Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 116

'The gem Penelope asked for, the egg that this bird gave birth to?'
I looked at the bird with strange eyes "Beep Pjyo-."
When our eyes met, the bird cried again and flapped its wings.
"You must have known your master. it fluttering as soon as you see it. " ""
"You can taking it to your room." ""
"I was originally going to give it to you."
I looked back at Derek with a puzzled look at the sudden noise. He looked at the cage, not at me, and made a careless move. "They say they're still unborn, and they'll give birth one day."
That means I could have the popping Diamond that Penelope wanted last year. I dont understand his feelings at all.
'What, is it a reward for not believing me before the trial?' But isn't it too brazen to be?
'Without saying a word of apology, do you want me take it and fall for it?' Maybe he knew the idea of getting crooked, but he just stood stiff and rigid. And then a long time later.
"Yeah. I didn't like it."
And suddenly, he straightened his face. There was a gold-losing smile.
"You're always looking for a reason from me." ""
"Actually I don't know."
iIt was me who was embarrassed by the answer. Looking at him blankly, he opened his mouth silently. "I was just walking and found this, and I remembered what you said you wanted."
"There's only one rare species.I guess I didn't want to be taken away by Nun," (Nun: i think he meant the magician who made a mess at hunting competition)
"Now does that explain why?"
Nothing was explained. I was amazed by that.
'So, why did you think of something I wanted last year?'
I wanted to ask more, but I tried hard to hold it in. That wasn't really important anyway.
" You've been holding him for me. " Thank you, but I don't want it." I spoke in a calm tone.
The blue eyes was immediately looked with wonder. "How come?"
"I don't think I'll be responsible until it lay eggs." I looked carefully at him even though I spoke.
My heart was pounding because I was afraid that a twisted man like last time would say the same thing, like, throw it away or kill a bird.
Surprisingly, Derek agreed with me with a nod. "Then I'll keep taking care of him."
What the hell's wrong with him?'
After seeing him again with wide eyes, I was soon convinced. A bird that produces expensive jewelry, it cannot be killed.
"Come look in sometimes instead. I'm not sure if I'll ever find it again. because its rare." 'Pyo-o-o,'
The bird cried once, as if to answer his words. "I will."
I replied obediently. Because I liked the fine bird very much. Of course, he didn't say it was only when you weren't there.
An awkward silence fell in the office for some time after the reply. Watching birds cry intermittently,
It was time to think about the time to say goodbye.
"When my father retires in a few years, I'll be taking over the dukedom." Derek suddenly broke the silence.
"You're so prepared, but you're bound to have a vulnerability in the process." ""
"The enemies will not let the gap slip through somehow and undermine Eckart. You'll get into." It was very out of the blue.
He continued his words without hesitation, even though my eyes was bewildered.
"I have to control and prepare for all that in the future, as I have done so far. It's a family I have to protect and take responsibility for. "
"It also includes you, Penelope Eckart." All of a sudden, he looks me in the eye. I stared straight at him.
In the cold, sober, arrogant form of aristocrats, he said, with every word of mind.
"It's not a big deal to lose some weight to block things that harm Eckart's reputation. I didn't mean to pin on you."
I immediately realized.
He's making excuses for the conversation he had in prison the day before the trial. "I wouldn't say I was right."
"But even if I go back, I will repeat the same choice again." ""
"Because it was the best thing to get rid of the slander of the aristocratic assassin who was put you on the false accuse."
The blue eyes blazed with unknown passions.
It was similar to when I looked at himself, who was making a statement on my own at the court. "But I admit that I was hasty. From now on, I will listen to you and act with prudently."
"Because I think you can carry out your will without using evil any more." He finished by saying, 'You have changed and will not do it again.'
I could understand through my head.
As he said, he was soon to lead the great duke, and every moment, It is all that we have to make a reasonable judgment.
Even though it's actually driving my brother to the abyss.
There was not a word of apology, but I knew this was Derek's way of apologizing, which was raised by a thorough aristocracy.
However, there was no way to stop the mind from getting crooked. 'You won't do that anymore? Piss off.'
I laughed cynically.
What's the use of all that now?
The real penelope that uses evil has disappears. "I'm not the same as I said before."
Words of no need were filled to the top of my neck, but I swallowed them until the end. The last time I saw him was only 32%.
he called me in an impatient voice.
"I want to be responsible for what I've done in the future. I don't expect it." I stopped him, took a deep breath and smiled.
"I told you,"
His face was queer with my words.
The orange-colored favorability above the head began to sparkle. I can't see the number, so it's flushing.
I didn't know if it was a sign or a negative. My heart was in a hurry.
"I'll leave you alone. Thank you for catching the bird."
I turned around in a hurry, as it was likely to cause another plunge. And it was the moment I was about to head for the Office door. "When it comes to mining. "
An unexpected remark caught my attention. "Always put the butler on his behalf."
I looked back at him in a quaint mood.
He still gave me advice with a distorted face.
"If it is known that young princess is the owner, there will be people who ignore it and shameless people who stick to you."
"You can use the wizard in the family if you want." He's already know about the emerald mine.
Surprised at the fact that he knew, I couldn't say anything for a while. So what's the status of a man's favor that's no longer visible?
* * *
A few days later, early in the morning, the butler came to tell me about the mine.
"As instructed by Niss, I've put out three unprocessed, high-end gemstones at the auction house." "And?"
"All three gems, from one top, we were awarded a bid at a price that was ten times the last auction price."
"· What?"
I was startled.
Because I created a random competition to set the top for distribution, but this was meaningless. "As it turns out, it doesn't seem to be the top of the original jewelry"
The butler also replied with a face that he did not know the language. "You've heard of the top of the white rabbit. "
"What, what?"
I opened my mouth wide.
It was the top run by Vinter Vernandi . 'What the hell's wrong with him?'
I thought I'd touch a billion dollars, but I was really embarrassed by the unexpected development. I don't even think it's an episode of the game.
It was unclear.
It was just too much to think that my gemstone was coveted.
If that is the case, there was no reason to sweep away everything by winning the last auction price ten times.
How did he know I was the owner of the mine and bought the gemstone?
The butler carefully asked me if I knew him like in an instant. "Do you know the place, miss?"
"No? No way."
I quickly denied it.
"Then shall we contact him?"
"For now, ·· put it on hold for a moment. " "Hold it?"
"I have to think about it."
The butler tilted his head in wonder.
But with 100 percent favor in front of the male lead and another male lead is the on ly one. I had to be careful about what I did.
Besides, when it comes to mining, he was like my v. Rein.
It's a big deal if the butler finds out that I secretly meet him. 'No!' I hurriedly wrapped up the conversation.
"That's all you have to say?" "Oh, and"
the butler added that he still had something to say.
"Do you remember the four men you ran into at the apprentice's quarters a while ago?" The butler was extremely reticent as to whether he was going to recall not to mention it. I answered him.
"In the evening, they were dismissed from the knight." "Dismissed?"
It was unexpected news.
I have told to leave it alone, but they were forced to kick it out. "Well, that's great. "
I twisting the corners of my mouth and laughed.
I was surprised to see how fast it progressed, but it was not unexpected.
It was time to feel sorry for not being able to see their faces when they were kicked out. "Also, the Duke has put them on trial for contempt of the nobility."
The following words, indeed, were unexpected.