Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 119

I'm so freaked out.
At the man's words , I opened my mouth wide. 'He, you've been watching it all?!'
My face is hotter than ever.
At the same time, the sudden gust of stone wind and the husky voice from the piece of cloth floated up the astonishment of the earlier.
"Well, today"
"Oh, animal communion magic is possible because I can also feel the five senses of animals in a strange way. But inanimate objects are impossible."
Anyway, when he first sent the rabbit, it showed all the reactions. I couldn't tell whether to laugh or cry at his words.
"I was thinking about how to give it to you less surprised, and then I came up with a towel that was magic."
"I'm counting on the remaining mana, but I'm glad it was delivered well."
There was only one bizarre thing about a handkerchief that lifted its head and made the sound of a man's throat.
But if I take it out of my mouth, it's like I'm confessing with my own mouth that I'm terribly surprised and screaming a pack.
I became solemn for a while, and soon said. "So, by the way. I'm going to giving this back."
I carefully took out a rabbit-shaped handkerchief.
Fortunately, the shape was not disturbed or pressed because of the instantaneous movement. As I slipped out onto the table, Winter remained silent for a while.
He only looked down at the handkerchief.
I was a little surprised to see him like that's what he looked like. I said without hesitation.
"I hope to keep in touch with you through correspondence as much as possible." If you keep in touch like this every time, my heart will be burst.
Vinter, who heard me, slowly raised his head.
The dark blue eyes, which was revealed again, shook shallowly. "That's what I'm saying."
"You're thinking of signing a contract with me. Can I take it?" I was puzzled by his words.
Then you're here to sign a contract, why would I come here myself?
"Ask point-blank before you talk about the contract." I talked straight to the point. "
How did you know I was the owner of an emerald mine?"
When I asked my direct question, eyes slowly expanded through the visible gap.
Suspicion was a bit of an example, but no matter how much I thought about it, I was reluctant. "By any chance, have you been prying after me? Or. "
"I don't think I've been bugging you with thisI guess it's you, right?
"Do, you mean eavesdropping?"
Vinter stammered to the fact, and showed this bewilderment that had never seen before. I was like, 'Is that too much?'
But I had better get this straight. "My God, Lady,"
said Vinter, but with a lamentable sigh, he touched my forehead.
"There's no magic left here for the delicate magic of eavesdropping. Look," he said, tapping the rabbit in the ring of his hand.
And then, just a moment ago, it stays in shape.
The rabbit fell like a lie and turned into a crumpled handkerchief.
"Today's message was barely delivered using the wave of mana. Didn't you hear a lot of noise when I was delivering?"
I heard. I was silent.
"In addition, eavesdropping is a criminal act. If you have any doubts, go back." You can go back and check with the family wizard "
The blistering blister looked really unfair.
The setting of a suspicious and eccentric wizard seemed to be not that crazy. "It's okay if it's not,,"
I replied with a slightly embarrassed look.
Then this time, beyond the rabbit mask, the man's eyes became limp.
"Since last time, you seem to think this place is connected to some dark magic." ""
" Its just a plain information, lady. I didn't do anything wrong." "Hmmmmm"
I felt so transparently caught in my stomach that I was in a hurry to calm myself down with a cough. "Lady's mine is about half a shot. "
Instead of me staring at a distant, Vinter calmly opened his mouth to solve my curiosity.
"When I met your father at the hunting competition, he was proud to hear that the gemstones of high quality poured out of the emerald mine in the southeastern part of the country,"
I frowned to that remark.
'The Duke?'
In retrospect, the Duke and the Winter were in a friendly manner at the hunt ceremony. It occurred to me that they were having a conversation.
'Are they close?'
Vinter tilted his head and Vinter calmly continued.
"Of course, I thought it would be processed through the wizards in the family, but after a while, I came back and forth from the auction house and saw one of the household butler who seemed to be looking for the top, and I assumed that the owner had changed."
"If you were a father or any of the your brothers,I won't put others first."
He said, he saw the butler who was working as my agent and was aware of it. I was purely astonished at his eye-stabbing.
'It should be a high-ranking aristocrat who has ties with the Duke enough to know the face of the butler.'
It was information that was never known at the top. at the same time as the late master
It's either the weirdo who runs the reward, or the possible pendulum. At his credible answer I nodded and asked the next question.
"But why me?" ""
"I wonder why you're signing a contract with my mine, because it doesn't handle jewelry either." Actually, this was what I was really curious about.
Why, not me, but rather, leave it first. Are you looking for it?
He sweetened his lip.
"I think the return ended with one exchange."
I was also surprised by his usual excuse, so I quickly blocked him.
At that moment, from beyond the mask, a small laugh that seemed to be "smiling" and blow away came out.
"Lady, you're really slow at figures. "
I slowly opened my eyes wide at his words.
~ The Marquis is really good at figures every time.
Because it was what I said to him the other day while he was giving me a reply. Maybe it's because we've been talking half-hidden each time.
Every time Vinter and I seemed to quote each other properly and return each other's words. But it'sit didn't feel very unpleasant.
As the realization ran through my head, I felt really strange. " 'I don't know if he'll come and kill me.'
But when I met him, there was an open alarm about him. Is Vince also treating me with a very fat attitude?
My head got complicated. I'm going to look at the rabbit mask and think about it. Around the time.
"May I speak to you bluntly, then?" Suddenly, he stared straight at me. "Because I'm interested in you. "
I understood that word a step later. "what?"
"What kind of person you are, what kinds of thoughts and what values do I have?" I was wondering what kind of "you" would look like if you acted like this.
"But all I could use to make contact with Lady is a contract with the award board. "
When he finished speaking neatly, my eyes had already taken off his navy blue eyes and headed over the top of his head.
a vivid purple gauge bar.
'What is it? Is purple the color of love?' I was dull of dating.
But it was not to the point that I could not tell that a crush on Eclise with a dark red color or a pale pink-colored muzzle.
But even though I don't know what color means, isn't it too much to say purple is love? 'Or just pervert?"
A chilling thought struck me, so I groped back. "Well, that'swhy are you curious?"
"I'm a person who collects information, buys and sells it." Vinter answered without hesitation as if he were preparing. "I thought you knew a lot about people,"
"but I still don't know. What kind of person you are."
The more I heard his answer, the more I only added to the confusion. Because I couldn't tell what kind of man he was.
I asked with a face that I couldn't understand. "What if you find out? Is there anything different?" "Maybe, maybe not. "
It was an ambiguous answer. He added that it was very soon.
"Wizardmen are curious people. I'm not picky about water to satisfy that curiosity."
Even if it's not this top contract, I heard that you would not be picky to find out how I was picked up. I frowned.
"Is it a threat?" "I propose."
The tail of the eyes bent obnoxiously. I burst out laughing with astonishment. Fortunately, he returned to the main subject after a ridiculous excuse.
"I didn't touch the jewels because they could easily occupy the market." ""
"There is no sorcerer in the Empire who can carve magic as powerful as I can on the gemstone to be sure that there was little chance of failure during the processing. "
It was a great confidence
I looked back at him with astonishment,
the more pure minerals, the more difficult it becomes to carve magic.
This is because there was a high probability that minerals would be denatured or broken during processing.
So even if the wizard finds the top to which it belongs and signs a contract, it does not immediately lead to the start of sales.
It's a shortcut to bankruptcy if all the stones that were mined are broken.
But as if I didn't know such a thing, Vinter spoke out in a very dignified manner.
"If you leave the raw stone processing and distribution to me, you'll get the best return in a short period of time, faster than any other top. So,Leave it to me, Lady."