.
" Not that, but I just decided you need several guards of yours after the trial." "You could be the target of Marquis Ellen."
I almost fell for what he said.
I managed to get myself together.
Why do you make such a judgment now and then when do you call the nobility a thunderbolt that has roamed the crossbow?
'If I were Penelope, I would have already died when I ran into an assassin.'
Penelope, who had only one escort and one maid, was destined to die several times in a hunting competition in the first place.
"Then do as I say."
I hold back the rising emotions. I once again demanded.
"I don't need a knight who ignores me." ""
"If you're so worried about me, please put a sword on Eclis head and let him serve as a proper escort, not just in name."
You'll do that, right?"
Derek didn't turn me down like a knife until now.
Including today, I was asking for the poor hospitality in the mansion I've been in.
I was always treated only as a child by duke, and I was treated unfairly even though I hadn't had a serious accident recently.
I didn't ask for it to be improved separately.
To prepare for a time when you really need something like today.
It wasn't long before Derek took a deep sigh. managed to let something go.
"I got it. "
I'm relieved.
At the same time, I felt more miserable in the situation where even the treatment of employees that I had received had to be used.
"But there's something you should know. You can't put the knights in the family as teachers, like any other silk-stamp. "
At that time, Derek pointed out the problem with a sound that looked pretty messy.
"Now he is a slave to the Empire. He came from a defeated country. Teaching swordsmanship to enemies is a disgrace to the Imperial Law."
"If he stabs even a Guard, and it's could lead to rebellion." "Rebellion?"
My eyes glared.
Because it was a realistic wall that I had never thought of. 'How was it in the game? '
I recalled.
It didn't come out in detail, but in the game, the Duke brought Eclipse in. 'Did he take such risks and appreciate his ability? '
I felt bitter in my mouth.
The Duke brought him to the game.
He might have honed his sword more easily than he is now. But I didn't regret stealing him.
He saved me from the gutter.
Because I knew how valuable the position 'Gi-Light' was. "So let's look for the right person from the outside."
Derek's voice suddenly awakened the idea of a temporary award. "For now, make sure you're satisfied with it."
"Thank you, Young Duke. " I thanked him a little later.
I didn't know it would be such a tricky process.
It was amazing that the man came this far to give it to me.
When he achieved his goal, Young Duke, who was standing on the edge, softened up.
Thanks to this, I was able to wear an awkward smile around my mouth as a token of gratitude. At that moment, the blue eyes that I encountered flinched finely.
At the same time, above his head, the orange blinks. 'Uh'
While staring up at it blankly.
"Bbiyo, bbiyo-o-o."
Somewhere clear sounds broke the silence.
When I turned my head, a crimson bird was flapping its wings again, wary of me. The bird tilted its head left and right like an owl.
Whenever that happened, the jewel sparkled in five colors. "Why don't you go see it up close?"
I was struck by a sudden voice.
He turned his eyes to look at my face.
"Its not on guard. It's amazing that its have the same color as you." "Do you recognize me?"
I was surprised and he turned his head up. I turned to the bird again.
"Bbiyo, bbiyoo. Beep."
I don't think I'm being wary.
The bird flapping its wings one more time.
He seemed to be acting cute, asking me to look at him.
The window frame with the cage was right in front of the sofa for the yes.
Having been curious about the strange bird's appearance for a while, I stood up and approached the cage without refusing. "
"Beep beep-yo-o-. "
When it saw myself getting closer, the bird tilted its head from side to side with a clear sound.
As Derek said, it really seemed to me that I was puzzled by the similarity between my hair color and his fur.
"The State of the Exchequer considers Flapopinho a messenger of God." Then a dry voice came from the back of the curtain was heard.
Before I knew it, Derek, who stood up following me, walked up and stood beside me. "Is the bird's name Flapopinho?"
I suddenly felt a sense of deja vu.
It's definitely a bird I've never seen before, but it was a familiar name. Where did I hear that? at the moment of reflection .
"In the original State of the Exchequer, it is regarded as a national treasure, and the king has given a special tribute to commemorate this hunting competition."
There was a scene where Derek's words flashed through my mind. Rare animal that he caught in a hunting contest.
I remember seeing something dark red hanging among the hounds. 'So this is what it is.'
Then this was deserve the top spot.
The fact that he had caught something so rare was in the midst of this fresh air. "The Flapopinho is a self-inflicted body, laying eggs only once during its lifetime." Whether it was cheesy, he silently added an explanation about the bird.
"The heartless lan, whose offspring have not been born, hardens and turns into this eye-like figure." "Eyes,?"
I looked at his words with a bird's eye.
a brilliant beam of light reflected in all directions .
It was strange and mysterious, as if it had been embedded with a diamond. "Then it becomes a jewel of priceless value."
"The poppin' diamond you wanted for your last birthday."