Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 127

"come on."
I couldn't help but take a dip in the clear square window. But there was no time to blame the crazy gaming system. "Lady, Lady! Are you alright?"
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Vinter called out for me after no reply. I answered powerlessly.
" There is devil over here too."
"Wait a moment. I'm about to say, "Liro,·.
"No thanks,"
I said grimly, staring at the black lumps crawling along the cave wall behind the square window. "I think I can handle it."
The 'no way' that the system window would open in case of an emergency caught the person. [Accept] The quest fast.
Use your magic to [The Devil]! (Magic Order: Fire Pison , Prisson)
~START~ (0/20)
A black lump jumped over the wall.
A huge mouth with a sharp tooth came to me through a square. "Fire Pisson-!"
I shouted incontrovertibly.
Whrrr-! Then the approaching mass of Li suddenly burst into a tremendous fire, "Coo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh"
I stepped back from the heat.
The devil burning in the fire is screaming. The devil wriggled and soon drooped.
The fire brightened the view.
The moment I faced, exactly what was happening in the cave, I got goosebumps. Dozens of slippery lizards-like monsters crawling towards me.
Then again, one jumped up to catch me. "Prisson!"
This time, the devil 'frozen' in the air.
The ice-capped devil descended to the bottom of the cave.
It's shattered in all directions.
The number in the air rose in a flash.
I was bewildered by a magical century more powerful than I thought. "What is it? It's incredible. "
I was staring at the bodies of charred, mountain-scattered demons with a puzzled look. "Crow-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oh!"
They roared as if they were angry at the death of their colleagues. I stared at them at the sound and made a solemn move.
"It's all set."
From then on I shouted the spell in a trance.
Compared to the last brown bear, the difficulty felt much easier. This is because the speed of the lizard mana was not fast.
"Fire Pisson!" "Prisson!"
The little annoying thing was that we had to constantly shout out strange spells. "It's rather fortunate that they ripped and torn."
If I had to recite this shabby spell before they die, I would have died in shame.
Before I knew it, I had almost finished the devil. "Fire Pisson."
"Fire Pison."
I've been crawling in a rather insincere way. Burned two at once.
"Cuwe et al-!" Tadak, Tadadak-
The burning wriggles were disgusting. I vibrated in the cave passage. I frowned with my nose closed.
It was stronger and cleaner to freeze for killing, but then the cave quickly fell into darkness. Therefore, we had to light the interior by regularly lighting fires.
"Fire Pisson. " "Prisson " (19/20)
I then removed the two leftovers from the ceiling of the cave.
There is only one left now.
I was so nervous while dealing with the devil that I was finally able to relax. I haven't even seen Raon's hair yet, but I already felt exhausted.
While I was waiting for the last devil to come. I suddenly felt something strange.
"What is it? Where is it?" The last one didn't show up.
I scoured the passage because these devilishly cling to a thousand pages and crawl.
By the way, no matter how hard I looked, it was only a dead body that had already been magically killed.
'Did he run away?'
I tilted my head and checked the air again.
The counted numbers remained.
My heart was on edge because the quest wouldn't end unless I killed the last one. 'I can't do this. I must find it first.'
I reluctantly moved into the cave.
It was the door when I was sticking to the wall that had been tangent to the west empty space and spouting only the spells because I didn't want to touch the disgusting monsters.
It was when I carefully moved a few steps away from the remains of the devils on the floor. Thud-.
The cave shaked suddenly. 'What is it?'
I hesitated.
The shakes soon disappeared.
It was when I took another step, wondering if I felt it wrong. Hou Hung-
This time it's more certain than before. I felt the frost.
'What, what,'
I stopped altogether.
The fire, which was burning with mana firewood, was fading away, so the light could not reach far away.
I stared at the other side of the aisle holding my breath. It was the moment.
Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. I can't compare it to anything. I feel it in a row.
And. "Crowdhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
I reflexively raised my hand to plug my ears. Boom, boom, boom.
The intensity of the tremor grew bigger and closer. "Fire Pisson!"
I shouted the spell reflexively, feeling something was wrong. Flames rose over the far side of the cave.
His mouth slowly opened at the sight that was immediately revealed. "Crow-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!"
A big demon, huge enough to fill the passage, was rushing toward me with a fireball hanging over one head.
"boom, boom."
Every time he struggled, the cave shook like it was falling apart.
The stone dust fell over my head. It brought me to my senses, and I shouted the hysterical spells. "Fire Pisson! "
"Prisson!" "Crrrrrr!"
But he only faltered for a moment, not killed himself. It's so huge that it doesn't hit hard.
It overlaps with the situation of hunting the brown bear. "Fire Pisson! "
I recoiled and kept shouting for orders.
But the monster, let alone die, rather jumped with more excitement. As the distance narrowed down, the fear struck.
Suddenly, I was stuck back, but I couldn't move any further because I was blocked by something hard. It will be at the end of the passage
Behind me is the cave wall, and in front of me a giant monster with no magic. "cowlhhhhhh"
The devil, who was one inch ahead, opened his mouth wide to swallow me up.
'I'm being eaten.'
note: if you being eaten then this will be the last chapter heh My body is stiff. The moment I closed my eyes reflexively. "Damage, princess!"
Someone awakened me roughly with the terrible sound of cutting through the flesh. With a familiar voice, I opened my eyes wide.
There was an eerie rush.
Someone was blocking my way with a knife in the mouth of a monster.
A brilliant golden head twinkled in the dark.
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"Your Grace?"
I can't believe it, I looked at him blankly.
In my voice the Crown Prince, who was standing in the mouth of the monster, shouted ferociously. "What's the use of standing idly still! Do you want to die? Hurry up use the magis inside the muzzle," "Ah."
He came to his senses at his words and quickly opened his mouth quickly. "Fire Pisson! Prisson!"
inside the mouth of the open demon! The spell poured down.
"Hweee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-e "
Surely there was a blow to those who were directly attacked inside, and the devil shook like mad. Callisto was pushed to my side.
All I could do for him was keep on chanting the spells. "Fire Pisson, Prisson, Fire Pisson"
"Prisson, Fire Pison, Prisson."
I continued to shout the spell of the spell without breathing. "Cow, kowwowwow-wow-wow!"
and finally, the last devil drooped, spewing great smoke from the main doong. At the same time, with the system window, we're going to have a "[??]"
The identity was revealed.
[Defeating the devils] Quest completed! [+5% Favourability] of [Calisto] as a reward.
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